Does Cedar Repel Snakes

Does Cedar Repel SnakesWhenever the issue of snake infestation surfaces, our minds directly go towards snake repellents like a default mechanism. Many of these repellents are either toxic or falsely advertised. While searching, some of you might have come across a strange natural snake repellent: cedarwood, both in chips and oil forms. Really? Does cedar repel snakes? I didn’t know that till a couple of months ago.

Cedar has many benefits, including its quality to deter unwanted reptiles and pests. We are here to tell you how much truth its snake repellent quality holds. So, let’s begin reading.

Does Cedar Repel Snakes?

Cedar has versatile benefits. The one that we are interested in knowing is its ability to repel snakes. It pleases me to announce that cedar oil is good at keeping these pesky reptiles away. Some dear friends of ours living in Oklahoma and Missouri City passed this information to us when we complained about snake problems.

Apparently, snakes have a low tolerance for phenols emitted from the earthy scent of cedar oil. They tend to avoid coming near places where that aroma is strong. So, yes, cedar does repel snakes. I have noticed a sharp decline in snake activity around our property after regularly treating it with cedar oil spray.

You can use cedarwood in chips form as well to deter snakes from the vicinity. Distribute cedar wood shavings in areas snakes commonly infiltrate, like crawl spaces, fissures around the foundations, in barns, garages, sheds and yards. The woody scent of cedarwood will fight the aroma that attracts the snakes, ensuring the reptiles stay away from your residence.

Reptiles that are exposed to cedar often develop skin abrasions or respiratory symptoms. So, we would refrain you from using it if you have a pet snake around.

Other Creative Uses of Cedar

As mentioned earlier, cedar has versatile qualities. Some other common benefits are given below:

Cedar Bedding for Pets

Many owners use cedar chips or shavings for bedding in dog houses and cat beds. Cedar shavings combined with the filler are used in dog beds to deter fleas, ticks and other insects. You can also use it as bedding for livestock and horses.

It works like an air freshener and is a good absorbent. Therefore, you can use it as kitty litter too. It will absorb the urine and kill its stench.

However, keep in mind that a few species of cedar, such as Western red cedar, are toxic to humans and pets. So, refrain from using them in pet products. Pine or cedar shavings are safer alternatives.

Pest Repellent

Cedar shavings or chips are excellent insecticides. You can use cedar wood chips in landscaping around your patio or use it in mulch form in plants. Some sources say that it repels around 80,000 different insects. What we can say with surety is that it will banish mosquitoes, moths, termites, roaches, rats, mice and certain ants from your surrounding. Cedar mulch contains acids and hydrocarbons like phenol that snakes and rodents both detest. Add a fresh batch of cedar shavings every 3-6 months to keep its effect alive.

The best part is that it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals.

Fertilizer for Plants

Many gardeners use cedarwood shavings as mulch and fertilizer for gardens and potted plants. It can degrade. When used in mulch form, it breaks down to enrich the soil with nutrients, protecting plant roots and sealing moisture in the process.

Furthermore, cedarwood shavings can create an aromatic fertilizer when mixed with potted plants soil. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor potted plants.

How Else Can I Repel Snakes

The things that show better results than snake repellent techniques or products are home and yard modifications. Snakes show interest in your place only when they know they’ll find food and living space there.

For instance, snakes like to take refuge in cracks, holes, broken windows and pipes. Besides, things piled haphazardly in sheds, cellars, garages and yards give them a hiding place.

Snakes find frogs, rodents, moles, slugs, voles and small mammals very delicious. They can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even as snacks in-between. Work on the things that draw these critters and animals to your place to take away the most compelling reason for snake visitations.

Similarly, remove all the spots that could give snakes shelter on your property. No food and shelter mean snakes will not find your place worth visiting, let alone permanent residence.


Cedar is a fantastic way to repel snakes, especially if you’re looking for a non-lethal and natural snake repellent technique. On top of that, cedar shavings can help you get rid of other pesky pests as well while releasing a pleasant aroma throughout, one that can mask pet odour when used in pet litter. You can also use it for nourishing your garden and potted plants. Considering all its benefits and positive results against reptiles and unwelcomed bugs, I think it’s worth a try.


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