10 Best Snake Bite Proof Gloves (2023) – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Snake Bite Proof GlovesNot all of us are qualified like the descendants of Salazar Slytherin.

Some of us mere mortals would run in the opposite direction at the mere mention of a snake, let alone get up and close to the terrifying creature for any reason.

However, there are occasions when getting handsy with the slithering reptile becomes inevitable.

For instance, removing it from your property, handling it in the wilderness or feeding a pet snake.

At times like these, having the best snake bite proof gloves on is a must, or else…tackle painful puncture wounds on your hands or arms.

These gloves employ thick and robust materials to form a shield around your hands to prevent the piercing fangs from drawing blood. In addition to that, they’re also good at resisting cuts and bites from animals and birds.

A top quality pair of gloves maintain dexterity, despite the rigid material, to help you handle snakes and other dangerous creatures with care.


10 Best Snake Bite Proof Gloves Reviews in 2023

There are hundreds of snakebite-proof gloves available online and in the market that claim to be the best at their job. So, how would one identify the right product?

We have already picked the top 10 best snakeproof gloves for you that ensure no harm will come your way. Take help from the buying guide added after the reviews to make decision-making further easier for yourself.


1. Tiro Tech’s – Best Snake Handling & Bite Proof Gloves

Tiro Tech Best Snake Handling & Bite Proof Gloves

Tiro Tech animal handling gloves are our top favorites because of their durability and versatility.

These gloves are made of durable cowhide and kevlar materials to pass the test of time.

You can fully trust them with the welfare of your hands and forearms as the multi-layered gloves are 16-inch log and laden with scratch-resistant quality, thus preventing scaly things – fangs, thorns, claws and sharp canines – from cutting and bruising your skin.

You can therefore wear them with confidence while dealing with cats, dogs, falcons, hawks, scaly reptiles and snakes.

These gloves are rated as the best snakebite proof gloves for the money because they can be worn all year round, even in the hottest temperature.

They come with insulated cotton lining and a fire-protection layer to not only protect you from heat and moisture but also prevent allergy attacks.

In simple terms, they aren’t just animal handling gloves. You can wear them for chores like grilling, barbecuing, gardening etc. too. Gloves of many talents, remember?

Don’t worry; the softness and flexibility of inner texture will retain the movement and comfort of your hands to ensure you can freely wriggle your fingers.

Finally, they’re also modest in pricing, making them the best choice for all – veterinarians, animal trainers, pet owners, snake handlers, etc.

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  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Multipurpose gloves.
  • Scratch-resistant and fire-protection layering offer safety from bites, puncturing objects, heat and allergies.
  • 16-inch length reaches up to forearms.
  • Suitable for professionals and animal enthusiasts.
  • Attractive pricing.


  • Limited sizes.
  • A wee bit stiff around fingers.

Bottom Line

These gloves by Tiro Tech are super-durable to keep even the longest and sharpest canines and fangs from cutting your skin. They are also reasonably priced. Thus, making them hands down the best affordable snakebite proof gloves in the market.


2. RAPICCA – Best Selling Snake Bite Proof Leather Gloves

RAPICCA Best Selling Snake Bite Proof Leather Gloves

I am sure the comparatively higher price of these snakeproof gloves isn’t sitting well with most users, but this one-time ouch will save you from hundreds of ouch-causing incidents.

These pair of gloves are constructed from top-quality grained leather and kevlar reinforcement to act as the best line of defence against puncturing fangs, claws and bites.

With their 16-inch long reach, you get safety from anything that could cut, scratch or puncture your skin up to the elbows.

To compensate for the expensive price, the manufacturers have equipped them with oil, heat and fire-resistant qualities too, allowing you to use them for a variety of other home and outdoor tasks as well, including grilling, barbecuing, baking, working around the fireplace, gardening, camping etc.

The insulated internal lining will make sure that your hands stay sweat-free even in hot temperatures.

Their size and fitting are also perfect, neither too stiff around fingers nor too loose. Men and women both can wear them.

The only annoying quirk is that they will give in to the forceful bites of larger animals and birds.

