5 Best Women’s Snake Proof Boots 2023 – Top Picks Reviewed

Best Women Snake Boots

Snakes don’t do gender discrimination. Venomous or non-venomous, it will not act like a gentleman and spare a woman if you step close to its personal space. Being a woman, your only option is to engulf your feet in one of the best women’s snakeproof boots to protect your limbs from injuring fangs.

Protective footwear for women is pretty similar to men’s snakeproof boots. In fact, many brands create boots that men and women both can wear. The only differences that you may find will be of size and the touch of fashion and style in women’s footwear. The rugged material of these boots forms a barrier against fangs, allowing women to march through tricky terrains with confidence. Many use waterproof and breathable linings, so the weather cannot affect your trip.

It is a challenge to find the best women’s snakeproof boots that prove true to the claim. Well, that’s what we are here for. We tested over two dozen pairs of outdoor shoes and shortlisted the top 5 picks. Their detailed reviews below will tell you why they rank at the top. A buyer’s guide at the bottom will teach you how to select a great pair of women’s snake proof boots according to your needs.

So, let’s start.


Best Women’s Snake Proof Boots 2023 Reviews

Here are a few suggestions of best female snake proof boots to make your next hike less sweaty and more enjoyable with instagram worthy pictures.

Top Women’s Snake Proof Boots Comparison Table

Product Name
Rocky Waterproof Snakeproof Hunting Boot
Rocky Waterproof
Snake proof
Hunting Boot
Rocky King Snake BOA Fit System Waterproof Snake Boot
Snake BOA
Fit System Waterproof
Snake Boot
Irish Setter Women's Vaprtrek 1821 Knee High Boot
Irish Setter
Vaprtrek 1821
Knee High Boot
Danner Women's Wayfinder Snake Boot Knee High
Danner Women’s
Wayfinder Snake
Boot Knee High
Chippewa Women's 15" Pull On L23913 Snake Boot
Chippewa Women’s 15″
Pull On L23913
Snake Boot


1) Rocky Waterproof – Best Budget Women’s Snake Proof Boots

Rocky Waterproof Snake proof Hunting Boot:

Rocky is a guru for offering a great deal on snakeproof boots. We couldn’t agree more when we tested their waterproof snakeproof hunting boots.

The use of quality full-grain leather and pure synthetic fabric gives them a toughness that neither harsh terrains nor the aggressive fangs of many North American snakes cannot beat.

Plus, the camouflage print covers the aesthetic and style sides while allowing you to merge with the surroundings simultaneously.

Their length is 16”, so you will have an impenetrable shield from your toes to a little below your knees. What makes them pure comfort is their weather-guard linings.

Soggy and sweaty feet are a must when you are trekking for hours. Aha, not with these boots. Their waterproof material and rubber outsole give you double layers of protection from the outdoor environment.

Besides, the pro light BioMech technology of the outer soles offers maximum traction to ensure you don’t stumble on rocky planes.

They are designed for men but can be sized according to a woman’s dainty feet. Plus, the frontal lacey construction ensures it snuggles the wearer’s foot firmly, irrespective of gender.


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  • Rubber outsole
  • Water proof
  • 16 inches long


  • Tough and weatherproof construction.
  • Camouflage print offers additional reinforcement and satisfies your aesthetics.
  • Protection from aggressive fangs of most venomous North American serpents.
  • Special design of rubber outsoles provides both protection and traction.
  • Affordable price with greater value.


  • Some users find them a bit heavy.
  • Finding the right woman’s size is a bit challenging

Bottom Line

Although these are men’s snakeproof boots, they can work great for women too. The sturdy synthetic material with waterproofing quality encompasses your feet in comfort, ensuring weather or venomous serpents cannot destroy your excursion. With affordable pricing, they definitely fit the criteria of the best all-rounder snakeproof boots.


