7 Best Snake Handling Tongs [2023] – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Snake Handling TongsNot all of us possess the skills of Tim Fitzer when it comes to capturing and controlling snakes.

Most of us will either cower away in fright or endanger ourselves by getting too close to the unwelcomed creature or, even worse, hurt the prey in the process of catching it to remove it from our property.

Investing in the best snake tongs gives you Tim Fitzer or any other famous snake hunter’s vibes by helping you deal with disturbing situations with utmost care and caution.

Reliable models of snake tongs come with a well-built body and smooth grasping handle design to help you exercise full control over the tool without feeling awkward in hand.

Their well-designed jaws securely hold the snake in a manner to either not alarm it to resort to attacking the capturer or wriggle off from the grip. These tools come with a considerable length that helps you to operate from a safer distance and make handling snakes easy.


Best Snake Tongs 2023 Reviews

Finding snake tongs that successfully deal with any species of snakes is hard to find. That’s why we have found a list of the 10 best snake handling tongs that money could buy to make your search easy. Going through the buying guide at the bottom of this article will put you in a better position to decide which tool will help you in the best possible manner.

Top Snake Tongs Quick Access Table

Product Name
Fnova 47-inch Aluminum Alloy Professional Standard Snake Tong Reptile Grabber Rattle Snake Catcher Wide Jaw Handling Tool with Blue Coating and Good Grip Handle
Fnova 47”
Snake Tong
Cheetong Professional Snake Tong
V Cheetong
Snake Tong
Ouronehome 60 Professional All-Aluminum Alloy Snake Tong Reptile Grabber Rattle Snake Catcher Wide Jaw Handling Tool with Lock and Comfortable Grip Handle
60” Snake
Futureup 60'' Foldable Snake Tongs Reptile Grabber, Rattlesnake Catcher Stick, Wide Serrated Jaw Handling Tool with Auto Lock and Non-slip Grip Handle
Snake Tongs
IC ICLOVER 47 Inch Extra Heavy Duty Standard Reptile Snake Tongs Reptile Grabber Rattle Snake Catcher Wide Jaw Handling Tool
Snake Tongs
Fnova 52 Inch Professional Standard Snake Tongs, Most Advanced All-in-One Aluminum Alloy Reptile Grabber Rattle Snake Catcher Wide Jaw Handling Tool
Fnova 52”
Snake Tongs
GYORGKSHI 52 Extra Long Snake Tongs Reptile Grabber Catcher, Stainless Steel & Wide Jaw Pick-up Handling Tool
52” Snake



1.   Fnova 47” Professional Snake & Reptile Grabber

Fnova 47-inch Aluminum Alloy Professional Standard Snake Tong Reptile Grabber Rattle Snake Catcher Wide Jaw Handling Tool with Blue Coating and Good Grip Handle


As the name suggests, this is a professional-grade snake tong designed to give you professional snake grabbers like vibes.

Its 22mm aluminium tube with a blue powdered coating not only keeps the tool lightweight and rust-resistant but also retains the elegant look without compromising on durability.

Its 47-inch length is also admirable for it allows you to successfully catch a snake by keeping a safe distance. In addition, its serrated jaws ensure to firmly keep the snake captive, even a small one, without injuring it.

The spring-loaded mechanism of the jaws and pistol-style handle grip prove to be very helpful to handle the tool single handedly.

There’s a latch on the jaws as well, but it keeps the jaws firmly closed only when there is no prey in between them.

What really impresses the user is the internal cable system, inside the tube, to eliminate any possibility of the tool getting snagged while on a hunt to capture and control a reptile.

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  • Durable, rust-resistant and lightweight craftsmanship.
  • Cable is inside the tube.
  • 47-inch long.
  • Spring-loaded serrated jaws.


  • The latch works only when the jaws are empty.
  • Handle doesn’t have a non-slip smooth grip.

Final Thought:

This snake tong is designed for those people who want to have professional snake capturing tools. Its lightweight build along with long length and wide zigzag jaw help in firmly holding a snake, small or large, in place without harming it.