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  • Sturdy and ultra-durable.
  • Extra-long gloves protect up to elbows.
  • Insulated inner layer absorbs moisture to keep hands cool and dry.
  • Reinforced with kevlar layering makes them impervious to cuts, bites, puncture, heat, oil and fire.
  • Multifunctioning gear is suitable for handling animals, snakes and several indoor and outdoor tasks.


  • Fairly expensive.
  • Not ideal for protection against big animal bites.

Bottom Line

If money isn’t an issue and all you want is a long-lasting pair of animal handling gloves to keep you safe from stinging, cutting and piercing objects, we would recommend you RAPICCA Snakebite proof leather gloves.


3. YBB Waterproof Snake Handling Gloves

YBB Waterproof Snake Handling Gloves

These biker-style leather gloves ooze strength and protection. Made from robust leather with waterproofing quality, these gloves are perfect for bathing pets.

Yeah, we all know how nasty cats can get during bath time, but they will not be able to break your skin with their claws and teeth no matter how viciously they fight. Want to know how?

YBB has employed a double layer of leather in palms and finger joints and has used durable stitching for maximum strength and protection.

What is more impressive is that this safety net is extended to your biceps, courtesy of its 23.6-inch length.

So, whether you want to play with pets and large birds, look after your poultry or deal with reptiles and monstrous spiders, these gloves will fully protect you from their sharp attacking weapons – claws, teeth, fangs, beaks, tentacles, etc.

However, you might need to enhance protection while tackling large dogs as the gloves might not be able to withstand their bite force.

These are also good for training animals and household tasks because the thumbs have reinforced wing design to retain flexibility.

Meaning, your movement will not be restricted. Thus, you’ll be able to perform the tasks at hand with the required precision.

There’s a downside, though. The width of the palm is 3.54-inch, which is only suitable for men.

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  • Strong and durable.
  • Thick cowhide leather with reinforced stitching makes them scratch and chew proof.
  • Their length extends up to the biceps.
  • Flexible and comfortable design retains hand mobility.
  • Waterproof performance is good for bathing animals.
  • Wide application.


  • Size isn’t ideal for women.
  • Might not be able to endure the bite force of a giant dog.

Bottom Line

These gloves have a thick cowhide leather construction, which makes it evident that they can withstand the teeth, claws and fangs of animals, large birds and reptiles. The waterproof quality and flexible design allow them to be used for a wide range of household tasks too.


4. Sporting Style Snake bite Proof Gloves

Sporting Style Snake bite Proof Gloves

Sporting Style Biteproof Gloves are rated as one of the best animal handling gloves because of the level of confidence they offer while tackling vicious snakes and larger animals.

The credit goes to the blend of top grain cowhide leather and kevlar reinforcement. Together they make the pair so robust that neither any pointy canines nor fangs can puncture or tear it nor any sharp object can cut or scratch it.

Hence, you can grab any reptile or animal – with claws – with confidence. Not only this but they are also made oil and fire-resistant to make sure they last for years.

That’s not all. Their inner membrane of cotton is soft and heat-resistant to give you an equal amount of protection, dexterity and comfort. So, even if you wear them during a hot climate, your hands and arms will not feel stuffy and sweaty.

Profiling a length of 23.6-inch, they promise to form a bite-proof shield to your upper arms. Meaning, you can get up and close to dangerous creatures when required without fearing for your safety.

Another proof of their superior quality and reliability is that many professionals, such as animal control staff, veterinarians, bird handlers, reptile handlers, kennel and zoo workers and pet shop employees, use these.

On top of that, men and women both can use them for domestic tasks as well.

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  • Extremely durable and long-lasting.
  • Heavy-duty gloves are ideal for professional and domestic use.
  • Designed to withstand punctures, bites, cuts, scratches and heat.
  • Soft inner membrane for comfort and dexterity.
  • 23.6-inch length extends beyond the elbow.


  • Size might not be ideal for smaller hands.
  • Strong chemical smell upon arrival.
  • Quite bulky.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a pair of bite-proof gloves that can put you at ease while dealing with frightening reptiles, feral cats and monstrous guard dogs, then our suggestion is to buy Sporting Style Animal Handling Gloves (23.6-inch).


