Best Solar Snake Repellent Reviews 2023 & Buying Guide

Best Solar Snake RepellentSolar-powered gears and devices always come with a greater privilege and productivity approach.

For snake repellents and pest control chemicals, you have to make sure to reapply the formula, or else you can see the venomous snake on your premises!

Therefore, only the best solar snake repellent can save you in such a situation.

However, finding the best of the best product in the market is not something that you can do without being informed about the latest ones. In the market, you will find each solar-powered snake repellent as the best option, however, the quality and the performance readily matter on the hidden factors that few people know about.


Best Solar Snake Repellent Reviews in 2023

If you are up for the purchase of the snake repellent device, this page is the right place where you have just landed. Here we are taking a deep analysis of those solar snare resisting derives that are exceptionally best when you talk about the efficiency. So let’s find out how true that is!


1. LEOFI Upgrade Solar Snake & Mole Repellent

Best Solar Snake Repellent

This first snake repellent comes with reliable performance when it comes to desirable results. It has been designed with a powerful ultrasonic design and the vibration readily targets the snakes inside the ground. Its intelligent working mode also works best to repel the gophers.

Another quality performance 400 Hz formula especially targets the sound-sensitive animals hence you get minimal chances when a snake finds its prey in your backyard. What makes it outstanding among regular snake repellents is its wide-area coverage for keeping off venomous and non-venomous snakes.

It easily covers more than 7000 feet of land area and the ultrasonic waves can penetrate the soil without harming or damaging your plants at all. This snake repellent works ideally for rodents as well and its vibration targets the burrowing rodents such as moles, voles, gophers, and groundhogs.

This snake repellent device has been made with quality concern and you can keep off snakes using this from your lawn, backyards, bush area, warehouse, and other such vulnerable places where snakes can be anywhere. Its economical safe design comes with the preferable choice for those who always want quality design. LEOFI Upgrade solar-powered device comes with the 1200 mAh Ni-MH batteries and its high-quality polysilicon solar panel nerve causes any poor underperformance due to battery issues.

Its quality and industry-leading design have been made with ABS plastic which is waterproof and hence you don’t have to remove it when there is a heavy storm or rainfall. It works around the year without losing on its efficiency.

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  • It covers a 7000 ft area of land
  • Waterproof ABS plastic
  • Easy to install and instant action
  • Plug and play design keeps rodents and snakes
  • Apply all around the year


  • It takes 4 hours to recharge
  • Its cord may get lost over time
  • It might not repel all kinds of snakes

Bottom Line

This solar power snake repellent can be your best bet if you also want to get rid of rodents. The quality design and the powerful plastic material make sure its longevity and hence you without regret buying it at any level. Its neat design and efficient performance is something that keeps LEOFI standard high.


2. ELLASSAY Ultrasonic Snake & Mole Repellent

ELLASSAY Ultrasonic Mole Repellent

Next up we have this ELLASSAY Ultrasonic solar snake repellent which is efficient and a number of users have claimed its robust working. It comes with a rechargeable battery and the 4 hours of recharging time make sure of the powerful performance afterward.

Since snakes usually follow rodents and other animals, this device smartly drives off such rodents from your home and hence you get safety from all reptiles that can damage your house in any way. Once you have fully charged this device, it works best for 4 days, it emits 3-4 seconds of low-frequency pulse every 20 seconds, and this frequency targets the underground sneaks to resell them.

Without harming your backyard or your pets, this smart solar-powered solar device works with a non-toxic approach and it causes no pets, plants or people harm in any possible way. You don’t have to be concerned about its performance if you have a lot of plants in your home.

To keep you safe all the time, its rain and water-resistant properties never make you doubt its superficial purchase. It’s highly safe solar repellent and you can use it around your pets and kids without any concern about its ultrasonic wave damage.

Like the previously mentioned smart device, it also covers a 7000 ft land area and it would also repel moles from your lawn, vegetable plots, and flowerbeds without causing any damage. For efficient service, install them in your yard every 70 feet and see no snakes after that.