2.  V-Cheetong – Best Overall Professional Snake Tong

Cheetong Professional Snake Tong


You don’t know how lifesaving a snake capturing tool like this Cheetong snake tong can be unless you have an encounter with a frightening snake.

This snake tong is designed to give you professional snake-hunter like skills. Its aluminium construction with oxidation-coating ensures the tool’s lasting durability.

Also, its lightweight tube with a total of 60-inch length allows you to keep a firm hold on the tool from a safer distance while trying to catch a snake.

Like Fnova snake tong, this one also comes with serrated jaws and a pistol-grip, non-slip handle.

Together they prevent the snake from slipping away once you capture it, however small or large it is, without harming it in the process.

Also, the locking mechanism on the handle not only makes it more convenient to handle the tool but also proves useful when storing it.

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  • Lightweight and durable.
  • 60-inch total length.
  • Non-slip grip pistol-style handle with locking mechanism.
  • Wide serrated jaws prevent snakes from slipping away.
  • 3-years warranty.


  • Locking mechanism fully closes the jaws only.
  • Jaws are a little sharp.

Final Thought:

This is another one of the best snake tong available in the market for a reasonable price. Its long reach and smooth grip handle along with serrated jaws make sure that you capture and relocate a snake in as humanely manner as possible.


3.   Ouronehome 60”  – Best Top Rated Snake Tong

Ouronehome 60 Professional All-Aluminum Alloy Snake Tong Reptile Grabber Rattle Snake Catcher Wide Jaw Handling Tool with Lock and Comfortable Grip Handle


We have placed this on our list because unlike many falsely advertised models this snake tong actually does what it promises – capturing and controlling any species of snake with professional expertise.

Much of the credit goes to its rustproof aluminium alloy composition that lends the tool remarkable durability without making it heavy.

This lightweight dress when combined with its non-slip handle results in a smooth and steady grip on the tool. And that’s a situation-turning factor when you have encounters with frightening snakes like rattlesnakes.

A little wavering of the balance and POOF,  the snake will vanish from your sight.

Also, its wide zigzagged jaws securely hold a snake, no matter how small it is, in place. Unlike other sharply-serrated teeth, these exert a precise amount of pressure to keep the snake from slipping from your grip without harming or stressing it to the point where it longes to strike.

Talking about the possibility of snakebite, whether venomous or non-venomous, can hurt really bad.

This is why it’s the best option because, with its 60” length, you’ll be in a position to capture a snake without coming in its range of attack. Even more impressive is that with such a long rod you can use it for various other purposes like key pick up, fishing, litter picking etc.

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  • Rustproof, lightweight construction.
  • 60” long.
  • Non-slip handle with lock for steady use and easy storing.
  • Can be used for various other purposes.
  • Serrated jaws firmly hold a snake without hurting it.


  • The handle lock only works for storage.
  • Makes noise while closing it.

Final Thought:

This snake tong is not only wellmade, but also easier to hold to successfully deal with a snake situation. Its long length and wide jaws combine together to help you capture a snake of any size without putting your or the snake’s safety at risk.


4.   Futureup Foldable Snake Tong

Futureup 60'' Foldable Snake Tongs Reptile Grabber, Rattlesnake Catcher Stick, Wide Serrated Jaw Handling Tool with Auto Lock and Non-slip Grip Handle


Looking for a safest way to deal with a snake? We might have found just the right tool for the job. These snake tongs are made up of high-quality stainless steel to assure you that it will not break while tackling larger snakes even after years of use.

More importantly, it allows you to exercise all the necessary cautions while handling a snake situation. In layman’s terms, it can give a total of 60” reach when fully extended.

That’s a pretty safe distance to capture your prey without coming in its striking range. Also, spring-loaded serrated jaws make sure that no harm is being done to the snake all the while maintaining a secure grip on it to not let it escape.

Its steel gripping mechanism along with a soft non-slip rubber handle let you keep a smooth and steady grip on the tool to help you focus more on your targeted creature.

You will have further peace of mind since its automatic lock-on collapsible design and sliding buckle enables you to securely lock it in a folded position for convenient storage.

