10 Best Snake Repellent Reviews – Most Effective Picks of 2023

Victor VP364B Snake-A-Way Outdoor Snake RepellentSnakes can be anywhere no matter if you’ve read somewhere that Brazil is known for being a snake-prone place.

If you are working on your lawn or backyard, the presence of a dangerously venomous snake is not uncommon.

Additionally, if you have kids or pets in your home, you cannot compromise the snake company!

So how can you get rid of the snake is the one question that finds its way into our minds!

Usually, there are so many methods and home remedies to keep off venomous snakes but nothing comes as reliable and effective as the best snake repellent. Although you can find the snake repellent formula from any store you cannot guarantee its effectiveness and the certified ingrates at all. There are many false products in the market. Not to mention why people are reluctant when it comes to purchasing online.

So let’s dive straight into the review section and find out which snake repellent gets your attention to go home!


Best Snake Repellent Review of Most Effective Repellent in 2023

Finding or finalizing the best snake repellent from the ample variety is not a walkover. And if you don’t know about the latest formulas and how to buy the quality pest control things become harder. That’s why we are listing down the reliable and efficient snake repellent brands that would only let down if you want to kill a snake!


1. Ortho Snake-B-Gon Snake Repellent Granules, 2-Pack

Ortho Snake-B-Gon Snake Repellent Granules

Most of the snake repellents lost their effectiveness soon after their use. However, with Ortho snake-B-Gon snake repellent you have the ideal results and pretty reliable performance for keeping off snakes. As a rule of thumb, regular repellents do not work well, especially when it comes to their effectiveness over a long time.

But Ortho Snake-B-Gon comes with enhanced and powerful ingredients that are highly rain-resistant. Therefore, if you are in an area where rainfall can be unexpected, this repellent will ensure its performance in every way. However, usage as per direction is compulsory!

If there are a lot of garter snakes you are seeing, this formula is readily helpful and we have tested its performance. It’s a quality formula with premium ingredients to make sure you have the best snake repellent formula, especially for its non-stink ability.

Due to its non-stick granules, you can not only use it in your home backyard but also you can sit near it without having to doubt its safety. Ortho Snake-B-Gon snake repellent works very well if you use it as per the directions. The powerful working performance is highly safe for pets and kids hence you can use it regardless of safety concerns. However, you should not let your kids or pet go near its application, ideally.

Ortho Snake-B-Gone readily features a long-lasting ability which means you don’t have to reapply it now and then. That makes it one of the preferred snake repellents in 2023. Its ready-to-use design and working approach further add value to the purchase!

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  • Its kids and pet friendly
  • Easy to use packaging; doesn’t make hand dirty
  • The non-stink formula for better usage
  •  Long-lasting rain resistant performance
  •  Environmental-friendly ingredients for plants and land


  • You have to really after a few days
  •  Might not work for certain snake specie
  •  Little bit expensive


Bottom Line

What makes it even more reliable is its safe and environmentally-friendly formula for both kids and pets. Also, the packaging and bottle style is user-friendly and easy to use. If you need a snake repellent with non-stick formula Ortho Snake-B-Gon would be the ideal abortion for you.


2. Victor VP364B Snake-A-Way Outdoor Snake Repellent

Victor VP364B Snake-A-Way Outdoor Snake Repellent

For those people who are looking for an efficient snake repellent that works well for both venomous and non-venomous snakes, Victor VP364B Snake-A-Way can be an ultimate search. It’s best for outdoor usage and the instant working performance is something that would not let you down.

What makes it reliable for landowners is the EPA-registered ingredient. The formula has been lauded for its quality approach to repelling both venomous and non-venomous snakes. It comes in granules form, and hence its application becomes pretty much easier and more ideal to apply on the ground.

Talking about its weight it comes in the 4 lb bag and the contained formula is ideal to be used on 5-acre land. The highlighted point here is its longevity and capacity to perform as effectively as its first application for 2 to 3 months. Simply apply and make a thick enough band of this snake repellent formula around your premises or territory where snakes are often found.

If you use it exactly as per the direction this snake repellent would work out for 90 days. This snare repellent has been used with the powerful naphthalene (7%) and sulfur (28%) content that works best to repel snakes from your area. The smell works to temporarily interrupt the snake’s sensory reception hence it keeps away from where you have used it.

