5 Best Snake Traps of 2023 – Unbiased Reviews & Buying Guide

Best snake traps

It is entertaining to watch an animated snake lurk around on a screen.

But the sight of the slithery creature in real – inside your house or in the neighbourhood – is darn scary.

It gets more frightening when you have to move the snake from your property on your own.

Even if it’s a non-venomous snake, how many of you will dare go near it to remove it from the unwanted place? I wouldn’t, not even in my wildest dream!

A safe way to get rid of these unwanted visitors without harming them is to use the best snake trap.

Some of these traps use glue strips, while others use mesh caging or minnow traps to capture the targeted reptiles.

They might be expensive, but we have found some of the cheapest products for you that get the job done, regardless of the lower pricing.

Top 5 Best Snake Traps Reviews of 2023

In the review below, we found the top 5 best snake traps for you to help you deal with most of the snake-related situations harmlessly. There’s also a buying guide at the bottom to educate you on what you need to consider while buying a snake trap. Read it to find out which one of the snake traps will work best for you.

1. Catchmaster Snake Glue Traps – Best Top Rated Pick

Catchmaster Snake Glue Traps

Catchmaster Glue Traps immediately draws attention towards itself because it houses 12 sticky trays in a single pack.

And if you add its affordable price with the dozen glue sheets, it practically falls somewhere close to a free deal.

This one purchase can free your vicinity of not just snakes, but those cringe-worthy mice, rats, cockroaches and spiders as well.

You’ve got 12 sticky sheets fellas; place them in strategic spots, such as near entrances, hiding spots, under windows, outside in yard or garden, to ensnare these skittish and elusive creatures.

It is foldable, which means you can fit it in tight and hard-to-reach areas as well.

As the gluey mixture is free of chemicals, you will not have to worry about the safety of your kids and pets when placing it within their reach.

There’s no need to look for bait as the glue tray already contains an attractant to draw the creatures.

Just put the item where needed and let it do its magic. Once the targeted creature crawls over it, the powerful gluey texture will cling to it like a second skin – not letting it move even a centimetre, let alone escape.

However, know that these trays aren’t reusable; you’ll have to throw them away along with the captured creatures.

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  • One pack has 12 trays.
  • Chemical-free.
  • Pre-mixed attractant eliminates the need for baits.
  • Super-adhesive texture prevents snakes, rats, mice, roaches and spiders from escaping.
  • Foldable texture can fit in narrow areas too.
  • Pocket-friendly deal.


  • Disposable tray.
  • Birds can also get stuck to the powerful glue.
  • Damaging for bare skin.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to get rid of disgusting creatures, like snakes, rats, crickets, spiders and roaches, choose Catchmaster Glue Traps. One pack contains a dozen adhesive trays so that you could place them on all those tracks that the critters are taking.

2. Cahaba Foldable Snake Trap – Best in Quality

Cahaba Snake Trap

Cahaba is famous for manufacturing quality snake traps. This commercial standard snake trap is a reflection of the company’s affinity for superior quality.

This trap is the easiest and guilt-free way of relocating snakes from your property as it employs an adhesive sheet. A snake will get plastered to that sticky coat, unable to squirm and wriggle around.

However, you should know that this catcher has only 180 square inches of catch insert that is effective only for cold-blooded reptiles measuring around 2ft in length.

Any snake taller than that will have the power to drag the sticky coat out of the trap to flee the scene.

The good thing is that the trap is reusable, so you will not have to buy a new one every time you sense the snake’s presence in the vicinity. On top of that, the product features a rugged plastic body that promises 24/7 services, be it rain or sunshine.

You can place it anywhere inside or outside the house without worrying about your children or pets; its environment-friendliness doesn’t pose a threat to them.

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  • Rigid glue sheet effectively clings to snakes of around 2ft length.
  • Harmless for environment, pets and children.
  • Corrugated plastic build works both in sunny and rainy weather.
  • Replaceable and reusable.
  • Great value for money.


