Are Snakes Afraid of Dogs

Are Snakes Afraid of DogsIf you know your pet dog also hates snakes as you do, getting rid of the venomous snake becomes somewhat less challenging. Sometimes, snakes can be easy to tackle or deal with. For example, you can simply have a pet that a snake doesn’t like. As we all know peacocks do not like snakes, as a result, if they spot them, the death of the snake is guaranteed.

Likewise, there are other animals that also have a rivalry with snakes. But are snakes afraid of dogs, is one question that every dog owner might have wondered about especially if the residence is in a farmhouse in the countryside.

So if you have a dog in the house, let’s find out if a snake would be afraid of it or if it is not the case.

Are Snakes Afraid of Dogs

People like dogs for not only their cuteness but also the unmatchable loyalty that is rare to find in any other animal. Plus the good news is snakes are afraid of dogs! So if you have a pet dog in your home, there are fewer chances of you getting an encounter with some venomous snake.

But why are snakes afraid of a dog while they can inject the poison within?

Well, the most sensible and sane answer to it would be, that snakes cannot digest dogs due to their size. Moreover, dogs are louder which snakes do not like. Mostly a snake likes to remain unnoticed and work in a sneaky way.

So the loud and uncontrolled barking of dogs can disturb the snakes and that is why they try not to encounter dogs. Moreover, dogs are not the favorite or preferable food for snakes, as a snake would only prefer rodents, frogs, reptiles, and other similar species. However, if a snake spots a dog, it will try to hide so you better stay watchful of getting rid of the snake, or elsewhere are chances that the snake will find you!!

However, while snakes are afraid of snakes, if they bite a dog out of fear or aggression, the dog can get the poison if not treated right away and can die.

What makes the snake scared of dogs?

Usually, the snakes prefer to be alone. They do not like noise or to be in the center of attraction. That is the reason if a dog is barking at it, the snake would try to find a dark and sneaky spot to hide there.

Dogs are neither the food of snakes nor can a snake easily kill them. The vibration that the snake senses while jumping on the ground also disturbs the snake’s nature. So the only option for snakes is to leave the place or hide somewhere.


Although dogs do a wonderful job to get rid of the snake for the moment, you cannot state the life of your cute chonky pet on some unknown venomous snake. If your dog has been bitten by a snake, never wait and take it to the vet immediately!



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