Best Snake Repellent Safe for Dogs Reviews (2023 Updated)

Best Snake Repellent Safe for DogsNo one can stand if their pet gets bitten by a venomous snake.

The same goes for when the pet gets ill when you use the snake repellent formula!

Snakes are too dangerous to be compromised on. You cannot preferably let it go when you notice its presence.

If you love to spend time in the mountains or often go hiking accompanied by your pet dog you should always carry the best snake control formula that in no way can harm the dog.

However, when you have pets around, you need to be quite picky about purchasing the snake control medicine. If you love your pet dog and are looking for a reliable formula that repels snakes without having any adverse effects on your doggie, this article would be a worthwhile read.

Today, we have listed down the top best snake repellent safe dogs and therefore you can certainly lean on the brands. After multiple tests and fuller inspection, we have concluded the top 10 names below.

We have tested and found these solutions pretty much effective. So let’s check out the deep reviews and find out what makes them in demand for pet owners!


Best Snake Repellent Safe for Dogs Reviews of 2023

Dogs are sometimes more like a watchman. They keep you aware of the possible danger and are pretty much willing to sacrifice themselves for any danger. However, when you choose the snake control formula, it’s your responsibility to look for only the best snake repellents that are safe for dogs. If it seems a hard task for you, here are the top ten reviews of the most relevant and high-performing snake repellents without harming your pets, plants, or any other living being.


1. Ortho Snake-B-Gon Snake Repellent

Ortho Snake-B-Gon Snake Repellent Granules

Looking for the best snake repellent that is harmless for dogs, we have found this reliably manufactured Ortho Snake-B-Gone formula. This formula comes with an environmentally friendly formula without compromising on its efficiency for repelling venomous snakes. It is highly safe for both humans and pets and for that you can use it without any doubt. However, you should always follow the directions and guidelines when you use it.

Ortho Snake-B-Gon is quite smart to not only keep snakes from entering your place but also prevent them from nesting and foraging which is a great advantage for a long-term approach. Moreover, its safe formula also works wonderfully well for plants, and your flower beds or soil do not get chemicals.

What makes it a noticeable solution for getting rid of snakes is its no-stick formula. Therefore, you can use it with even more freedom without composing or limiting your presence near it. Its long-lasting and rain-resistant performance is amazing especially if you live somewhere where rain showers are unexpected.

The packaging and the bottle have been designed with a ready-to-use approach hence you can easily sprinkle this snake repellent without staking your hands. It’s easy to sprinkle on the land area and the reliable result without harming anybody is one of the best parameters about Ortho Snake-B-Gon.

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  • It instantly starts its performance
  • Safe for plants, pets, and humans
  • Easy to use and sprinkle
  • No foul smell
  • Its rain and water-resistant


  • Might not be 100% effective for repelling garter snakes
  • You need to reapply after a heavy downpour
  • It might not work for all snake types

Bottom Line

This snake repellent is highly recommended for use without harming your pets and dogs. Moreover, its instant effectiveness and quality performance come as a bonus with the no-stink formula.


2. ZenExcellence Solar Mole and Snake Repellent

ZenExcellence Solar Mole Repellent

If you do not want to hurt your pet dog, choosing the snake repellent with great research comes first. Therefore, we have chosen ZenExcellence snake repellent which in no way can hurt or affect your dog’s health. It works on ultrasonic pulses which are effective and powerful enough to keep off venomous snakes.

The ultrasonic waves or pulses readily penetrate the soil and the quality of this process is reliable. However, this snake repellent device can be irritating, especially for sound-sensitive pests! ZenExcellence is a great choice for its performance and working with a solar-powered approach. With snakes, it also keeps off moles and other rodents that usually get chased by snakes.

Once the solar system gets tough and fuller sun exposure, the device gets fully charged in a maximum of 4 hours. You have to place it on the ground and its instant effectiveness would work for snakes without harming your pet dog, or any other stray dog.

Moreover, this snake repellent gear is so safe for kids, which makes it a friendly option for humans. You need to drill a hole in your lawn or backyard for its installment and it would assure you to cover 96 feet of area. This snake repellant option comes with an on/off switch which makes it super-efficient to handle.