Additionally, Victor VP364B Snake-A is safe to use, a product that lets you use it near kinds and pets without any adverse effects. You can use this formula in houses, cabins, trailers, sheds, garages, and flowerbeds without doubting its performance.

Also, it doesn’t damage the environment at all. In a nutshell, this snake repellent is effective and pretty much best for garter snakes for sure. It’s safe and powerful for kids, pets, and the environment without harming them in any way.

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  • Doesn’t harm kids and pets
  • EPA registers formula
  • Keeps off rattlesnakes
  • User-friendly design and super easy to apply
  • The application lasts for 90 days


  • It might not work in wet
  • It doesn’t keep away frogs and lizards
  • Its smell is pretty strong

Bottom Line

Victor VP364B Snake has been praised and extolled by many users due to its equal resistance toward venomous and non-venomous snakes. Plus it’s an environmentally friendly product!


3. Exterminator’s Choice – Snake Defense Spray

Exterminator’s Choice - Snake Defense Spray

Unlike the above-mentioned snake repellent choices, this Exterminator’s Choice comes in spray form and hence you can infer how easy it is to use. The easy application and powerful formula are something that values your choices. Sometimes snake repellent in granules is not the ideal solution for various reasons. Therefore this spray snake repellent for both venomous and non-venomous is here for you.

Exterminator’s Choice snake repellent spray works toward both venomous and non-venomous snakes without any doubt hence you can trust its approach. This formula is best to use in gardens, windows, flowerbeds, doors, and other tight spots where you can expect snake presence.

Its non-toxic and environmentally-friendly formula guarantees you to keep the safety highlighted. That is the reason why this spray bottle has been appreciated by homeowners. It’s perfectly safe for your family. Its effective and natural formula readily meets standards and that is yet another aspect that you will find dominating.

The cinnamon oil scent and the pure essential oils, clove oil, peppermint oil, and a blend of other ingredients make it friendly for humans and worse for snakes. It feels good if you hate bad-smelling snake repellent.

Another quality factor of Exterminator’s Choice spray is its ideal repellent performance for garter snakes, rattlesnakes, copperheads, water moccasins, and other dangerous snakes without any doubt.

Its little amount is as strong as you would anticipate for full bottle usage and that makes it a quality purchase. Due to the spray application, Exterminator’s Choice snake repellent works well for hard-to-reach areas such as logs, woodpiles, bush areas, and other tight spots where snakes can slither or hide without grabbing your attention.

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  • Doesn’t hurt humans or plants
  • Keeps off a variety of venomous and non-venomous snakes
  • Efficient to repel pests, moths, lizards, and more
  • It smells good with natural oil
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting formula


  • In case of rain, you have to reapply
  • Complex pump directions
  • The spray design may feel stiff to use

Bottom Line

This spray snake repellent is outstanding due to its super-efficient performance followed by the reasonable aroma. You can consider it for sparing hard-to-reach areas without much difficulty.


4. Safer Brand 5951 Snake Shield Granular Snake Repellent

Safer Brand 5951 Snake Shield Granular Snake Repellent

Safer Brand is a reliable brand when it comes to choosing the best snake repellent. Its quality and performance come tested and many users have reviews that it has a reliable formula. First of all, its long-lasting formula is the best strategy when you have no idea when snakes can sneak into your premises or territory.

Its long-lasting performance gives you a sense of security and that makes it a great product among any regular option. You have to use 8 inches of this formula with band formation so that it works out in an anticipated manner! It’s a proven formula for which you have the fuller security of its ingredient and the result.

The tested approach makes it a reliable solution to minimize venomous snakes incoming. The active ingredients used in this snake repellent shield are oils and sulfur that never let you down on its performance. Safer Brand 5951 is ideal to be used at house perimeters and yards, flowerbeds and vegetable gardens, parks and playgrounds, trailers, fence lines, etc.