5. Haulonda Anti-Bite Snake Handling Gloves

Haulonda Anti Bite Snake Handling Gloves

There will be no such thing as pain in your life when you’re tackling snakes, playing with large birds or training animals as long as you’ve got this pair of gloves on.

The gloves are composed of premium cowhide material that is as sturdy and durable as an iron shield, offering maximum protection against painful bites and scratches.

So, whether you’re tackling feral cats, monstrous bulldogs, hawks, snakes or playing with parrots, hamsters or rabbits, there won’t be any angry red scratches on your hands and arms.

Speaking of arms, these gloves have a total of 23.7-inch length. Meaning, they form an impenetrable barrier from your fingertip to your upper arm. Some people found them a little stiff and bulky.

However, their inner cotton layer is soft and breathable to surround your arm in comfort while protecting it from excessive heat.

The fingers are larger than other gloves, which affects the dexterity of your hands. However, the same quality helps you not get bitten or scratched when picking your stubborn dog by the scruff or handling an adult iguana.

In short, these high-quality gloves can be a present for anyone, a veterinarian, a zoo employee, pet clinic owner, reptile and bird handler or an animal lover.

Besides, their affordable pricing further makes them a great value option.

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  • Durable and long-lasting material.
  • Well-built to prevent bites and scratches from animals, birds and reptiles.
  • Ultra-long length extends up to the arm for maximum protection.
  • Suitable for a variety of professional users and animal lovers.
  • Affordable.


  • They’re too large and bulky for some users.
  • Size issues.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a sturdy and durable pair of anti-bite gloves that can help you handle feral cats and creatures like adult snakes and iguanas without fear of getting bitten, we would advise you to opt for these animal protection gloves by Haulonda.


6. Lifeunion Snake Bite Protection Gloves

Lifeunion Snake Bite Protection Gloves

The moto of the brand “Lessbad” is to allow less bad things to happen when you’re around animals and reptiles. These Lifeunion Snakeproof Gloves successfully convey the company’s message.

Composed of super-sturdy cowhide material, these gloves promise not to let pointy fangs, claws and teeth get through the texture to injure your hand and arm.

Yes, I said arm because they’re 23.6-inch long, which means they offer protection till your arm. Thanks to the insulated cotton layering, your hands will not feel stuffed and toasted, even when worn during a sizzling temperature.

Smart people, I am impressed how easily you picked up the clue. Those of you who love welding jobs as much as they love animals know the intense heat they have to work around with; ah…that’s why the sizzling temperature. You can use them for welding jobs too.

Not only that, but they are suitable for planting and gardening jobs as well. Just be ready for an intense washing session after pampering your garden because the black colour will be hidden under dirt and mud.

Their fitting around palms and fingers is icing on the cake on an already enticing product. With 5.3-inch width, they fit around the hands of a vast majority of men and women.

In other words, protection is not coming at the expense of dexterity and flexibility.

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  • Composed of thick and breathable cowhide and cotton layers for enhanced protection and comfort.
  • 23.6-inch length covers till arm.
  • One size fits most men and women.
  • Effectively shields against sharp and puncturing objects.
  • Ideal for versatile applications.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Lining is a bit irritating around the thumb.
  • Easily get dirty.

Bottom Line

Lifeunion Animal Protection Gloves are downright the best value snakeproof gloves because their sturdy construction will not let anything sharp and piercing touch your skin. Their comfortable fitting and versatile application further enhance their appeal.


7. Tinton Life Anti Scratch & Bite Proof Gloves

Tinton Life Anti Scratch & Bite Proof Gloves

I love this pair of snakebite proof gloves because animals and reptiles absolutely hate them. Wondering why? The answer is simple.

They form a barrier that is too strong for claws and teeth to penetrate through. The presence of a 2mm bulky cowhide layer sewn together with a thick non-woven internal lining is responsible for scratch and bite-proof qualities.

The vulnerable areas around the palms and fingers are reinforced, making sure you wear them with confidence even while dealing with venomous snakes.

