Can Snakes Bite Through Leather Gloves? or There’s a Risk?

To stay safe from snakes and their venom, you don’t have to rely on leather boots solely. Leather gloves can also protect you from going through the trauma of snakebite. That should answer the million-dollar question: Can snakes bite through leather gloves?

They cannot in many cases, but the answer isn’t as uncomplicated. Many factors are at play here that can make you experience otherwise if ignored. In this article, we are focusing on all the things that make leather gloves a good source of deterrent against snake strikes.

Time is of the essence, so I will not keep you further from acquiring crucial bits of information. Off you go.

Will Leather Gloves Protect from Snakebites?

Yes, they will; and they do. But, there’s a condition. You may have seen the fangs of a snake; they are sharp and pointy like a needle. If you add the strong force with which a snake strikes to the equation, it becomes easy for a serpent to rip through most materials, including leather.

Thus, snakes can easily pierce through flimsy and soft leather gloves, such as suede leather gloves. Alternatively, it is hard for the fangs to penetrate through high-quality, heavy-duty leather gloves. Most snakes neither have that much force nor the fang length to break the barrier of sturdy leather to dig into your skin. Let me give you an example. Copperheads and Rattlesnakes both are venomous serpents, but the striking intensity of the former is much weaker than the latter. So, an adult rattlesnake may rip through leather gloves, but it is rare for Copperheads to get successful. Therefore, you must practice extra caution and protection when rattlesnakes are around.

Are Snakeproof Gloves Necessary?

Without a doubt, Yes! Snakeproof gloves made of leather or other heavy-duty material should be an integral part of your outfit when working outdoors because several medical and wildlife studies claim that roughly 80% of snakebites occur around the hands and fingers. What is more alarming is that approximately 40% of the victims are either field workers or tackle snakes unnecessarily. In both cases, the incident happens because they avoid wearing protective gloves. Now, you can easily deduce from the figures how essential it is to cover your hands with snake-resistant gloves.

What to Look for in Snakeproof Gloves

There are certain features that you must not ignore in order for the gloves to grant maximum protection. These are:


Since we are discussing leather gloves specifically, look for gloves constructed from superior-quality, tough leather. Heavy-duty nylon and kevlar materials also afford a good level of safety from puncturing fangs, talons, claws, animal teeth and other sharp objects.

Puncture and Cut Resistant

The gloves must be reinforced with kevlar to make them puncture and cut-resistant around critical areas, including palms, fingers and knuckles. They should also feature water resistance to ensure they come in handy for a wide range of jobs and worksites.

When looking at protection, do not ignore the ergonomics of the gloves. The article must have a unique construction around the palms and fingers to facilitate dexterity, mobility and gripping qualities.


However thick the material is, the inside of the gloves must not suffocate and toast your hands. The gloves must have breathable inner liners to keep your hands cool and well-ventilated. That little attention will prevent sweating and keep the nimbleness of your hands intact.


People prefer gloves with regular length, i.e. that reach to the wrists. Just the idea of wearing longer gloves makes you uncomfortable, especially if you have to wear them in a hot climate. While there is no harm in choosing those, it is better to opt for elbow-length gloves for maximum coverage and safety. That would allow you to work confidently even in snake-active areas without exposing your upper limbs.


This feature is not related to safety, but it is significant nonetheless. Confirm the gloves are machine washable because it isn’t practical to discard the garments after 2-3 uses. Also, the debris and filth buildup on the clothing will affect their appearance and ergonomics both. Machine washable gloves will prevent that from happening and stay with you for years.


Leather gloves cannot just keep you safe from cuts, scratches and burns during work. They can also prevent snakebites, but only if they are constructed from high-quality ultra-tough leather. Also, when you pick snake-handling gloves, confirm that their structure and material don’t restrict your comfort, dexterity and grip. The bottom line is that you will not be among the unfortunate victims of snakebites if you wear animal-handling leather gloves together with other protective clothing on field trips.

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