Do Hostas Attract Snakes

Do Hostas Attract SnakesPlants are wonderful for not only aesthetics but they are also smart enough to deal with snakes. As you know, in ancient times plants and herbs were readily used for curing purposes; they still are a matter of discussion when it comes to certain queries. So if we particularly talk about hosta plants, do hostas attract snakes or not?

Plants can sometimes be difficult to choose from. No matter if you like a plant or not, it is attracting snakes and rodents you would not preferably like around your home, right? But for that, you need to know what plants attract snakes so that you can be careful while buying or planting them in your backyard.

In this article, we are letting you know about hostas and other plants that are inviting snakes.

Do Hostas Attract Snakes?

We did a lot. After that, we concluded that hostas attract snakes for some odd reasons. So if you are wondering why snakes are finding a way in your home the reason can be because you have hostas.

Plants that attract snakes

If you know that onions and vinegar keep off snakes you would be surprised to learn that some plants develop a friendly relationship with snakes. Usually, if a snake is attracted to a certain plant the reason is not the plant. In an actual sense, the snake is attracted to either the rodents or reptiles that are found on the plant or it is trying to find a cool hiding place. So if the plant is readily fulfilling these requirements, there can be snakes.

Here are the few plants and herbs that retract snakes


Followers look beautiful but sometimes they are too attractive to grab the attention of snakes. There are several flowers that snakes prefer to be in. Mostly, the morning glory and rosemary flowers are the venerable ones where snakes can be easily found.

Groundcover species of plants

Another type of plant that is attractive to snakes is the groundcover species. So all the plants that cover the ground are vulnerable and there is a high likelihood that there can be snakes.

Sandalwood tree

The sandalwood tree is pretty much the center of attraction for not only humans but also snakes. So if you have a sandalwood tree near your house, it can certainly attract snakes since it provides a sweet smell along with shade.

Queen of Night Plant

This plant with a perfuming sweet fragrance is another plant that attracts snakes for sure. This plant with small white flowers can grow readily in harsh environments. If you want to plant it for its aroma, be careful about snakes too!

Cedar tree

Cedar trees mostly grow in slightly acidic, moist soil and they also attract snakes. This tree has the-shape leaves and it is the favorite spot for snakes due to its rich shade and the smell that according to snakes is the best.


If a snake likes a certain smell there are other ways to make it go away. While many plants attract snakes there are also many smells and Snake Repellent tools that keep it off. However since snakes are of various kinds, you cannot bet on every species.

We recommend you to be watchful of the venomous snakes and you better call a professional snake catcher who knows what to do in case of emergency!



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