Clinton Newman AuthorGreetings dear readers!

It is Clinton Newman at your service here; you know me as the old genius who holds the reins of this blog.

I am a herpetologist. Studying snakes is my passion and I turned it into a career while helping the audience get benefit from my knowledge through my blogs is my hobby.

I am here to tell you about Snakebite Safety’s mission and how Clinton plan’s to proceed in the future.

My Mission

Let me just briefly tell you about Clinton’s mission at Snakebite Safety first. We will get into the Hows and Whats later.

My mission is to guide you on how you can keep your surroundings safe from snakes without resorting to violence and killing. Snakes fascinate me, so it’s instinctive why I discourage lethal actions against them, even if they’re in the name of protection.

The other half of the mission is to help hikers how to ensure safety during adventures and snake situations. The policy of non-violence remains intact.

How It Started

It’s not like it dawned on me one day out of the blue that I should start this service to my community and humanity at large. Like all great ventures, this one also has a back story.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the time when I had already established myself as a herpetologist. I was returning from a day-long field trip about black snakes when I got a call that my best bud’s younger brother Archie got bit by a snake. Luckily, the kid was not in danger as it was a strike from a non-venomous serpent. But, his cries of pain in the ER followed by days of recovery in the hospital ward and home still linger in my memory.

I had lectured the kid several times to never go on outdoor adventures without protective clothing and NEVER EVER mess with a snake unless you are skilled and properly equipped. But, the boy turned a deaf ear to all my advice, that typical teen behavior where we do reckless things believing we are invincible and look COOL. The young guy went on a hiking trail with a bunch of friends. He pissed off a resting snake and paid dearly for his misdemeanor.

Watching him suffer for weeks made me do something about it to prevent another soul experience the same trauma. That’s when I decided, why not use my passion to help those who love exploring the wild?

Another motivation for initiating this blog is a purely personal reason. I get to throw misconceptions and myths about snakes out the window through my years of fieldwork, research and hiking experience.

I am committed to admiring nature and all things that live and breathe in it. So, you will not find me discouraging anyone from embarking on adventurous journeys because of the potential threats. However, you will not find me supporting harming wildlife either, even if it’s the most vicious or venomous snake.

In this blog, I have focused on preservation and safety measures against serpents and the threat they entail. Since I have decades of knowledge and experience regarding snakes, snake gear and safe hiking, I have devoted posts to protective clothing, snake-handling gear and guidelines for safe hiking and anti-snake homes. You can expect to get simple and benign solutions to the snake problems you may be facing or might face in the future.

Long story short, I have tried to provide you with everything you need to get rid of pesky snakes without getting bitten or turning into a serial killer.

How I Select and Review Snake Gear at Snakebite Safety

Since dozens of blogs and websites are devoted to snake-related issues and gear, I thought it would lend me credibility if I discussed my criteria for selection and reviewing of products and the factors I consider for ranking them.

Here’s a brief overview of the procedure.

First Preference

I give priority to the products that I have used either in the past or am currently using. I make rough notes about the critical features of the gear and how they perform during actual tasks. Then turn these notes into reviews and informatory posts here.

As for the beginner-level items and problems, we have dealt with many assistants and interns during field tasks and in labs. That’s how I learnt which products and solutions work best for them.

Second Preference

I give second preference to those products that I haven’t used. I investigate them from my co-workers, peers, hiking partners, social media friends and local animal control services. Let me tell you, I take very very seriously what these wildlife control experts tell me.


After thoroughly digging into the products, I move to what random customers have got to say about them. Next is the arduous task of assessing my findings, cross-checking with customer responses and ruling out the irrelevant stuff. The concluding data helps me choose the best products for my reviews and rankings.

As for the buyer’s guide I create, they’re all-inclusive. So, any Tom, Dick or Harry can get adequate information to purchase the right product.


I don’t do ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ to rank products. Since it’s a matter of both life and money, I consider the following factors for ranking: performance, durability, comfortability, utility, cost range etc.

My Future Goals for Snakebite Safety

I am happy to shoulder this burden, but I don’t have any Macbethian ambitions for the future of Snakebite Safety. Just a few simple goals to help it do what it’s been doing best for quite a while: to deliver authentic information to help you stay safe from snakebites.

My top priorities for the future are:

  • Solve the audience’s complaints.
  • Improve the user interface so it becomes more beginner-friendly.
  • Test and review the latest gear.
  • Highlight core snake-related problems and their solutions that people often face in

their daily life.

  • Explore Amazon Forest and discuss solutions related to Amazonian snakes.