Can Snakes Bite through Jeans – Research Revealed

Can Snakes Bite through Jeans Living in an area where there is an abundance of snakes is not only risky but dangerous also. We were facing serious problems when we started living in our new house owing to the presence of snakes that were in great numbers in our courtyard.

Snakes of our area are famous for their deadly bites; so, there was a need to take proactive measures to cope with this issue. We live a simple life and wear casual jeans and shirts.

There was a question that chanting in mind: whether snakes have an ability to bite through jeans.

To search for my answer, I started reading case studies and interacting with different experts. My curiosity for exploring that topic was exacerbating day by day.

During my exploration, I met Dr. Koff who has been dealing with patients of snakes’ point for the last twenty five years. He shared his experience in an indescribable way.

Can Snakes Bite through Jeans?

The first question I asked him was, “Can snake bite through jeans?”. ”Yes! snakes can easily bite through jeans.” He smiled and answered.

Dr. Koff added that snakes have needle-like fangs and can easily penetrate through jeans. He advised me to take all precautionary measures while stepping out of your house.

Can We Avoid Snakes Bites Through Jeans

My curiosity can’t end here. I asked another question, “Can we avoid snakes biting through jeans”. He appreciated my way of questioning and after taking a long breath, he answered, “ Yes! We can avoid snakes bites, if we wear long and loose jeans”.

Long and loose jeans don’t let the snake’s fangs to reach the body and a snake has to do an extra struggle to reach there.

How to Avoid Snakes Bite

To connect the dots and to seek exhaustive information, I asked a proactive question from Dr. Koff was how to avoid snake bite in jeans. He guided me in a good prescribed manner in this regard and advised me to take the following measures to curb the chance of biting through jeans.

The detail measures are given below;

  • Avoid Snakes Living Places

Avoiding snakes living places minimize the chance of getting snakes fangs. Snakes normally live in hidden areas. Some of them has been mentioned below;

  1. Brush
  2. Tall grass
  3. Fallen logs
  4. Rocky areas
  5. Bluffs
  6. Swamps
  7. Marshes
  8. Deep holes in the ground


  • Having Long Stick in Journey

Having a long stick in a journey also minimizes the chance of snakes bite. It is recommended to  have a stick while passing through tall grass or weeds. The stick is  used to scare the snakes.


  • Wear Snakes Bite Proof Boots

Wearing snake bite proof boots is extremely important to avoid snake bites. These shoes prove to be a robust wall against the fangs of snakes.

You should keep in mind the following points while choosing a pair of snake bite proof boots;

  1. It should be made of hard and durable materials
  2. It should have rubber sole
  3. It should be long enough to cover maximum part
  4. It should have good textile quality
  5. It should be comfortable
  6. It should be made of good leather


  • Know about Surrounding

Everyone should have knowledge about his surroundings. Knowing about your surroundings gives you a chance to take all precautionary measures to combat the situation; so, start watching when you step out.


  • Avoid Snake When You See

You should avoid snakes when you see them. Never try to handle them even if you find them dead.


  • Take Necessary Equipment

Take all necessary equipment while stepping out from your house to fight with uncertain condition.I have shared a list of necessary equipments as below;

  1. Poison Oak
  2. Water
  3. Food
  4. Fire Material : Matches, Lighter, Fire Starter
  5. Sun Protection Items : Hat, Sunglasses
  6. Lighting Sources : Flashlight, Headlamp
  7. Other Emergency Items : Trap, Tent, Blanket


How to Tackle Snakes Bites through Jeans

I put another question before Dr. Koff asked what I should do if a snake bites me through my jeans. He guided me well and gave his comments on how to tackle snakes bites. He told following points to fight with bites of snakes as below;


  • Stay Calm

The first step is to stay calm when you receive the fang of a snake. You should control your nervousness during this movement. Mr. Koff recommends doing exercise to control your nerves physically as well as mentally.


  • Don’t Retaliate

When you receive a snake bite, neither show retaliation behavior towards snakes nor try to kill it. Never try to catch it nor approach it.


  • Lift the Bitten Part

Try to lift the bitten part so that the level of the bitten part  mymatche the level of the heart.


  • Clean the Bitted Wound

Clean the bitted wound carefully. You should keep in mind to start wiping in the direction from the wound part to the outside.


  • Try to Reach the Hospital

Try to reach the Hospital whether you have taken a poisonous bite or not. This step will help you to heal your wound timely.

Note: if the location of the hospital is far away from the area where you have received the fangs of the snake. Tie an elastic wrap around the bitten part. The wrap should be loose and two inches above the bite.


  • Don’t of Snake Bite

You should keep in mind the following don’ts whenever you receive a snake bite.

  • Don’t bleed the wound
  • Don’t put ice on the bite
  • Don’t try to suck the poison out of the wound.

Final Remarks!

I tried my best to answer the most chanting question: can snakes bite through jeans? The answer is Yes, snakes can bite through due to their sharp fangs. However, you can eliminate the possibility of biting if you wear long and loose jeans. These types of jeans don’t let the snake fang to touch your body.

Wear Jeans and Avoid Snakes Bites !


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