2) ROCKY King Snake – Best Waterproof  Women’s Snake Boots

Rocky King Snake BOA Fit System Waterproof Snake Boot


Next in line is another pair of snakeproof boots by the famous Rocky because the brand knows how to steal the maximum number of top positions. Although the title says King, the Queens can also benefit from them. Their price is a bit higher than the previous ones, but they are most certainly worth the price hike.

Like Rocky’s previous boots, the primary materials used in these are also leather and synthetic, giving you light and flexible apparel for all-day comfort and protection. The painful puncturing fangs cannot reach your vulnerable feet and lower legs due to the 16” long shaft. The manufacturers have gone one step further and employed a thorn-and-briar resistant Realtree Edge camouflage feature in the shaft area. That means nothing puncturing can get through these to scar your legs.

These are the all-in-one kind of boots that you can wear for several outdoor excursions, including hiking, camping and hunting. The specially-designed footbed and VP waterproof system will not let sweat and moisture ruin your day.

What further makes them the best quality women’s snakeproof boots is their excellent fitting. Oh, I have seen my wife rejecting several pairs of boots because of the ill-fit size. Thanks to the unique BOA Fit system, you will not have a complaining wife at hand. This innovative technology allows the shoes to offer the best possible fitting. Woohoo, all problems solved!


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  • 16 feet long
  • Advanced fastening system
  • Removable footbed
  • Water resistant
  • High walled Vibram soles


  • Longlasting and fashionable construction.
  • Protection from any puncturing object up to knees.
  • Waterproof membrane offers perspiration-free feet throughout the day.
  • Unique BOA technology promises an ideal fit for women.
  • Rugged sole keeps foot stable on all terrains.
  • Suitable for a variety of outdoor activities.


  • Comparatively pricier.
  • BOA adjustment makes it difficult to put them on/off.
  • Feet might get wet if you wade through water.

Bottom Line

Rocky King Snake BOA Snakeproof Boots pack everything you want in outdoor shoes, i.e. quality, comfort, protection and style. These have an innovative BOA adjustment that allows the boots to fit your feet like a glove. The only downside is that they are expensive and hard to put on/off.


3) Irish Setter – Best Top Rated Women’s Snake Proof Boots

Irish Setter Women's Vaprtrek 1821 Knee High Boot

These Vaprtrek boots by Irish Setter made it to our list of the best women’s snakeproof boots because of their premium quality and comfort. Their camouflage design makes you feel like a pro hunter – it isn’t a priority feature, but who hates a little bonus, right?

My wife’s friend took these with her to Brazil and returned very satisfied. The use of SnakeGuard technology in the leather and synthetic materials forms an ironclad shield that sharp fangs or thorns cannot pass through.

What I learned from Julie( my wife’s BFF) and other reviews is that you can pull a full work day in these. The ScentBan and UltraDry Waterproof systems in linings won’t let your feet stink or get wet. They don’t even feel heavy, despite the use of sturdy layers. Like other boots in the Vaprtrek lineup, these are super comfortable and lightweight.

Their stability and support are mindblowing, thanks to RMP-laden outsoles. Their amazing traction will not let stumble whether you’re crossing rocky planes, marshy land or any other challenging terrain.

The problem with such harsh landscapes is that they damage your footwear – I know it sucks. Women, these will stay in your shoe closet for a long, long time because of the ArmaTec technology. It won’t let the high-wear areas start ripping or tearing, extending their life substantially.

The only downside, which may not be a flaw for you, is its shorter length, 14.5-inch shaft.

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  • Odor fighting technology
  • 16 inches height
  • Rubber lugs in outsoles
  • Padded waffle mesh
  • Water proof system


  • Sturdy and lightweight.
  • SnakeGuard shields from fangs and thorns.
  • Keeps feet dry and stink-free all day in every climate.
  • Longlasting boots with wear-resistant technology.
  • Traction and support are remarkable due to the RMP-induced outsole.
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Affordable.


  • Size issues.
  • Ankle design needs adjustment.
  • Some users may find them a bit stiff.

