Are Snakes Attracted To Campfires?

Are Snakes Attracted To CampfiresLike snakes don’t like the smell of onion there are certain things that might attract them. And if you are planning for a trip or bonfire, you should be fully aware of the face, snakes are attracted to campfires!

Usually, reptiles and rodents would run away from the fire. However, if they see a burning fire in the dark forest, there are chances that anyone will pay attention to it. So, what about snakes? Do they also attract the campfire?

Well, let’s find out the real story!

Are Snakes Attracted To Campfires

As a matter of fact, snakes are not attracted to the campfire. At least there is no solid evidence for it. If you have heard that snakes follow a campfire or want to be near it, you need to check the source, it would most probably be hearsay. Usually, the burning campfire keeps off snakes and many other reptiles due to the smoke smell and light.

Reptiles like to be in the dark, most preferably.

The truth is the snake would run away from the smoke and fire. And if there are humans around, there is less chance that a snake would be there “on purpose”. However, you should be watchful while sitting in a rocky or bushy area.

Snakes and fire are two totally different things. Yeah, we all know that. The thing is, snakes do not like to be in the company of fire and somewhere near it. Rather then, the snake prefers a cool and darker area to rest or hunt.

That is the reason why you mostly see snakes and other similar reptiles hunting at night time. They prefer to remain unnoticed and therefore, cool, damp, and dark places are the best spots to be at. But if it is neither smoke nor fire that attracts snakes, then what does? Here is the answer.

  • Cool and damp places can be the best spot where a snake can hide
  • Lots of bush and piles also attract snakes and many rodents
  • If you camp firing make sure there are no rodents, the snake can follow them
  • Keep the yard free from clutter, holes, and junk
  • Make sure there are no wet places or damp areas where snakes can slide in
  • Tall bush and grass invite snakes to hide, pretty, and stay so cut tall grass near the campfire

Pro-tip for while you campfire

If you are out and enjoying a cool night with friends, the likelihood of seeing a snake or any other similar creature is something that is pretty common. However, you should always have safety and protection in your baggage. For instance, the best Snake Bite Proof Boots or Snake Repellents can save your life for sure.


So the conclusion is snakes do not prefer fire and smoke because it causes irritation to the skin and overall senses. However, you should not take it for granted as a snake can be there for many reasons. For example, if it was following its prey or maybe it was just passing by. So you need to be pretty vigilant if you’re at a place there is more uncertainty and less safety against snakes.


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