Bonide Snake Stopper Review (2023) – Pros/Cons, & Specs Explained

Bonide Snake Stopper Reviews

Those who live in areas plagued with snakes often wish to have watchdogs who would keep the serpents from making unexpected appearances.

Because expelling them from one’s property by one’s self often results in painful snakebites.

Bonide has granted your wish by manufacturing this snake repellent to act as a non-living guard to protect your desired property from reptiles, such as lizards and snakes.

In this review, you will see the ingredients it is composed of and how they work to repel both venomous and non-venomous serpents.

The repellent doesn’t have any ill effects on humans, animals or greenery. Its aroma just disorients the snakes to compel them to relocate.

In short, buy it if you want to free your territory from serpents without killing them.

How Bonide Snake Stopper Outshines Other Snake Repellants?

Snake Sopper stands apart from other snake repellents because not only its aroma is pleasant for humans, but it also doesn’t harm animals, children and plants.

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Our Bonide Snake Stopper Review!

snake stopper reviewSnake Stopper by Bonide is a preferred choice of homeowners because the repellent brings forth flight instincts of snakes.

Well, I would also prefer to pick this one because dealing with a snake driven by its fight instincts? No, thank you.

It is composed of sulfur and natural ingredients, including cinnamon oil, clove oil and cedar oil, to release a pungent aroma to trigger the flight reflexes of serpents.

Not just snakes, though, but also those repulsive wall creepers – lizards and iguanas.

You can trust these granules around your children and pets as they are just irritants, not killers.

Manufacturers have made them biodegradable to make sure they do not damage flowers and greenery around the area.

Just avoid spreading them near food crops.

So, whether they’re indoor places such as inside your house, shed and garage or outdoors like a yard, lawn and campsite, Snake Stopper makes sure there are no snakes in the proximity of treated locations.

Furthermore, installing snake-proof fencing around the area that you want to guard is effective, no doubt; but why should you spend extra bucks on that when you’ve already got this snake repellent?

Simply dispense the product close to the locations you need protected from snake activity, it will form invisible fencing around those places to mark them as off-limits for these trespassers.

Forming that barrier is simple. You will require a 6 – 8 inches wide line of the product around the property to secure it.

Watch out for heavy rain because it will parish the product.

There’s another downside too. It needs to be reapplied after every fortnight to give you 100% results.

So, if you don’t find this reapplication after every few weeks bothersome, buy this eco-friendly snake repellent to liberate you of snake threats.

Non-Lethal Ingredients/Biodegradable

There will be no rushed trips to ER or a vet’s clinic nor will there be dead snakes to be disposed of because Snake Stopper is non-lethal.

It is a combination of clove oil, cinnamon oil, cedar oil and sulfur. These ingredients release a spicy scent that  is pleasant for humans and pets but too unsettling for snakes and lizards.

As a result, they take the first exit available to them to flee the area.

Due to its biodegradable and eco-friendly qualities, you can safely sprinkle it anywhere with children and pets around.

Plus, it is also harmless for flora and shrubbery present on your land. In other words, one can apply it in gardens, lawns, flowerbeds, garages, sheds and inside the house to prevent snakes and lizards from settling there.

It irritates these repulsive creatures so much that they flee the place without looking back, let alone come back after some time.

Barrier Formation

The repellent comes in a bottle with a sprinkle cap for convenient and quick application. An area spread across hundreds of square feet will be fully secured in a few minutes.

Speaking of security, it can also be used to form a protective fence around a property as a precautionary step.

Sprinkle a band having 6-8 inch width to form a boundary around your house, yard or any other place.

The snakes, even if they’re the poisonous rattlers, will not dare to come near the parameters, let alone build a nest there.

However, you should know that if it rained heavily, the granules will be washed away and it will once again be an open invitation for these slithery and crawling creatures to stop by anytime.

Rain or dry, you will have to re-sprinkle it after every two weeks to gain 100% results.


  • Contains non-toxic ingredients to not kill snakes.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Forces lizards, iguanas and serpents to flee the treated location.
  • Easy to sprinkle with dispenser cap.
  • Can also be used for forming a barrier around the property.
  • Harmless for pets, wildlife and plantation when used as directed.
  • Stays for a longer time if there’s no heavy rainfall.


  • Needs regular application after every fortnight for 100% effectiveness.
  • Harmful for food crop.

Why Should You Purchase Bonide Snake Stopper?

Bonide has manufactured this snake repellent from natural ingredients that are harmless for pets and wildlife yet are undesirable for snakes, lizards and iguanas. It not only compels the serpents to evacuate their shelter inside your property but also keeps them from returning. Moreover, the mixture comes in a jar having a dispenser cap for hassle-free application in any place, may it be a yard, lawn, farm, shed, garage or inside the house. It can also act as a barrier around a property to keep these unwanted creatures away from the vicinity. Finally, its price is pocket-friendly.

Final Verdict

Snake Stopper by Bonide is undoubtedly a pocket-friendly and harmless way to deal with the plague of reptiles. The use of non-lethal active ingredients diffuses snake problems without harming them or your pets and plantation. One sniff of it will compel the repulsive creatures to evacuate your house or lawn for good. If you don’t mind the hassle of application after a couple of weeks, then we would advise you to purchase this snake repellent to expel the serpents from your property once and for all.

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