Does Electric Fence Keep Snakes Away? In Real?

Does Electric Fence Keep Snakes AwayFrom snake repellent formulas to solar devices, there are diverse ways to drive off snakes that are venomous or not. However, many people are speculating about whether or not electric fences keep snakes away.

If you cannot sprinkle the snake repellent formula or spray every other day to maintain its efficiency, it becomes necessary to know about installing an electric fence. Moreover, when you have a smarter solution than the aforementioned ones, you should definitely consider its insights and working approach.

Like anything, each of the snake repelling methods has its own pros and cons, and when you talk about an electric fence installation, you first need to be clear about its efficiency. Coming back to if E-fence works or not, it would be better to answer if you keep your preference in mind. However, we did core research for you, and each to a conclusion that is being shared below. Let’s find out the truth.

Does an electric fence keep snakes away?

Yes, installing the electric fence around your house, garage, or property boundary makes a huge difference in keeping snakes away.  You only need to pick up the best snake-proof fence that works best under drastic weather conditions.

Electric fencing is one of the most effective and ideal ways to keep off snakes. However, you cannot expect to repel snakes without killing them. The shock of the electric fence is more likely to kill not only snakes but also many other reptiles and other insects due to the shock. So it cannot be taken as an ideal solution when it comes to “just to repel snakes” especially when the concern is about safety. In some cases, it has been noticed that reptiles got stuck in the fence and got killed instead of going away.

If you are planning to install an electric fence to repel snakes from our house, it would not take all day and hence you have the process quick and easy. Although the shock of the fence for snake repelling is not that high in voltages, it is still a risky approach when it comes to insects, reptiles, and many more wild entries.

Moreover, electric fences are also efficient in repelling rodents that ruin your gardens such as moles, rabbits, rats, raccoons, and more such active animals. So, the answer is yes, electric fences surely repel snakes followed by many other rodents that are damaging to your yard or flower beds.

Choosing an electric fence and how to install it for repelling snakes?

If you are opting for a solution like electricity, for keeping snakes, you can expect its powerful and robust approach for positive results. Below we are highlighting the core features and how you should install the electric fence that stays in place and makes sure a productive approach.

  • The first and foremost thing that you need to do for installing the electric fence is to measure the area. Carefully measure how much fence you are in need of and then work on the project. However, if you don’t take the measurement exactly it won’t result in any adverse way. The rolls are big enough and budget-friendly.
  • Keep the spacing and the number of wires in mind that you want to observe. Usually, for garden-style electric fencing, you need a single brace with a three-wire system.
  • While choosing, always opt for the high tensile wire and fulfill your requirement of keeping snakes and rodents. Each electric wire is different. For homeowners, garden electric fencing is the best option that experts recommend.
  • For its seamless installation, start off by sinking the corners and the end posts (vertical plastic or metal stake). Drive it to the ground to simply dig a hole for proper fixing. Make sure each hole that you dig in the ground is 48 inches deep so that stability and traction remain there.
  • Also add an insulator to the posts.

Is an electric fence a right approach for keeping snakes away?

If you don’t want to kill reptiles and insects, it is. The small shock of the hardware snake-proof mesh is all about a wise approach unless you keep the electric shock limit and just to keep off reptiles. But if you have not removed the source that is attracting snakes, using an electric fence will be just a waste of money.


If you are planning to install an electric fence, it would bring you certain results. However, for its installation, you need to lean on the professional service that makes sure the proper and best outcomes leave no corners neglected.

If you have so many snakes then leaving the area would be the best option. And if you have few, then figure out the case why you are under snake attack. In either case, the electric fence works great plus it is smarter than any other snake repellent. With its positive and welcoming warrant and unbeatable efficiency, you can totally lean on its output for keeping away a number of reptiles and venomous snakes that can otherwise crawl in no matter how secured you have in your house.

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