I call it a foolproof plan to safely remove a snake from your way because these tongs come with a snake bag.

Once you have the creature in your snare, you can put it in the bag to safely relocate it without fear of it slipping away or striking you during the process.


  • Sturdy built.
  • 60-inch reach with foldable design.
  • Ergonomically designed pistol-grip handle.
  • Spring-loaded jaws firmly hold a snake without harming it.
  • 3-years warranty.


  • Locking mechanism releases the grip slightly.
  • Spring might be a little flimsy.

Final Thought:

If you are looking for a snake catcher that will minimize your apprehensions while capturing and relocating a snake, then purchasing these snake tongs will prove to be the best decision. Its sturdy build along with smooth grip handle and firm jaws will turn the frightening job into a breeze.


5.   IC ICLOVER 47” Snake Tongs – Best in Price Snake Tong

IC ICLOVER 47 Inch Extra Heavy Duty Standard Reptile Snake Tongs Reptile Grabber Rattle Snake Catcher Wide Jaw Handling Tool


If you love exotic creatures, such as snakes, then you’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness involved in the manufacturing of these snake tongs.

First thing first, this snake grabber has a total of 47” in length which means you’ll be at a safe distance from the creature while approaching to remove it from your property.

With its aluminium construction, you get a durable tool to serve you for years without weighing much in your hand when put to use.

In addition, the contoured handle proves to be a real blessing as it allows you to maintain a smooth and steady grip on the tool to not jeopardize your or the snake’s safety.

The presence of serrated jaws also helps in this regard as they retain an unwavering hold on the snake without putting too much pressure on it to injure it.

On top of all, it comes with a repair kit to make sure the tool remains functional for a long time.

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  • 47” total length.
  • Durable and lightweight construction.
  • Ergonomic handle with auto-lock mechanism.
  • Spring-loaded jaws maintain firm without injuring the snake.
  • Comes with a repair kit.


  • Sometimes locking mechanism doesn’t work properly.
  • Not suitable for snakes longer than 50cm.

Final Thought:

These snake tongs are one of the best snake-capturing tools available in the market for not only its durability and lightweight structure, but also comes with a considerable length and smooth gripping jaws to allow you to exercise necessary cautions while encountering a snake.


6.   Fnova 52” Professional Snake Tongs

Fnova 52 Inch Professional Standard Snake Tongs, Most Advanced All-in-One Aluminum Alloy Reptile Grabber Rattle Snake Catcher Wide Jaw Handling Tool


These sleek and shiny professional-grade snake tongs work as well as they look, but there’s a catch. They are a teensy bit pricier than some others on our list.

The good thing is, their performance makes up for the rise in price. Unlike many cheaper tongs, they have an internal spring mechanism to not stick out like a sore thumb.

Fnova knows the weight of the tool can become a game changer when faced with a snake situation. That’s why, instead of steel, aluminium is used in manufacturing these snake tongs.

It gives the tool desirable sturdiness, to not break under stress when capturing a reptile, all the while feeling lightweight in hand for swift manoeuvring single-handedly.

In addition, you’ll appreciate its 52” length as it ensures you get the snake without getting too close for it to strike you.

Let me clear one more thing that I have seen many people complaining about the handle and jaws of snake tongs.

We can assure you there will be no awkward experience in this case as the pistol shape handle has an ergonomically comfortable grip and the spring-loaded wide jaws put only the right amount of pressure to hold the snake without threatening its safety.

And yes, smaller snakes will also be dealt with with the same expertise just as the big terrifying ones.

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  • Sturdy and lightweight.
  • Internal spring-loaded mechanism for smooth finishing and use.
  • A total of 52” long rod.
  • Capable of handling all kinds of snakes with gentleness.


  • Pricey
  • Handle doesn’t have a locking mechanism.

Final Thought:

These snake tongs are comparatively a little costly but the professional level snake catcher is the right weapon for removing a bothersome snake from your property without causing it any harm.