These gloves rank higher on our list because they take your safety a little too seriously. Unlike most other animal handling gloves, these do not end just around the forearms. Instead, they extend this impenetrable armour till your bicep – thanks to their long length of 23.6-inch.

Now, you would think that your hands and arms will get toasted in these thick and sturdy layers. Nope, that’s not the case, fellas. The engineers have made them heat-resistant and breathable.

Thus, ensuring you don’t feel like your hands are getting baked. So, you can use them for other tasks too, including fireplace, camping, gardening and welding.

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  • Tough and sturdy materials offer extended service life.
  • Reinforced stitching for added strength.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Breathable and heat-resistant lining offers extra comfort and versatility.
  • Total length extends till biceps.
  • Anti-scratch and bite-proof qualities allow them to be used for diverse purposes.


  • A bit pricier.
  • Restrict movement a bit.

Bottom Line

Tinton Life Animal Protection Gloves have a heavy-duty construction for extended service life, ideal for those looking for a super sturdy pair of protective gloves. They are incorporated with anti-scratch and bite-proof qualities to ensure not even the sharpest crocodile teeth or pointiest hedgehog pins could break the fabric.


8. Suse’s Kinder Veterinary Snake Proof Gloves

Suse’s Kinder Veterinary Snake Proof Gloves

These animal handling gloves are designed for those animal enthusiasts who want maximum protection alongside equally optimum dexterity.

These also come with top-quality grain cowhide material to form a solid wall around your hand. Like other reliable gears, this also uses Kevlar stitching to keep the seams from coming apart.

As a result, its strength becomes unchallenging. Canines, fangs and other scaly/pointy things will need roman gods-like strength and power to breach through the shield to deliver a scratch or bite.

Now comes the best part; their internal structure is kept soft and flexible so that you can freely move your hand and arm around when handling stubborn animals and birds or wriggling snakes.

Their promise is of maximum protection, so they don’t cover just a little over your wrists. Instead, they offer defense all the way to your elbows. However, you’ll have to look out for the size. They are available in XXL size, thereby are fit only for large and beefy hands.

Other than that, they’re ideal for vet clinics, animal rescue teams, pet shop owners, snake relocators, animal lovers and so on.

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  • Composed of a combination of cowhide and kevlar for enhanced strength and longevity.
  • Safeguard against puncture, bites and scratches.
  • Coverage till elbows.
  • Maximum flexibility and dexterity for convenient handling of animals, birds and snakes.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Suitable only for large hands.
  • Breathability issues.

Bottom Line

We recommend these gloves to those animal and bird lovers who want a pair of gloves that don’t hinder their movement yet feel robust and offer maximum protection. Their pricing is also attractive, which makes them one of the best inexpensive snakebite proof gloves.


9. DEFENCES Snake Bite Resistant Gloves

DEFENCES Snake Bite Resistant Gloves

We have found another great pair of snakeproof gloves for you.

The proof of their quality and reliability lies in the stellar ratings and positive feedback of both professionals and regular pet lovers.

They also fall under the category of thickened cowhide leather and kevlar stitching. This implies that not only can they withstand fang attacks, they can also survive some of the most prickly thorns and other puncturing objects.

Don’t worry, your comfort is also important. The use of cotton lining makes sure their comfort, dexterity and breathability are not compromised.

These gloves have welted fingers to make the seams spark-resistant. What do you get from this? Yes, bingo! They make a reliable pair of welding gloves as well.

However, you need to keep in mind that they’re a good line of defence only against small to medium-sized wildlife.

Another thing you should be careful about is the sizing, especially if you’ve smaller hands.

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  • Sturdy and lasting structure.
  • Durable and reinforced stitching prevents punctures, scratches and cuts.
  • Soft inner lining along with ergonomic design for maximum comfort and dexterity.
  • Spark proof seams for added durability and versatility.
  • Suitable for a variety of wildlife handling applications and home use.
  • Cheap pricing.