  • Not suitable for adult snakes.
  • Might need to purchase additional sticky packs.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a safe and easy-to-use trap to remove the snakes terrorising the residents of your household, the Cahaba Snake Trap is the best choice. It’s reusable and immune to wet weather to give you excellent value for your money.

3. Frabill Snake Trap , (8”x 8” x 18”) – Top Pick Overall

Frabill Minnow Snake Trap

Frabill Fish Trap is a good match for the cleverness and cunningness of those elusive reptiles that have been terrorising the residents of your property for weeks.

The cage-style design has a sturdy vinyl coat on its steel mesh to make it difficult for a large and venomous snake to wriggle out of it once it unknowingly crawls inside the cage.

The size of the cage, 8 x 8 x 18-inches, implies that it can trap fully grown reptiles, such as an adult and angry copperhead.

The black colour of the cage is a good camouflage; you can make it further unnoticeable by covering it with foliage. It has an easily accessible door that allows you to release the trapped creature when you found a deserted place, away from the neighbourhood.

The rugged structure of the net cage works perfectly in all types of weather conditions, not to mention even when placed in saltwater.

However, removing the prisoner will be a bit challenging and risky – especially if it’s a venomous snake – because you’ll need snake tongs or hooks.

Its relatively lower price adds more to the attraction of the product.

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  • Constructed from sturdy steel mesh having a rugged layer of vinyl for long-lasting use.
  • Entraps adult and venomous snakes without killing them.
  • Saltwater-resistant structure works flawlessly in wet weather and saltwater body.
  • Camouflaged design ensnares unsuspecting snakes.
  • Easy access door is good for quick release of the prisoner.
  • Affordable.


  • Releasing the trapped reptile is a bit difficult, especially for amateurs.
  • The clip on the sliding door tends to get caught in the cage.

Bottom Line:

Frabill Fish Trap is a rugged and spacious cage that is great for catching unwanted pests and slithering creatures, e.g. minnows and large and venomous snakes. We recommend it to anyone looking for a cleverly designed durable trap with affordable pricing.

4. Harris Snake Glue Trap – Best Budget Friendly

Harris Snake Glue Trap

Harris Sanke Glue Trap is an expert at capturing monstrous snakes – those fully grown vicious kinds – for you.

The product uses a super-sticky glue pad to firmly hold the snake, so much so that it cannot move even an inch.

The poor creature will be plastered to the sheet so that you can get rid of it without giving it a chance to flee.

The surface area of the adhesive sheet is extra-large and foldable, thus allowing you to flip the other half over the captured creature to hide it from your sight and prevent it from dancing around.

Even though it is a snake trap, you can use it for capturing rodents and insects too.

Don’t worry; it’s completely harmless. There aren’t any toxic chemicals mixed in sticky the solution.

Meaning, neither will it kill the trapped creature nor will it pose any threat to your children and pets.

Thanks to this non-toxic manufacturing, it is safe for residential places, schools, offices, hospitals and storage compounds.

Just make sure your fingers don’t come in contact with the powerful glue as it might damage your skin.

It is inexpensive, but the product isn’t reusable.

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  • Inexpensive.
  • Power adhesive sheet with large and foldable action area to prevent the snake from moving.
  • Capable of catching mice, rats and insects too.
  • Non-toxic glue is safe for households, hospitals, schools, offices, storage units and other places.


  • It isn’t reusable.
  • Doesn’t work well when gets wet.

Bottom Line:

Harris Snake Glue Trap claims to capture both juvenile and adult snakes with equal ease and efficiency. Not only is it affordable, but works for rodents and insects too. Those of you who want to clear their property of all these unwelcoming guests without endangering children, consider buying this multi-purpose glue trap.

5. Kat Sense Sticky Snake Trap – Best Easy to Use

Kat Sense Sticky Snake Glue Traps

Are you looking for a snake trap that is strong enough to catch almost any type of pest or snake?