Bottom Line

If you want to spend an entire day in the wild without worrying about snakebites or weather or climate hazards, get yourself these Vaprtrek boots by Irish Setter. These are laden with technologies that don’t allow sharp objects, weather troubles and tricky terrains to interrupt your day.


4) Danner – Best Women’s Hunting Snake Bite Proof Boot

Danner Women's Wayfinder Snake Boot Knee High

Danner is popular for manufacturing quality footwear. The brand is also famous for giving a touch of comfort and style to its products. All these qualities are present in its Women’s Wayfinder 15” Snake Boot.

The combination of suede and nylon is well-nit together to give you 360-degree protection from penetrating fangs during your hiking, hunting and camping expeditions. You can confidently walk through tall grassy fields and dense forests because they are knee-high.

They have given special attention to the shape and design of the footbed. So, your feet stay comfortable, even when tromping through tricky terrains all day. You will not feel any looseness or pressure in any part.

Their waterproofing technology is also commendable. Users have walked through creeks and travelled in the rain, yet their feet remained dry. That means the membranes don’t allow the water to seep through its waterproof barrier.

Speaking of rain, it makes the rocky terrains slick and slippery, making it a challenge to cross them. But, the ankle support and grip of the outsole of these boots will keep your movement stable.

They are lightweight and may seem a bit stiff at first. But, the stiffness goes away when you walk a little in them. No blisters at all! And that’s pretty impressive.

Their breathability is not ideal, but it’s not that bad either to swelter your feet. So, yes, they are one of the best affordable women’s snakeproof boots.

The polyurethane footbed present in the boots provides superior shock absorption with an additional layer of open cell construction for improved air circulation.

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  • 360° snake-proof construction
  • Waterproof
  • Lace-up design
  • Polyurethane footbed
  • 15 inches height


  • Lightweight, flexible and quality construction.
  • Protects feet from piercing fangs up to knees.
  • Unique design of the footbed keeps the foot comfortable and stable.
  • Perfect match for hiking, hunting and camping in any climate.
  • Reasonable price.


  • A little stiff in the beginning.
  • Some complaints about waterproofing.
  • Can be uncomfortable without socks.

Bottom Line

Danner Women’s Wayfinder Snake Boots lets you enjoy style, durability, protection and comfort at an affordable price. Despite a few shortcomings, these boots are ideal for a diverse range of outdoor expeditions in an equally diverse climate.


5) Chippewa – Best Top Pick Overall Women’s Snake Boots

Chippewa Women's 15" Pull On L23913 Snake Boot

Chippewa knows how to make customers swoon. I believe the claim because people are suckers for cowboy-style outdoor boots. My wife is one of those, thank goodness she already has a pair of snake boots.

The brown texture and cowboy look of these boots make them stand out. These are made from a blend of high-quality Cordura and leather to armour your legs from ugly fangs. They aren’t waterproof or have insulation, but you can comfortably walk in them through ranch or rocky terrains for hours if you wear socks. However, you should pick boots with insulation if you plan to spend hours in extremely cold climates.

I like the simple pull-on nature of these boots. The manufacturers have added an elasticity feature and buckles to ensure you don’t struggle while getting your feet in. You can tighten the buckles to solve looseness.

What is more admirable is their stable and grippy feel on diverse landscapes. You will neither slip nor feel bumps because the Vibram sole resists shocks and slipperiness.

They are a bit on the expensive side of the spectrum, but premium things don’t come cheap. Hence, they are worth the fortune.


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  • Vibram sole
  • Pull on style with buckles
  • Made of leather
  • 15 inches height
  • 5 Iron Texon insole


  • Top-notch quality.
  • Classy design and appearance.
  • Guaranteed protection from spikey objects, including aggressive fangs.
  • Vibram sole offers commendable support and traction.
  • Hassle-free pull-on and off.
  • Ideal for ranch and outdoor adventures.


  • Lack of insulation and waterproofing.
  • May cause slight blistering.
  • Steep price.