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  • Rain-resistant design
  • Can be used in vegetable plots without causing
  • Optimal range for larger land area coverage
  • Durable design enhances its performance


  • Its somewhat loud
  • Not efficient for gophers

Bottom Line

This snake and mole repellent device is a good choice if you are located somewhere, where rain showers are unexpected. Its durable design with ABS plastic and the efficiency to keep off venomous snakes are appreciable for sure.


3. MOSTATTO RUNADI Ultrasonic Solar Snake Repellent


Snakes are always on the dangerous side when it comes to seeing them in your house. However, you have to have a quality device when you do not want to kill them. In view of the quality and performance, this MOSTATTO RUNADI snake and role repellent come with its fuller efficiency.

It comes with a solar-powered design and you have its efficiency workable for the reasonable range of 7,000 sq. ft. however, it works on a buzzer that you may not like if you want to keep things quiet. Talking about its build and design, the high-quality ABS plastic ensures the wear-and-tear away performance when you install it on your lawn and it also withstands weather and extreme temperature. Another quality reason for its purchase of the technology is its seamless and instant performance.

It also makes sure to repel other rodents that become the reason attract snakes such as moles, gophers, snakes, rodents, groundhogs, bats, and other burrowing animals. For it to be seamless you need to turn on the device using its button before 4-5 hours in the sun to get fully charged.

Since it’s waterproof, you have no reason to keep it under shade or under a roof. Moreover, its pets and kids’ safe performance allow you to install it regardless of any concern. Its performance and waves would not harm your kids at all.

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  • It’s super easy to install
  • Ultrasonic waves and LED lights
  • ABS plastic material
  • Drive off rodents and voles


  • Low charging may affect its efficiency
  • Its working time could be enhanced

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a reasonable snake repellent powered by the solar system, MOSTATTO RUNADI is something that you should try. Its smooth performance with apparently no disadvantage serves you the best. In its best performance, it repels snakes, moles, skunks, mice, and more such rodents as well.


4. Diaotec Mole and Snake Ultrasonic Repellent Stakes

Diaotec Mole and Snake Repellent Stakes

Diaotec molecules and snake repellent devices work on solar aid and its efficiency is no less than any chemical formulation. It has the utmost efficiency without harming your dear pets including birds. Moreover, it’s safe for kids and adults which makes it a reliable solution for many landowners.

If you are seeing a lot of rattlesnakes, garter, or copperheads on your property, it’s high time that you choose the Diaotec device which is also reasonably priced. It’s waterproof and that makes it a wonderful choice when there is rainy weather for days. Moreover, its quality and durable plastic design help you maintain longevity against cracks or breakage.

It has no radiation hence you have its fuller friendly performance. It’s one of the few snake repellents that comes with a 100% safety guarantee for not only pets, and kids but also for your neighbors. Moreover, it is convenient to install in your lawn or backyard area which further gives you the reliability to keep this brand in our use. If you travel a lot you can keep it along with you and the vibration emitted by this device would certainly target the venomous snakes that are around your premises.

Since snakes are mostly out during night time, this solar-powered snake repellent works as rodent repellent during the day and snake repellent during the night time which makes it a smart device to be in use. Diaotec keeps the lights on for 6 hours, and afterward automatically turns off after 6 hours!

Unlike regular options, this snake repellent and control option covers ample area and its range is approximately 3,500 square feet! This snake repellent is an ideal solution to your worries if you want to get rid of rodents who are running your vegetable or backyard.

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  • No radiation and pets friendly
  • Quality design and safe for humans
  • It works as a rodent repellent during the day and shifts auto during the night for snakes
  • Its range is ample to cover a larger land area


  • It might not work for rats
  • It’s a little bit louder when working

Bottom Line

This is one of the most powerful, effective, and smart snake and rodent repellents with instant result output. Its IPX65 waterproof rating design, automatic lightning during nighttime, and ideal outdoor usage never makes it a poor quality device. Moreover, it’s easy to install wherever you want!