Kat Sense Trap fits your bill. This longest and strongest rodent trap will clean your house of all the rodents and snakes in days.

The glue pad comes pre-baited with peanut butter scented attractant to lure unwanted visitors – any creature belonging to La Familia reptiles, rodents, insects etc. – like moths to a flame.

This gluey pad will be the last place they step on because the adhesiveness will capture them for good, completely eliminating their probability to escape.

The heavy-duty polystyrene can withstand humidity and wetness, allowing the trap to work efficiently in all types of weather. Each sticky strip offers around 1000 square inches of coverage.

Meaning, no matter how large a snake or Tom-sized that Jerry is, it will not be able to find its way around it.

Another good thing is that not even an inch of the product will be wasted. Thanks to the pre-sectioned strip, you will be able to use only the needed amount of surface.

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  • Largest surface area to trap oversized rats, snakes and bugs.
  • Pre-baited for instant and hassle-free use.
  • Heavy-duty construction doesn’t lose its effectiveness even in humid and wet areas.
  • Successfully catches anything – from a snake to a rat to an insect.
  • Sectioned strip prevents wastage of the product.
  • Affordable.


  • Packaging isn’t satisfactory.
  • Its ultra-stickiness is messy for bare skin.

Bottom Line:

If you’re unable to capture those smartest Jerries and terrorising pythons lurking around your house, investing in Kat Sense Sticky Trap is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of these unwanted crawling creatures.

Buying Guide – Choosing the Best Snake Trap in 2023!

Shopping for a snake trap can become easy when you know what makes a snake trap great, which type and design will prove to be best for you. This buying guide will help you acquire that knowledge.

Type of Snake Trap

Snake traps are divided into three types. You will know which kind is appropriate for you once you know the difference and purpose of each one of them.

  •  Cage Trap/ Snake Box Trap

Cage traps are famous for their durability and strength. This design has a door that slams shut once a snake enters the cage. A snake cage or snake box trap is intelligently designed to outwit the vicious type of snake species. This kind is best if you’ve to get rid of a poisonous snake. Alternatively, a  box trap is suitable for an oversized, non-venomous snake. This type of snake trap is best suited for amateurs because it will keep their hands away from a snake’s fangs reach.

  • Glue Traps

A glue trap contains an adhesive sheet that sticks to the body of a snake, seizing its movement completely. It may or may not contain toxic chemicals that could kill the trapped snake. Glue traps are comparatively inexpensive and often come in a pack containing several sheets. They are a good option for small grass snakes.

  • Minnow Traps

They were initially made for capturing fish and mud minnows, but now they are one of the best options for reptiles, from a generally harmless garter snake to a vicious copperhead. They are non-toxic, easy to use, cheap and reusable. So, if you’re looking for an effective, easy and inexpensive solution for the snake problem, these traps are your best bet.

Strength of the Trap

A snake is like 99% muscle, which is an indicator of its immense strength. That strength doubles when it is agitated. Thus, it can easily destroy a weaker trap. So, you’ll have to invest in a sturdy metal cage if it’s a cage trap, and ultra-sticky adhesive in case of a glue trap to make sure its strength can overcome the weight and force of your intended target.

Weather Resistance

Make sure the trap you are planning to purchase can combat heat and wetness. If the snake trap lacks weather resistance, it will most likely lose its effectiveness due to rain or heat.


Snake traps can be as cheap as barely $20 or as expensive as around/ or over $100. The cheaper ones usually fall under the category of glue traps and are good for one-time use. Snake cages or box traps with covers tend to be more expensive, but they can be reused. If you’ve to combat large snakes, costly snake cages or box traps will be appropriate. Low-costing traps work well for smaller garden snakes.


Snake traps are an effective way to deal with snake situations on your own without harming the trapped creature or yourself, in most cases. Depending on the type and size of the snakes in your vicinity, you need to pick out an appropriate snake trap from the listed products. Our buying guide will help you in the selection of the best snake trap so that you could reside peacefully in a snake-free property.

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