Does Lavender Keep Snakes Away

Does Lavender Keep Snakes AwayIf you and the snake both like a certain plant smell, I guess you will be the one who ends up compromising on it! Therefore, before you grow some plants it’s always better to know if they keep off snakes or attract.

That said, if you are pretty much passionate about gardening and like flowers and plants, you might have wondered about how lavender keeps snakes away?

Well, we have also pondered on the fact and that is what we shall shed light on today’s topic. But before we dive into the deep research, you need to understand there are too many kinds of snakes and each species might not show the similar experience as other species of snake do.

So let’s find out the answer keeping the rule of thumb approach in mind.

Does Lavender Keep Snakes Away

Lavender is not only the best flowering plant for its soothing aroma but also it is used for keeping strain and other ailments. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-septic scent holds a unique place whenever there is a talk of natural scent. Lavender is an excellent stress reliever.

However, there is no solid proof of the fact that lavender keeps off snakes. However, like many theories, lavender is still subjected to debate about its snake repellent performance. Therefore, if you are looking for the best snake repellent ways, you should not only lean on lavender and its smell. The best way is to opt for professional service and find out the reason why snakes are attracted to your place.

Why is it believed that lavender can repel snakes?

Since snakes have a very strong smell, it makes many people believe that the scent of lavender plants can keep snakes away. However, it is not a proven remedy. However, it is not something that lavender attracts plants. You can say that it’s a matter of chance.

Besides, if there is a debate on a certain topic, it means there are chances of being either yes or not. So, if you have lavender plants, there is the probability that a snake won’t be there. But you still need to be careful enough.

Snake also uses her tongue to smell or maybe taste the approach of the plants and bush. As a rule of them, snakes would prefer the bushy area to be in. but the conclusion is lavender does not keep away snakes especially if you are concerned about its smell.


Snakes have too many myths associated with them. That is probably because there are so many diverse species of them and each has the significant and distinctive properties that people tend to link to certain tales of it. However, if you talk about the lavender plant, it does not keep snakes away.

Likewise, it also does not attract it. But if you talk about any past experience, there have theories that the snake might not like its strong smell for odd reasons. If you prefer to keep off snakes using natural means look for onion and clever oil spray that are not only natural but also work a wonderful job in keeping snakes at bay.


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