5. ELIO Solar Powered Mole and Snake Repellent

ELIO Solar Powered Mole and Snake Repellent

When you work with all your heart on your homemade garden or you want to grow vegetables in it, the major concern becomes rodents and the snakes that follow for either hunting or are looking for a cool spot, which is not cool for you! And if you are a kind person who doesn’t want to kill snakes or rodents at all, you will absolutely appreciate this ELIO ELIO snake repellent!

With its on and off switch, it is superior to control and hence you get its performance not only efficient for ultrasonic waves but it also works wonderfully for its user-friendly design. Furthermore, you have a rechargeable battery that takes a total of 4 hours of charging. Since the solar-powered device works for saving sunlight and the powerful performance would be active for 4 days. The stakes emit 3 to 4 seconds of low-frequency pulses every 20 seconds and it’s 1000% safe for kids and pets.

ELIO ELIO Mole Repellent has a reasonable range and covers up to 7500 square feet of your land area to get rid of moles, snakes, voles, chipmunks, and many more rodents which makes it an ideal choice if you have a larger garden at home. For its recommended installation opt for every 70 feet throughout your lawn so that its waves do not get interference.

Also, the durable ABS plastic for weatherproof design is there that adds to its long-lasting quality and longevity. Its waterproof design works well however you have to keep the solar panel clean and wipe it with a damp cloth because a dirty solar panel does not work on its fuller efficiency.

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  • It’s easy to control with the on/off button
  • No need to replace the battery
  • Works up to four days
  • Repel snakes and many rodents


Bottom Line

If you are looking for a powerful solar device that keeps off venomous snakes you have it for the right reasons. However, with that, it also repels chipmunks, groundhogs, snakes, gophers, and moles. It’s an ideal solution for its range, durable material choice, and the performance to keep charging stored.


6. Mole Repellent Solar Powered

Mole Repellent Solar Powered

In search of the best and most effective solar snake repellent, we have found this mole and snake repellent device by FLOYD HAYDEN LOVINGS which works amazingly without breaking the strong efficiency. Its ultrasonic waves penetrate well within the soil and target the underneath animal inclined venomous snake. The ultrasonic pulse readily targets the sound-sensitive animal and drives them away without killing them.

As for the range and land area coverage, it works well for days if you have fully charged it and its rechargeable battery absorbs the sunlight very well. It covers more than 7000 land areas without losing on its robust wave efficiency.

Furthermore, it is not harmful to plants, pets, or other humans who are sitting or working nearby. That makes its snake and mole repellent device safe if you have pets at home. Due to its quality manufacturing, you can install it on the lawn regardless of the rain or water damage. This snake repellent is waterproof and that makes it the right choice for your home. You have total snake deterrent Spikes in the pack and each of them is liable to cover a significant chunk of land to repel venomous and non-venomous snakes.

It is ABS plastic and the efficient working approach works well for harder soil and the ultrasonic vibration never waits to go deep into the land. Once fully charged, you can use it continuously for 7 to 14 days and that really boosts its valuable presence in our home. Even if you are traveling to a place where snakes are in abundance, you can carry this portable device without any restriction.

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  • Eco-friendly performance
  • It is water-resistant
  • Non-toxic for plants and the environment
  • Tough ABS plastic for harsh temperature
  • Works well for 14 days continuously


  • It might not work well for big moles
  • Corrosion issues may arise over extensive espouse to mist or water

Bottom Line

This device is good to be in your house if you have planted vegetables or fruits. Although it’s best for its efficient performance and ultrasonic waves, its outstanding feature is the quick and easy installation that gives you the privilege to carry it along if you travel.


7. Whemoalus Solar Snake Repellent for Outdoors

Whemoalus Snake Repellent for Outdoors

This Whemoalus is a quite well-known name when you talk about repelling snakes and rodents using solar assistance. It works in excellence and the powerful and robust ultrasonic pulse penetrates well into the ground soil. It works great for venomous and nonvenomous snakes, copperheads, bull snakes, rattlesnakes, milk snakes, and many more that can either cause damage to your lawn or can bite you.