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  • Quick to charge and performance is long-lasting
  • Its waterproof design for longevity
  • On/off button for better usage
  • Easy to install and quick working
  • Its eco-friendly and 24 hours snake protection


  • Its somewhat noisy
  • It might not keep of some rodents
  • It might lose its efficiency when it needs charging

Bottom Line

This ultrasonic snake repellent comes with a trustworthy build. It is easy to install and 100% safe for pets and kids. Moreover, you don’t need to go through the concern of reapplying the snake-resistant formula as it keeps on working unless it needs charging. Above all, it’s waterproof!


3. Liquid Fence HG-85010 Snake Repellent

Liquid Fence HG-85010 Snake Repellent

This is another snake repellent choice that you can take home without any concern to harm your dog. Its safe formula, instant working approach, and ideal performance for keeping off snakes are appreciable. You can certainly get effective results but make sure to apply it as directed.

Liquid Fence HG-85010 comes with an immediate response which is why many users and homeowners have lauded its working capacity. It repels venomous snakes and the small ones readily work wonderfully well for sure. The smell targets the snake smelling system hence they stay away from your premises. Its fast-acting formula is workable for weeks and then you have to reapply it. With dog safety, you have the safety of your dear plants, thanks to the naphthalene-free formula which is ideal for keeping plants as fresh as it was before using this chemical.

For its ideal application make sure to shake the formula well. Liquid Fence Snake repellent formula works well for several places where you can find a snake as well as a dog, so you can trust its safety for dogs. This formula to control snakes works for patios and lawns, gardens, and backyards.

As it’s safe for pets including cats and dogs you can also lean on its performance and safety for kids around it. In one word, this snake control formula works well for plants and wildlife and only keeps off snakes because it’s supposed to. And if you are concerned about its coverage for an area you have to apply this as it is directed and it will cover up to 1,000 square feet without losing its strength.

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  • Its naphthalene-free formula doesn’t harm plants
  • It cuts back snake presence for several weeks
  • The bottle is easy to carry
  • It works fast and effectively
  • It easily works well for 1,000 square feet


  • The formula is in larger pieces
  • Only work for non-venomous snakes

Bottom Line

In general, Liquid Fence HG-85010 is a good snake repellent formula with minty-smelling. If you’re at a warehouse or somewhere, where snakes are in abundance, this formula would assure you to start working instantly keeping your dog’s safety highlighted.


4. Victor VP364B Snake-A-Way Outdoor Snake Repellent

Victor VP364B Snake-A-Way Outdoor Snake Repellent

Another official formula for keeping off snakes is here at number 4. If you have been using Victor’s brand for snake control, this one from the VP364B series would not let you down. One of the most dominant reasons for including it on the list is its approved formula with the EPA-registered certification always bringing in quality assurance.

It comes with a high-power performance which means you never have to see the venomous or terrifying snake once you apply its application as per directions. It’s best outdoors for repelling venomous reptiles, hence you can use it near flowerbeds, entrances, warehouses, storage or garage places, bushes, woodpiles, and other such tight spots.

This formula works to target the snake’s sense of smell and hence the snake prefers to leave in the search of fresh air, away from where this repellent has been used! It works equally well for both venomous and non-venomous snakes and hence you get the snake-free zone soon after using it. Victor Snake-A-Way Snake Repellent comes in granules form and hence you should use gloves for its application.

The bag contains 4 lb of formula and it is enough to cover almost 5 acres of land. Moreover, the efficient and powerful formula is capable of lasting 2 to 3 months which is amazing! It comes with the Contains naphthalene (7%) And sulfur (28%) as active ingredients and for that its robust and penetrating performance for disrupting snakes’ taste and smell buds becomes quite reliable.