  • Size issues, especially for dainty hands.
  • Not strong to withstand the force of larger animals.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for protective gloves that will keep your skin from getting cut, scratched or punctured, even after several attempts from the predator, opt for Defence Animal Handling Gloves. Their additional attraction is the cheap pricing, making them the best value snakebite proof gloves.


10. Magid Gloves (BE195TM) – Best Snake Proof Gloves for Women

Magid Gloves Puncture-Resistant Gloves for women

We added these gardening gloves to the list because they’ve got our most in-demand ingredients: quality, flexibility, versatility and affordability.

These gloves are made of spandex material in a form-fitting design to offer comfort, flexibility and protection.

The palm and fingertips and padded and reinforced to make them puncture-resistant.

In other words, these gloves will make sure that prickly things – may they are thorns, undergrowth or fangs – do not draw your blood while you are outdoor pruning and grooming your garden or trying to tackle a snake or other creature with tentacles.

Some force thorns are too strong for other gardening gloves. Lucky for you, these are an exception. They employ a special knuckle guard to shield you from those fierce thorns and prickly objects.

Their gauntlet-shaped cuffs can offer safety up to your forearms so that you can approach far-reaching branches and shrubs without harming yourself.

What female customers loved most about these gloves is the firm grip they offer. The feature responsible for such frim hold is their patterned fingertips – they have a whimsical floral pattern.

The only annoying thing is that the snug-fitting tends to make hands sweaty. Also, sizes are a little too small for some women. Rest assured, they’re definitely the best puncture-resistant protective gloves at this price point.

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  • Puncture-resistant spandex material.
  • Reinforced palms and fingertips along with knuckle guards for added protection against thorns and prickly objects.
  • Patterned fingertips for enhanced grip.
  • Form-fitting style for comfort and flexibility.
  • Elbow-length design protects till forearms.
  • Lower pricing.


  • Makes hands sweaty.
  • Sizing needs improvement.

Bottom Line

If you’re a gardening enthusiast who wants to look after his garden without worrying about getting pricked by thorns or bitten by small garden snakes around the hand and forearms area, Magid Safety Puncture-Resistant gardening Gloves are the right choice for you.


Buying Guide: Get the Best Snake Bite Proof Gloves in 2023

It is good to have answers to all the important questions regarding a product to ensure your money is spent on the right product. We created this buying guide to share those tips that will help you pick the best snakeproof gloves, those that are best for your needs.


As you’ve observed above, most of the companies use cowhide leather for its strength and durability. The material is extremely tough and can last longer. Manufacturers trust leather because the sturdiness of the texture prevents the fangs from inflicting pain and harm.

Another trustworthy material is Kevlar. This high-strength synthetic is often used in combination with leather. It is as robust as leather, which means it is a good choice for encounters with deadly snakes and animal bites. An added benefit of Kevlar is that it is lightweight, thereby more comfortable than leather gloves.


Since it is protective gear, length matters a lot. The reach of a snake is often hard to predict. So, you need as much coverage as you can get. That’s why you should always prefer gloves that offer protection at least till elbows. Some can extend to your biceps too, like Tinton Life Biteproof Gloves. They are an even better choice.


Protective gloves will become a liability when you will not be able to move that snake that’s been haunting you. Going for rigid gloves for protection will have an adverse effect. Snakes need to be handled with caution because they keep wriggling, trying to strike. For that purpose, you need a pair of gloves that aren’t too stiff to restrict natural movement of your fingers.


Another factor that you need to look out for is the breathability of the gear. What’s the use of wearing protective gloves that you’ll keep on taking off after regular intervals because of sweat and excessive heat? Look for a pair of gloves that have breathable and heat-resistant inner layering for comfort. It will avoid the accumulation of moisture and keep your hands dry and comfortable.


Your safety isn’t a thing that should be taken for granted, especially when you’re planning to tackle a snake with your hands. That’s why we have given you a list of the best snakeproof gloves. All the designs discussed above are manufactured from top quality materials to offer optimum protection. These claim to be puncture and scratch-proof to give you peace of mind so that you can deal with the predators with confidence.

We have added a buyer’s guide in the end as well to share some tips with you. They will help in your decision-making while you’re searching for the best snakebite proof gloves.

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