Can You Outrun a Snake

Can You Outrun a SnakeSeeing danger in the shape of a snake ultimately increases the running speed of any human. But can you outrun a snake or is it something that not many people know? As a matter of common observation, snakes are fast and can easily slide into tight spaces without grabbing attention.

Therefore it becomes challenging to hide from them. However, if a snake is following you for some reason, running comes as the only option that you have.

But before you run, you should know if running brings you the result of the snake having more speed than you! Below we are exclusively talking about the very fact. Let’s find out the truth.

Can You Outrun a Snake?

When it comes to running away from snakes, you might think that snakes would win. However, if you run keeping all senses working sanely, you will outrun it. If you talk about the research, the snakes cannot run faster than 18 miles per hour, approximately. Therefore an average human can outrun snakes in that regard. Humans can definitely outrun snakes however they can

But that is not a fact in all respects. Since there are so many species of snakes and each has its signature characteristics, there are some snakes that are speedy and run pretty swiftly! Moreover, the length of the snake can also affect the speed factor.

In fact, snakes are not faster than humans if you want to compare and talk about the speed of running. However, their slithering nature and sneaky presence can make them unnoticed, and therefore they can catch you without even grabbing your attention.

Snakes and the sneaky speed

The slithering being of snakes can surprise anyone. That is the reason why many people are concerned about their speed. Mainly snakes are more dangerous and poisonous than speedy. So if you are concerned about the outrun parameter in snakes, they cannot outrun you but you can.

In most cases, snakes have to face a lot of trouble at the speed of 1 mile per hour and the average running speed of a snake falls between 1 to 3 mph! But there can be exceptions like any other matter. The speed of different snakes has been measured as follows;

  • For Black Mamba snakes, it is observed that the speed is 10 to 12 miles per hour in the short bursts
  • Sidewinder at 18 miles per hour
  • The Red Racer snake has a running speed of 3 miles per hour

However, the black mamba and red racer snake do not usually attack humans unless you don’t provoke them. So you have this bonus that these super-fast snakes will not follow you because it is not its nature.

If you see a snake and do not know if it is the venomous one or not, the first thing you should do is to keep relaxed and try not to panic. Mostly a snake will not hurt you if you are not provoking it. Silently back off and look for a way around.

Till date cheetahs are the fastest animals that are found on land and have a stupendous speed of running, however, humans can still outrun them over a distance. So you don’t need to freeze in horror while you see a snake!


Even if you can outrun a snake that doesn’t mean you can always win that too. Snakes are super-efficient when it comes to sensing the smell and they follow the movement pretty smartly. Moreover, the length of snakes can also play a tricky role if they want to bite you. So seeing a snake means to run away and try not to provoke them.


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