Its eco-friendly solar snake repellent has been dedicatedly and designed for high-powered solar panels and its efficiency to store sunlight is wonderful! The sonic sound disturbs the snake into the hole and gets them out in no time. It’s instant for its performance.

Whemoalus snake repellent is ideal for outdoor usage and it takes almost 4 hours to be fully charged. Once you have recharged it, it will work for 5 days continuously. Usually, snake repellents are not tough enough to withstand harsh and experimental temperature ranges. However, Whemoalus is ideal in many ways, especially for its user-friendly performance for quality.

This snake repellent solution is best for its maintenance-free design due to its tough and waterproof design. It works for all weather types be it scorching heat, to stormy rain. The water-repellent material would not reduce its efficiency. Furthermore, it comes with a wide area coverage and you have a safe zone of 6,000 square feet.

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  • Its smooth to plug into soil
  • Tough ABS plastic is waterproof
  • Solar energy is best for saving bills
  • Its eco-friendly
  • The sound waves never hurt humans or pets


  • It might not repel baby moles and snakes
  • Its range could be better

Bottom Line

It’s safe and friendly and does not harm your cats and dogs. The tough and penetrating sonic waves eminent by this would readily keep away snakes and rodents that can ruin your lawn!


8. CherryPig Solar Mole and Snakes Repellent

CherryPig Solar Mole Repellent

When you have vegetables or beautiful flower beds at home the chances of coming across snakes and rodents get higher. The reason could be any, for example, the rodent may be attracted to the fruits and plants and the snake gets attracted to mice to hunt. However, if you don’t want to kill them, the solar snake repellent would be the best option that you should opt for.

In the vast variety, this Cherry Pig device has been tested with positive results. It is also waterproof similar to our previously mentioned best snake solar snake repellent, and it works uninterruptedly for 4 days. Without any chemical involved, you have its non-toxic performance and for that reason, it becomes a preferred device to be used in homes.

If you want to get the most out of your snake and gopher repellent device that works on the solar system, make sure to keep the solar panel clean. You can use a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt particles so that it reflects more sunlight and gets more easily recharged.  It covers 7000 square feet of land area to repel rodents and other venomous reptiles. The quality is nothing but appreciating.

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  • Works well all the year
  • Waterproof built keeps you safe in rainy weather
  • It is very easy to install and use
  • Best for outdoors
  • It is durable


  • It looks compact
  • Overpriced
  • It might not repel bigger size rodents

Bottom Line

It comes with no hassle to install and the on/ off switch is waterproof. You can save its charging when you are not at home or you don’t want to use it. It. Overall, this CherryPig snake repellent works amazingly to repel snakes, voles, moles, mice, and other reptiles that are sound-sensitive.


9. DEENAI Solar Powered Snake Repellent

DEENAI Snake Repellent

DEENAI snake repellent is another choice when in the category of solar-snake repellents. It works on the ultrasonic wave principle and the result is quite positive. It especially works best to repel copperheads, rattlesnakes, and many more dangerous snakes that can otherwise bite you.

Due to the quiet and efficient working, many users have found this DEENAI snake repellent a favorable buying for homes and lawns. Moreover, it’s super-easy to install in the soil without any additional assistance from tools or professional experts. This is completely rain and water-proof therefore you have the fuller privilege to keep it in use even if it rains for hours.

Additionally, you have a greater range to be covered by this device that makes sure there is no snake or mole around 6,000 square feet of land. For ideal performance, you should not place the repellents more than 82 feet apart and if you have a rather sandy and rocky area the distance should be reduced to 32 feet. For better assistance use the manual on its installment distance.

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  • Its safe for humans and dogs
  • It comes with rain-proof construction
  • Efficient performance and 1-year warranty
  • LED Garden Night Light
  • Instant action and easy to install in-ground


  • It sometimes may forget to catch big rodents
  • Audible beep

Bottom Line

It’s safe for kids, it’s robust for its performance, and above all, it is waterproof! The upgraded design and the LED light for a better night light approach make it a standout device as a solar snake repellent in this list.