Bottom Line

Chippewa Women’s Snake Boot (L23913) are premium quality boots for outdoor activities. The high-quality materials protect your feet from snakebites, while the classy appearance satisfies your fashion demands. If you want safety, classiness and style, grab these pair of cowboy-style boots.


Buyer’s Guide on Best Women’s Snake Proof Boots (2023)

We narrowed the search to the top 5 best snakeproof boots for women, yet choosing the best pair may prove difficult for some. It will be more challenging if you are a first-timer. The decision becomes easy if you know which traits to check before making the final pick.

Here’s a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you purchase the ideal pair of women’s snake boots.

Fabric & Design

Asking a woman to consider either material or design is like asking her to choose between hot chocolate and cheese. That’s why women’s snakeproof boots must have both, rugged material and a stylish appearance – you cannot overlook the trendy part. Look for a pair of boots that use a combination of fabrics, such as denim, grain-leather, Cordura and nylon, because these fabrics can resist fangs. Including a camouflage pattern or decorative leather on the upper layer will meet your fashion demands.

Waterproofing & Breathability

You will wear these boots to challenging terrains under different weather conditions, including rocky cliffs, marshes, dense forests and wetlands. You don’t want a pair of shoes that make your feet stuffy or cannot protect from moisture. Therefore, always pick boots with a weather guard construction and breathable internal membrane. Such built will keep your feet cool, dry and stink-free irrespective of the rainy weather or scorching heat. These additional layerings allow you to wear them all year round, which is a bonus.

Shaft Length

Since your primary aim is to protect your lower legs from snakebites, pay attention to the length of the shaft. Ankle-high boots only shield your feet; the rest of your leg is fair game for an attacking snake. Boots with a shaft length between 14 to 18 inches are safe options. They offer coverage up to the knees, so you will be safe even from snakes that can strike higher than your ankle.


You cannot compromise comfort for protection because you will have to wear these boots for hours, maybe for days, sometimes. Reputable brands don’t ignore the comfort factor. They use several features, such as removable contoured insoles, a shock-absorbing system and a slip-resistant outsole. Specially designed insoles and outsoles will keep your feet comfortable and stable on all terrains.

Another factor that improves comfortability is fitting and sizing. Snug fitting is essential both comfort-wise and protection-wise. Lace strings are best for perfect fitting, even though they tend to get stuck in bushes. Alternatively, you can go for boots featuring fitting adjustment technology, like the BOA system in Rocky King Snake Boot. They mould according to the contours of your feet to eliminate size issues.


While testing several pairs of boots, the two most common complaints were related to the heavy weight of the footwear and putting them on/off. Rugged construction and additional linings may make the boots bulky, but exceptions like ‘Rocky Snakeproof Hunting Boots’ exist. They are super hard to withstand fangs and harsh circumstances yet feel lightweight on your feet to not hinder your mobility.

Furthermore, you should also test how conveniently you can get them on or off. Choose a design that employs either a zipper or gusset system or both. You will not have to struggle while slipping your feet through them. In addition, you will also be able to tighten the buckle to acquire a snug fitting.


Oh, that’s the least likeable part. I will never go for boots that are hard to care for because the alternative is equally unacceptable: wear muddy and filthy boots to the next adventure. You should select footwear having a quality upper layer of leather and rubber outsoles. These materials can be easily cleaned with brushes and damp cloths, making maintenance a breeze.


Remember, women want protection and style side by side, even when it’s a matter of snake boots. So, we had to add the pairs that used ultra-durable materials for protection with a touch of decorative features to appease the fashion sense. You will come across hundreds of women’s snakeproof boots, but only a limited number will shield you from outdoor dangers without compromising comfort and convenience. We reviewed the cream of the lot to ensure you get the best pick for the money, no matter which item you choose.

Our purpose of adding a buyer’s guide at the end was to educate you on factors you cannot afford to overlook unless you want to waste money or compromise on your safety or comfort. Hopefully, you will now be able to grab a pair that hits all the right notes for you.

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