Another quality thing about the Safer Brand 5951 is its instant and dedicated approach. The moment you use it on the ground, its work makes sure there are no more snakes. Its immediate working is what gives you the freedom and safety to sit and work regardless of the snake bite. In a nutshell, this snake is repellent and can be your next choice for its application

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  • It’s safe to use near kids and pets
  • It remains effective for a long time
  • Testified formula for safety
  •  It starts working the moment you apply it


  •   Not recommended to use near excessive water
  •   The smell is somewhat acrid
  •    It might go easy for rattlesnakes

Bottom Line

The one-liner aspect of this snake repellent by Safer Brand 5951 makes sure the ideal performance without harming your pets or family. With the use of naturals, you can totally lean on its friendly working approach to the environment.


5. SerpentGuard  Snake Repellent

Serpent Guard Snake Repellent Reviews


SerpentGuard is an ideal snake repellent and it works well for all snake species, be it venomous or not. Its strongness is ideal when you want to repel snakes from your house, warehouse, lawn, backyard, or more.

Many snake repellents are not easy to use and give the user a hard time to use and make their application regular. However, this SerpentGuard formula comes in user-friendly packaging and it’s quite easy to use as well.

What adds value to it is its environmental-friendly performance which is the biggest reason why you can lean on it. Without harming your plants, pets, or kids around this formula works only to repel snakes and that is all about safety! You have 100% satisfaction with its safe output for plants that cause them to be droopy or dead due to this snake repellent formula.

Keeping snakes off without welcoming any other issues such as bad or strong odor is really a challenge. Due to harsh chemicals and ingredients, many snakes are harsh towards plants. However, this snake repellent by SerpentGuard has been made with clove oil which keeps out such danger without keeping humans or pets at bay.

This is best for its instant performance and if you don’t want to make things trickier. Just use the formula with a spray bottle and always follow the direction for ideal performance.

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  • The bottle is in reliable packaging
  • No harm to plants, kids, and pets
  • It is easy to apply
  • Clove oil ingredient as a major ingredient


  • Might not be effective for water moccasins
  • Not best for rain
  • You might have to reapply it for efficient performance

Bottom Line

This SerpentGuard snake repellent targets the taste and smell receptors of snakes and that makes it the best repellent with smooth working.


6. Snake Stopper Snake Repellent

Snake Stopper Snake Repellent

If you could buy a quality snake repellent that goes well for your money, it’s nothing but a great product. Usually, snakes are not expected when you live in a city area or in some paved place. However, exceptions are there. So if you are working on your lawn or have the work at a warehouse, having this Bonide snake Stopper Snake repelled can work wonderfully well.

Its powerful and effective formula is best to keep off snakes and that is guaranteed. It works well for lawns, campsites, gardens, woodpiles, bushes, and other snake-prone places. By following the standards and of safety, this snake repellent is reliable when you want to use it near kids, pets, or even plants. The quality of its formula is intense for keeping off snakes without compromising human health.

Moreover, it also works well if you have an abundance of lizards or iguanas which means it’s an all-rounder repelling that would keep your house or place pretty much safe. Besides, its efficiency to work and longevity of formula is still the best for cutting back diverse reptiles

Its powerful performance and the ever-ready to use formula has been featured with cedarwood oil 3.1%, cinnamon oil 0.6%, clove oil 0.3% as active ingredients, and the inert ingredients of this snake repellents are sulfur, fuller’s earth, and water. All you have to do is to sprinkle its recommended amount on where you are suspecting snakes and get the safe zone ensured. Make sure you wear gloves while using this snake repellent.

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  • Efficient and instant actions
  • Does not smell too strong
  • Safe for kids and pets
  •  Can be used indoors and outdoors
  •  Made from essential oils


  • It’s not for aquatic use
  • Its effectiveness needs improvement
  • Its use on grass may make it powdery

Bottom Line

This snake repellent offers you to make its suitability for several places. From tight spots to the larger land area, the effectiveness to repel snakes is no doubt amazing followed by its safe approach for humans and pets.


7. Nature’s Mace Snake Repellent

Nature's Mace Snake Repellent

If you have the snake repellent that lost its effectiveness soon after the application, it’s of no use. However, it is becoming harder to pick reliable pest control. Therefore, we picked this Nature’s Mace snake repellent after its fuller testing and analysis for venomous and non-venomous snakes.