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  • Efficient for both venomous and non-venomous snakes
  • It works best for 5 acres of land
  • EPA registered formula
  • It works best around the year


  • Reapply after heavy rain
  • The smell is a little too strong!
  • Only for outdoor usage

Bottom Line

If you love your dogs, you will certainly appreciate this Victor VP364B Snake-A-Way repellent. The bag contains enough formula to be used around the year and the instant results are not only reliable for venomous but also for non-venomous snakes without harming your pets!


5. Nature’s Mace Snake Repellent

Nature's Mace Snake Repellent

Putting forth another quality snake repellent that doesn’t hurt your dog is this Nature’s Mace Snake control. It’s certainly a valuable chemical but what makes it an amazing formula is the 100% natural ingredient usage. The safety becomes of even higher standards and the reliability of using eco-friendly formula is always there.

The powerful and quality ingredients are enough to keep your home, office, warehouse, farmhouses, or any other place safe from snakes. Moreover, you also have it friendly for home use. Its all-natural formula ensures bad-smell-proof performance because it uses a combination of scents and natural aroma forum in its ingredients.

Due to its safe approach for plants, kids, pets, and humans you have the privilege to use it without fearing its adverse effect. It shows no bad results if you use it around plants, pets, vegetation, and children. And if you are concerned about its area coverage, Nature’s Mace Snake Repellent can easily cover 13,200 sq. ft of land area. Also, its year-round performance lets you use it in springs, summers, winters, and fall with the same result with the same efficiency; which is strong.

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  • Non-toxic formula for plants and pets
  • Its best for larger area coverage
  • You can use it around the year
  • Natural formula with no bad smell


  • It might not work for garter snake
  • The granules may become powder if not kept properly

Bottom Line

This is a reliable snake repellent for keeping copperhead out of your yard. Additionally, its smell is something that is not too bad which means it’s reliable in every way. Overall, Nature’s Mace is a good option for keeping plants and pets harmless.


6. SerpentGuard Snake Repellent



This is another quality holder in the list that does a fair job in repelling snakes and its powerful result values your choices. It’s highly effective and the instant working approach is what adds even more value. If you already use a snake control formula by Snake Guard, this one would not let you down at all.

Furthermore, it’s super easy to apply and operate for which you get the user-friendly approach. Since you are concerned about your dog’s health, this snake control formula is pretty safe for dogs and it has no adverse effects on pets and animals. So you can easily use it without doubting your dear pet’s health.

Many snake repellents smell foul and that is the biggest turnoff for homeowners who have pets. However, this snake control formula comes with the reliability of being features with clove oil and other natural

SerpentGuard snake repellent is quite harmless to pets and plants and that makes it a preferred choice if you also prefer gardening during your leisure time. Its powerful formula works instantly and the durable bottle keeps it safe and sound for one year.

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  • Efficient and quick working
  • Its suitable for garden
  • Robust snake protection for 4 weeks
  • EPA registered as Non-toxic for plants
  • It uses natural ingredients


  • It might not work well for 5 ft water moccasin
  • Not much smart for water-repellent

Bottom Line

Its quality and effectiveness are guaranteed and it really works for the area where there are a lot of snakes. It would not harm pets or kids and that becomes one of the best parts why one would prefer it. Overall, this snake repellent works with an excellent output when it comes to keeping your dogs safe and its bad smell is only for snakes!


7. SEEKBIT 5 Pack Snake Away Repellent

SEEKBIT 5 Pack Snake Away Repellent

This is another quality formula for snake repelling and it comes with high protection performance for your pets and dogs. Unlike regular repellents, this SEEKBIT comes with something unique in it. Its packaging comes with durable material that keeps the formula safe within.

For its application, you have to put it into the met mesh small bag that comes along and hang or place it where you suspect snakes. Moreover, the best performance for outdoor as well as indoors lets you use it without any concern of harming pets or humans at all.

The appealing yellow color snake repellent ball also looks attractive when you place it in your home. The SEEKBIT works ideally for several snakes including green snakes, rattlesnakes, copperheads, bull snakes, milk snakes, water snakes, garter (garden) snakes, black snakes, and Indigo snakes and that is something that instantly adds to its value.