10. WYEWYE Mole and Snake Repellent Solar Powered

WYEWYE Mole and Snake Repellent Solar Powered

For those users, who only want a device with no compromised performance at all, this mole and snake repellent comes with the best approach. It comes with a pack of 10 repellents and the strength to drive off snakes and other venomous repels instantly doubles up.

Its waterproof exterior works in rainy and misty weather without reducing the efficiency and if there is dense fog outside; you don’t have to fear snakes at all. The ultrasonic waves target the sound-sensitive mole and mice to stay away from your plants and leave the area where you have installed this repellent. It works best for farms, gardens, lawns or yards, and many other places where you want to use it including warehouses.

It’s a high-efficient solar snake repellent that works on an environmental-safe approach. You don’t have to kill moles and give them poison anymore, its sound wave is enough to safely drive snakes and rodents away. It works well for 7000 square feet of land area which is more than enough when you are sitting in your backyard.

On the manufacturing and built front, this snake repellent comes with powerful ABS durable plastic that makes sure the device is safe and sound under rain and other extreme temperatures. The plastic housing works well and it is an excellent choice for outdoor usage.

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  • 100% safe for pets, plants, and family
  • It doesn’t hurt birds
  • Water-resistant design never damages the repellents
  • It is durable and features tough plastic housing


  • Cats may like and play with it
  • You need to place them precisely apart to get them working

Bottom Line

This snake repelled is a wonderful device to keep off the snakes and other rodents. With the pack of 10 snake repellents, you have the wider privilege to enhance your safe zone in the house and any place where you want to. Overall this is a significantly better-performing device for safely driving reptiles away.


Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Solar Snake Repellent in 2023

Unlike pest controls and snake repellent formulas, solar snake and mole repellent is not non-toxic and that is why many people tend to prefer it. And if you have pets in the home you cannot neglect how useful it is for you.

However, there are still some quality factors that you should be mindful of while you are in the market. So, here are the things to consider before buying the best solar snake repellent when you are anticipating efficiency.


Larger the range of the solar repellent, the more efficient it would be. When you are in the market for solar snake repellent buying it would be best to make sure how much land area it covers. For ideal performance, you should keep your house area in mind and then find out the repellent for its efficient coverage.

Toughness and durability

Another quality parameter for buying the solar snake repellent should be its durable performance. You need to select only quality over anything when you want to drive off venomous and non-venomous snakes. Also, ensure if it can withstand extreme temperatures or not. Preferably the snake and mole repellent should feature ABS plastic. The toughness and durability of a device tell you about its quality. For outdoor solar snake repellent, you cannot neglect its powerful build.


Many snakes are solar gopher repellent work in quite a loudness. The buzzing noise can certainly interrupt you when you are having a calm time or when it is nighttime. so make sure the snake repellent that works on solar does not make a loud enough noise to get attention. And if it does make a little bit of noise it should not be too loud.

Waterproof design

For outdoor repellents, the water-resistant property becomes apparent. When there is rain or you are watering plants, it won’t be easy to uninstall all the repellents and then reinstall them when the rain is gone. So make a purchase wisely and thoroughly check if it is efficient enough to repel rain or not. If the solar snake and mole repellent is not offering you the water or moist-resistant you need to move to the one that is fulfilling these parameters.

Battery and charging timings

Longer battery times are always welcoming. If you are in the search of the best solar snake repellent, make sure it offers you non-stop working for about a week after a single recharge. However, 5 days are also enough if you have a larger area to cover. While buying the solar snake repellent the battery and its quality need to be fully checked.

Easy to use and install

Lastly, you should look for its user-friendly approach. With the on/off button on the spike of the repellent, it should be easy to install in the soil. When you are in the market, pick the most efficient device that offers convenience to each parameter.


There is no shortage of solar-snake repellent. But when you want to come up with the best and latest option available the choices get narrow. In this article, we presented to you only those solar that are safe for pets and humans hence you don’t need to doubt its toxic approach.

Furthermore, these snake and rodent repellents would work the best for a reasonable land area, provided you have kept them apart as per the direction. We hope you have the right buying time using this updated list.


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