It comes with active ingredients and you can readily use it in gardens, homes, indoors, yards, and other places where a dangerous snake can sneak in. As its names suggest, this snake repellent is 100% natural and therefore you don’t have to have a concern over its performance for your plants or land. It drives snakes away using different scents and natural smells that snakes do not like.

The bio-degradable and non-toxic formula is what lets you use it with fuller privilege. This snake repellent is in spray form and that makes it another level of great choice when it comes to easy usage and application. This bag comes with 2 Pounds of formula and it works reliably well for keeping off snakes in larger land areas.

While being a pets and humans safe formula you have the great advantage to use where your kids like to play. It can be used in the playground as well. Nature’s Mace Snake works well and keeps the 1,500 sq. ft. of land protected. While it works well for around the yard be it summers, winters, fall, or spring it also assures satisfactory snake resistance during rain. For irrigation, this spray would not lose its efficiency.

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  • Environmental-friendly formula
  • Best for round the year application
  • It covers a larger land area
  • Works well in rain and irrigation
  • It is easy to apply and use


  • Its effectiveness is limited in time and needs reapplications
  • The bag feels somewhat small

Bottom Line

The highlighted feature of this snake repellent is its quality for round-the-year snake protection. This snake repellant would net underperformance in fall, summers, winters, or extreme temperatures. Plus it doesn’t wash off during rain either!


8. Nisus Snake out Snake Repellent

Nisus Snake out Snake Repellent


It comes with professional-grade repellency with its cinnamon oil ingredient as the major factor. Since snakes hate the cinnamon smell so this Nisus snake repellent works ideally well for that matter.

The bottle of this formula has been designed and manufactured with a user-friendly approach and that makes you apply this chemical with enhanced ease. Talking about its performance you will not regret having it since the natural essential oils readily fulfill the environmental-friendly factor. Nisus Snake out Snake has been manufactured with 0.6% cinnamon oil, 0.3% clove oil, and 3.1% cedar oil that instantly work to drive off venomous and dangerous snakes that come to your place.

This snake repellent package comes with 25.0 pounds of chemicals and it’s preferably ideal for use in patios, yards, gardens, sheds, garages, pools, barns, woodpiles, and many more such places where snakes can be anywhere. This formula really lets out the best and most efficient results as long as you use it as recommended. Just sprinkle some of the formulae on the ground and that is it.

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  •   Unique bottle is easy-to-use
  •   Natural oils and formula
  •   Effective and instant working


  •   It may not work for all snakes
  •   Scent is rather strong

Bottom Line

For getting rid of snakes ideally, this snake control formula comes with every essential aspect including its instant working approach. Nisus is a top-notch brand and for its quality performance, you have no reason to doubt.


9. Toro Products 4 pack Mole Repellent

Toro Products 4 pack Mole Repellent

Putting forward this Torro snake repellent is here to make outstanding performance while offering you a smart solution to it. It is a solar-powered device that has been made with high-quality plastic for durability.

Its ultrasonic waves work incredibly amazing for keeping off snakes. The outstanding factor of Torr or snake repellent is that it only takes about 4 hours of charging time while working seamlessly for a week. Moreover, it effortlessly covers 7000+ sq ft which is 650+ sq meters of land which makes it reliable for offices, homes, warehouses, and more.

It sends ultrasonic pulses that penetrate the soil and the vibration that targets pests, such as gophers, snakes, mice, moles, scorpions, and many others. and the all-rounder performance mask is an efficient device for keeping insects, pests, and snakes away from your house.

Torro snake repellent is chemical-free and hence it becomes safe if you have kids, pets, or plants at home. Its salient working and instant result would only enhance its valuable performance.

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  • Chemical-free and safe for humans
  • Durable and long-lasting quality
  • Once charged, it works for a week
  •  Its ultrasonic pulses covers7000+ sq ft
  •  Takes less time to recharge


  • Lace system.

Bottom Line

Its superior quality and manufacturing welcome you to lean on it totally since it features polycrystalline technology for best results. Overall, this is a smart solution to keep off snakes and when you get rid of pests, it becomes no less than a bonus!