Its strong formula, instant working, efficient performance, and environmental-friendly design give you no reason to look down on it. It is made with powerful and effective natural essential oil and that gives you the satisfaction of not experiencing the foul smell of this formula. SEEK IT comes with natural ingredients and that only works worse for snakes and not humans or pets. Its non-toxic chemical is best to be used on the lawn and backyard of your house. Its ingredients feature cedarwood oil, cinnamon oil, castor oil, and citric acid which in combination work wonderfully well.

Make sure to use it as per direction for seamless results. This formula comes in a total of 5 packs and each repellent lasts for approximately 2 months which is amazing for robust performance from keeping snake-free zones assured. It works best for camping, farms, yards, gardens, and other such places.

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  • Super easy to use
  • Keeps off several kinds of snakes
  • Last for 3 months and keep off rats and pests too
  • Comes with a non-toxic formula
  • Sweet smell never feels odd


  • It might not work for big or queer snake types
  • Not waterproof

Bottom Line

This powerful snake repellent formula keeps off a number of venomous and non-venomous snakes without any compromised output. Moreover, it’s easy to use and apply which makes it a desirable pest control formula for pet owners.


8. Havahart 6400 Snake Shield Snake Repellent

Havahart 6400 Snake Shield Snake Repellent

Havahart is a reliable name whenever it comes to keeping off snakes without harming your pet dogs or cats. What makes it a notable formula or chemical solution is its powerful and prevailing approach. It lasts long and hence you don’t have to reapply it now and then. That makes it a quality-holder among the rest.

With immediate response, you also have the best performance for kids and humans. Its natural formula with the active ingredient makes sure you have chosen the right snake control formula. Havahart 6400 comes with sulfur, cedar oil, cinnamon oil, and clove oil which never let you smell the bad smell hence your pets also don’t run away when you use it.

This formula is easily best for a number of places, for instance, woodpiles, or brush which means you have no place where you can doubt snake danger. Moreover, it comes with the instant formula and that is really a great deal to lean on.

In short this snake repellent is easy to apply for recreational sports and other outdoor places without harming other wildlife animals or even plants. Just lightly sprinkle this formula on your lawn and garden and follow the directions rightfully to get the best results.

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  • It is best for humans and pets equally
  • It has natural ingredients
  • Non-toxic for soil and flowerbed
  • Easy to apply and long-lasting performance


  • It’s not water-resistant
  • Little bit expensive

Bottom Line

Havahart is safe for people, pets, and plants which makes it one of the reliable solutions to keep yourself safe from snake venom. This snake repellent formula is a good choice if you have just moved to a mountain or somewhere where there can be a lot of snakes.


9. Seneca Upgraded Version Sonic Mole Repellent

Seneca Upgraded Version Sonic Mole Repellent

If you want a smart solution for repelling snakes without harming your pet dog, this Seneca Upgraded Version Solar solution is here at your service. It comes with an upgraded design and a high-end performance that targets venomous and non-venomous snakes in the first place. Its super-efficient performance and the easy way to install make it an even more reliable solution for keeping off terrifying snakes.

This snake repellent also works wonderfully well for Gopher, moles, and other animals that can damage your plants or territory in any way. Its ultrasonic vibration and sound wave work together with 400Hz that penetrate into the soil to disturb snakes.

With its durable design and ABS plastic material, the working efficiency is assured of non-stop snake resistance for up to 5 days and its super easy installment without any tools makes it a great choice for those who want things instant and quick.

This solution works on pulses hence you don’t need to doubt its harmful effect on plants or pets. With utmost safety and security approach, this Seneca snake repellent also covers the wider area to keep it free from snakes. Its range easily covers up to 7000 feet of land area and the performance never gets interrupted even at once.