7.   GYORGKSHI 52” Snake Tongs

GYORGKSHI 52 Extra Long Snake Tongs


These are another professional level snake tongs that have the strength and capacity to save the day if there ever arises a snake situation.

Like our previous product, these also come with a total of 52” longer reach. Keeping such distance between you and the snake means you’ll be out of its striking range in case it gets into a defensive mode.

The tool is constructed of high-quality steel which means it might feel a tad bit heavy, but the silver lining is, it is sturdier enough to stand the test of time.

Don’t think too much into it, it’s not going to feel like a brick in hand. Thanks to its non-slip contoured handle with the pistol-style grip you’ll be able to move the tool around single-handedly as if it weighs like a feather.

The jaws are serrated but, once again, no need to worry because they are smoothly serrated to not pierce through the snake’s skin when they clamp around it.

The spring mechanism in the handle ensures that the jaws close around a snake’s body with such an amount of pressure that it’s neither too loose to let the captive escape nor too forceful to injure it.

They are basically snake catchers but can also be used for camping, as a pickup tool for the kitchen or for litter etc.

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  • Professional level snake tongs with 52” long reach.
  • Ideal for capturing medium to large snakes without harming them.
  • Smooth grip handle with spring release.
  • multi-functioning .


  • It doesn’t have a locking system.
  • Handling it might be a bit awkward for shorter people.

Final Thought:

These snake tongs are a perfect choice for all those people who don’t want to harm the snake while capturing and relocating it. The well-built structure and design helps in getting the job done safely and conveniently.



Buying Guide: Selecting Best Snake Handling Tongs 2023

Snake tongs seem like simple straightforward tools, but there are various factors at play here that if not taken into consideration can result in serious repercussions. In this buying guide, we have shed light on those aspects to help you make an informed purchase.


  • Construction:

When you’re buying snake tongs, the first and most important thing is the material from which it is constructed.

Many manufacturers use steel which gives it durability and is also a cheaper option, but there’s a catch to it. They are heavy, making them uncomfortable to hold.

On the other hand, aluminium alloy makes the tool as hard as a rock and yet keeps it lightweight enough to be comfortably manoeuvred single-handedly. However, they’re a costly alternative.


  • Length:

Your safety relies on this factor since getting too close to capture a snake even with the right tool in hand leaves you vulnerable to its strike. Snake tongs with a length of 40” or above ensure a safe distance between you and the targeted prey.

For people of taller stature, it’s advisable to select a tool with over 50” reach, like Fnova 52” snake tongs or V-Cheetong snake hook, to not jeopardize their safety.


  • Handle:

The whole snake-grabbing incident hinges on how well you handle the tool. The handle of snake tongs can turn the situation for worse if it keeps slipping from your hand.

Investing in reliable tools like GYORGKSHI snake tongs incorporate smooth grasping, and non-slip handles to make sure you retain a firm hold on the tool when moving a snake.


  • Jaws:

Mostly snake tongs come with spring-loaded serrated teeth that firmly clamp around a snake’s body, preventing it from wriggling away.

The problem with these jaws is that some of them are sharp enough to break through the serpent’s skin leaving it injured. Opt for those snake tongs that have well-defined spring-loaded jaws that will exert that much pressure that’s necessary for keeping a secure grip without hurting the creature.

Snake tongs with serrated jaws are also helpful for capturing small snakes because of their unwavering grasp.


  • Spring Mechanism:

This feature is found in snake tongs. Many cheaper models have an external spring system that can get snagged in bushes or any other object during use, busting the whole operation.

Picking snake tongs with a spring mechanism inside the tube not only gives a neat and elegant look to the tool but also eliminates any chances of it getting stuck in some object while dealing with a serpent.



Dealing with a snake, large or small, with the help of a reliable model of snake tongs is a cautious way to handle the situation since it minimizes the possibility of endangering yourself or hurting the creature in the process.

With the wrong weapon, things can go south in an instant and we prioritise users’ safety too much to let anything go wrong during an encounter with a serpent.

That’s why we took the liberty of forming a list of best snake tongs to ensure you invest money in a product that will let you safely and successfully grab and relocate a snake from your sight.

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