10.Fretech ELLASSAY Mole Repellent

Fretech ELLASSAY Mole Repellent

And lastly, we have this Fretech ELLASSAY snake and reptile repellent that works on solar principle. First of all its durability and quality design are wonderful when you are looking for a high-quality snake repellent in smart form.

Also, its 4 hours of uninterrupted time makes it good for working seamlessly for four days. It emits low-frequency pulses every 3-4 seconds and after every 20 seconds and that is enough to target not only snakes but also moles and other reptiles.

It has an easy-to-operate power button (on-off) and hence you have fuller control of when to use and when you don’t want to use it. With no chemical performance comes followed by no restriction on waterproofing.

Hence, you don’t need to be concerned if it rains. It’s ABS plastic makes sure you will have no reason to doubt its quality. Each transmitter captures 70 ft of area and hence it comes to practice to get rid of snakes from reasonable land. Another advantage of this snake repellent is that it’s quick and super easy to install plus the ABS plastic housing is there to make longevity an ultimate factor.

Overall, this function works well in a circle to protect your land from snakes and the button and switch make it even smart to operate. For efficient output make sure the solar panel is cleaned so that it absorbs more sunlight.

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  • No chemical involved
  • Highly rain and water-resistant
  • It covers 7000 square feet of area
  • Easy to install and operate
  • ABS plastic housing


  • It might not be effective for voles
  • The plastic is somewhat light
  • The humming sound is interrupting

Bottom Line

Fretech ELLASSAY is an effective snake repellent for a number of reasons. Its waterproof design and the larger area coverage for keeping off snakes and rodents are certainly appreciated. Also, it works for days continuously, which ultimately ensures you a safe zone from venomous snakes.


Most Effective Snake RepellentSnakes are a crucial component of our ecosystem. So, despite how much the thought of one makes you shudder, you cannot order their mass murder. Otherwise, you will have another curse to deal with, pests and rodents onslaught.

Fortunately, a thing called snake repellent can keep these serpents at bay from your building. Well, not all repellents work successfully on these creepy, crawling monsters. Yikes! However, thanks to the research of zoologists and other wildlife experts, we have a list of the most effective snake repellents. They do the task so well and do it without posing a threat to humans, pets and the environment. A win-win!

Let’s head further to find out what snake repellent options you can consider to prevent these slithering reptiles from entering your abode.

What is a Snake Repellent?

As you can guess from the term, a snake repellent is a substance that repels snakes. It stops these monsters from entering and taking refuge on your property. Snake repellents could be natural or chemically made.

Natural snake repellents usually consist of essential oils and strong-smelling plants. Chemical repellents sometimes contain ingredients that are toxic to snakes. Therefore, snakes don’t dare come near areas where these solutions are sprinkled.

There is another kind of repellent as well, sound repellent. Sound repellents produce specific noise frequencies that snakes find unsettling.

Do Snake Repellents Actually Work?

Honestly, there isn’t any repellent—natural or chemically-made—that will 100% deter snakes. The slithering beasts will crawl right over these substances, much to your chagrin. Even worse, most of these chemical substances are harmful to humans, pets and the environment.

The only effective way to discourage snakes is to eliminate their shelter and food supply. Trust me, fellas, this works 100%. After all, no snake would infringe on your property only to starve to death. Simply put, keep your property clean—no debris, trash, littered pet food and bird feed for rodents— and lawn mowed, and snakes will avoid your place at all cost. 90% of the time!

Top Most Effective Snake Repellents

Studies show that there are certain repellents that are actually effective. They have been found to get rid of these pesky animals. Yay!

Continue reading to find out.

  1. Snake-A-Way

Well, the name most certainly says it all. But, we need more than that, don’t we? It has promising reviews, not to mention an over 90% repellency rate both for venomous and non-venomous snakes. So, it definitely does what the name claims.

An added benefit is that the product is environment-friendly. It doesn’t harm anyone, neither pets nor snakes. The product just disorients a snake’s olfactory sense organs and forces it to slither away.

One application works for up to 5 weeks. But, you’ll need to reapply sooner if there’s a heavy rainfall because the granules wash away with water.


