Do Dogs Keep Snakes Away

Do Dogs Keep Snakes AwaySnakes can be dangerous, even if they aren’t venomous!

If you cannot keep away snakes, other animals probably can. You might have heard how peacocks, mongooses, raccoons, etc. are the worst enemy of snakes. But chances are you don’t have them all as your pet. So, a dog can be the best option to have a pet. But do dogs keep snakes away when you especially want to get rid of them?

No matter if the snake is poisonous or not, if it is there, you should get rid of it before it becomes uncontrolled. Luckily, we have several options to deal with snakes. From certain smells to plants, there are plenty of things that work wonderfully to keep at bay. But today we shall lonely find out if dogs have the specialty of keeping snakes do not. Keep reading.

Do Dogs Keep Snakes Away

If you have a dog you are lucky. Well, I’m not saying that because a dog brings a smile to your face. But I’m saying this because dogs have the personality that can scare dogs. However you need to understand that it is dangerous because of its poison and if it bites your dog during the fight, your dog would suffer from it and if you don’t take it to the vet timely, it can die.

However, it is not entirely the fact that if there are dogs, there can be no snakes at all. But as a rule of thumb, a dog can easily spot the snake and as soon as it catches sight of it, the non stop barking and the jumping movement can disturb the snake. So, as a result, a snake would preferably leave the place.

Can You Keep Dogs Safe from snakes?

Although snakes are afraid of dogs, that does not mean that gods are fully safe from the potential threat too. Sometimes, the snake can be too dangerous and its poisonous bite can lead the dog to death.

Like snakes and any other animal, dogs also have several species. Some dogs are small while some are big enough to deal with the snakes. So you should not let your smaller handful size of doggies near the giant snakes. Moreover, you can also train your dogs to keep away from snakes. For keeping dogs safe from the unexpected snake’s bite, here is what you need to do:

  • You should always ensure that your dog does not bite the snakes. It can be dangerous and most probably the snake can bite the dog.
  • Before the dog goes near the snake you should be well aware of the fact that the snake is non-venomous for safety. Train your dog to distinguish between venomous and non-venomous ones.


As a matter of fact, dogs are an efficient guard when it comes to spotting alien entry into your home. Its loud barking and the behaviors instantly warn you of the potential danger and the incoming threat that can be harmful to you.

If you have dogs or want to pet them, especially for the snake keeping away approach, we recommend youtube to know what dog species you want to have and if it is ideal for snake encounters or not. Moreover, if the dog is afraid of getting near to the snake you should not let it go near, it could be dangerous for sure.



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