The penetrating ultrasonic wave works for getting rid of moles, voles, gophers, and groundhogs which means you have a better and well-cleaned lawn and land area without any damaged property. It comes with the built-in rechargeable 1200 mAh Ni-MH batteries and the powerful polysilicon solar panels work with robust performance

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  • It requires no tools for installation
  • It lasts up to 5 days
  • It also keeps off the mouse, snake, gopher, vole and, mole
  • Features ABS plastic for durable performance


  • It may lose its performance when the battery is low
  • Not quite reliable for being weatherproof

Bottom Line

This snake repellent by Seneca is an intelligent solution that works on the ultrasonic wave and pulses principle. It’s no harm, no smell, and a powerful penetrating frequency keeps your land free from snakes as well as moles and other attacking animals. Plus it in no way would harm your pets and dogs.


10. Winpest Solar Powered Snake Repellent

Winpest Solar Powered Snake Repellent

This snake repellent is a wise solution for keeping things free from chemicals. It comes with the best approach when you are looking for something that does no harm to people or pets. Winpest is a great chief for those land and house owners who want instant and efficient snake removal without harming them either.

Moreover, it comes with a built-in Ni-MH rechargeable battery. Moreover, you have the high-grade ABS material for its plastic and that gives you the utmost reliability for purchasing the quality gear. Its smart performance features the High-Grade ABS material, a light-sensitive mini LED garden lamp and the design is fully water and rain-resistant.

That is the reason why many people would find it an assistive snake repellent. You don’t have to remove it if it’s raining outside! Furthermore, its solar performance comes with the best strategy of ultrasonic waves for outdoors and the vibration transmitted by these repellent devices instantly drives away those venomous and non-venomous snakes.

Once fully charged, this snake repellent would work seamlessly for 20 days which is already an amazing factor that not many would offer. It’s 100% safe for humans and pets plus it’s easier to install. You have to keep the head at least 40cm above the ground and its performance would surely let out the robust results. For those users who always wanted a reliable solution to get rid of snakes, Winpes solar-powered device with its weather-resistant design and reasonable area coverage would never let go down.

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  • Works well in rain and water
  • It covers 650m2 area coverage
  • Comes with ABS durable plastic
  • No chemical involved in harming pets plants or humans


  • It might not work for baby snakes
  • Some of the repellents might lose robust performance

Bottom Line

It’s 100% safe for humans and pets plus it’s easier to install. For those users who always wanted a reliable solution to get rid of snakes, Winpes solar-powered device with its weather-resistant design and reasonable area coverage would never let go down.


Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Snake Repellent Safe for Dogs in 2023

Snake repellents that are safe for pets including dogs are hard to find. However, there are certain hidden factors that you must not overlook while buying the best snake repellent safe for dogs. Want to know what these points are? Keep reading!


When you are buying the snake control or repellent formula you should always prefer quality. Some of the cheaply made devices or chemical formulas can either fail to keep away snakes or they can harm your dogs in any way. So make sure the chemical is approached and EPA-registered for better results

The smell

Usually, dogs hate pungent smells. Although it would not harm your dog preferably, you should always pick the snake repellent that is safe in every way for your pets as well as kids. And if your dogs are not fond of a certain smell, always choose the snake repellent formula carefully.

Long-lasting ability

No matter if you’re looking for granular snake repellent or an ultrasonic device, make sure it lasts long so that you never see the venomous snake ever again. The efficiency for snake control formula is a must feature that you cannot ignore or else you would be in the likeliness of getting bitten by a snake, at any moment.


When you are purchasing the snake repellent, it is important to note if it repels all kinds of snakes or only the certain ones. Usually, it is mentioned in the manual or you can also ask the shopkeeper. So don’t buy just any snake control formula if your house is being attacked by a certain type of snake such as copperhead or garters one.

Area coverage

If you prefer the ultrasonic snake repellent for some reason, it is important to know how much area it covers. Preferably it should cover a larger area without losing on its quality at all. However, if the batter of the device is not charged properly, it might underperform.


Snakes are not friendly towards either humans or other animals. Therefore, you need to maintain proper safety for your pets, kids, and humans when you buy the snake repellent. In his article, we only included those snake repellents that you can use without harming your pet cats or dogs in any way.

Most of these snake control formulas are easy to apply and start working instantly. We hope to buy it now. You must have made up your mind to pick the recommended snake repellent to keep your home free from both venomous and non-venomous snakes.



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