  1. Ortho Snake B Gon

This one also works. Users prefer this more because it doesn’t smell like many others. If it doesn’t smell, then how does it repulses snakes? It has essential oils that deter the snakes, prevent them from entering and nesting on your property. The no-stink and the rain-resistant formula is safe for humans and pets. So, you can use it liberally around your property. It will keep you worry-free for approximately a month.


  1. Exterminators Choice

This snake repellent comes in the form of a spray. Thus, its application is easy. It’s a blend of essential oils. In other words, there’s no toxic pesticide in it — no danger to humans, pets or plants.

Well, we can’t say the same for snakes, though. The essential oils in it work successfully on both poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. So, it will keep the unwanted serpents at bay for approximately two weeks. We would recommend you to apply it frequently if you live in a wet area.


Effective Sonic Snake Repellents

Here are a couple of sonic snake repellents that are regarded as the best at their job.

  1. Brison Pestrunner Pest Repeller

Looking at the stellar reviews, we can safely assume that the repeller works best on all kinds of pesky pests, including snakes, bugs, roaches and spiders. It uses a blend of sonic, optical and electromagnetic waves that are safe for humans, pets and birds. Not so much for snakes, though.

The use is extremely simple, just plug-and-play. After that, it will not let vermin and other pesky creatures come within an 1100 square feet area. The waves can even penetrate through walls.

Yes, definitely a smart choice. I would totally go for it.

  1. Brison Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

This one is also from Brison and is as good as it can get. It emits sound and electromagnetic waves that mess with the nervous system of all kinds of pests, including snakes, rodents and mosquitoes.

An added benefit is that they are completely harmless to humans. You will not even feel it playing in the background. Besides, it’s also safe for your pets and plants. Just plug it in any room and let it drive the unwanted guests away for good.

Just make sure to keep it away from moisture because it isn’t waterproof.

Some Effective Tricks & Tips

  • Forget everything; GET A CAT! Some zoologists say that even the deadly Black Mamba cannot stand against a cat. Cats aren’t afraid of snakes. They attack to kill snakes.
  • Powdered sulfur and lime solution are also effective home remedies for discouraging snakes. Sulfur has a strong odour that might even burn your nose. So, don’t forget to wear a mask before applying it. Sulfur makes snakes’ skin itchy, forcing them to run away. The same is the case with lime solution, containing hot pepper and peppermint. It emits a pungent smell and strong fumes that irritate the serpent’s skin.


Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Snake Repellent in 2023:

If you are anticipating buying the best snake repellent or pest control formula, you cannot randomly. It would only be a waste of time. And if you are the one who is buying for the first time, there are certain things to consider before buying the best snake repellent

Area coverage

The snake repellent makes its productive approach through its area coverage. Most snake repellents offer you reasonable area coverage to help resist the snakes. So when you are buying the formula, never ignore how much area can be used without losing its effectiveness. Some cover 5 acres of land or the smart snake repellent lets you cover 7000 ft of land without any issues, which is ideal.


How long the snake repellent would last is another quality parameter that you need to bear in mind while you make its purchase. Next time you are picking the pest or snake control formula make sure its strength and whether it can stand wind or rain or not.


Snake repellent that is pet and human friendly are essential to have especially if you have kids at home. However, the formula should not destroy plants or land in any way to look for the environment-friendly and standard snake repellent formula.


When you buy the snake repellent, always choose quality over price. Pick the top brand so that you get the best and most reliable result for keeping off venomous snakes.


While this factor can be not so essential but if you are using a snake repellent indoors, the smell can be irritating. So make sure the repellent is stink-proof and if you hate the chemical smell so much prefer the one that features natural oils. You can also choose a smart snake control that works on batteries.


Snakes are never welcomed. And if they sneak in, it can be deadly for you. In this article, we include the latest and in-demand snake repellents that work well for a variety of places.

The effectiveness is something that is guaranteed but as a bonus, you also get its environmental-friendly formula so as not to harm your plants or others. Now that you know the top quality holders are for getting rid of snakes, we hope you will pick up the most sought-after product.

That’s all for now. I have listed some of the best and most effective snake repellents above. They aren’t some alien or extraordinary products. All of them are readily available and don’t cost much. But, they are great at controlling the snake population. You can use any of the discussed repellents to get rid of snakes for good. Even some of the most fearsome snakes stand no chance against these.

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