Does Snake B Gon Really Work

Does Snake B Gon Really WorkSnake repellents are often the go-to option of people when dealing with snake issues. Unfortunately, not all of them are as effective as they claim to be. This makes homeowners wonder whether Snake B Gon, otherwise a trustworthy snake repellent, really works or not.

Below, you’ll find detailed information about the product along with its strengths and weaknesses. We have shared knowledge to assuage your suspicions regarding its effectiveness.

What is Snake B Gon

Ortho Snake-B-Gon is considered one of the best and most effective snake repellents present in the market these days. It’s a commercial repellent that uses a pet-safe and no-stink formula. There are no harsh chemicals in its formulation. Its active ingredients are aromatic essential oils (cinnamon, clove and peppermint). Moreover, manufacturers have also added rain-resistant quality to the formula. No wonder it’s considered an all-weather solution for garden use.

It comes in granular form and is ready to use. You just need to shake the container before use. Make sure you apply a generous amount to the turf and around flower beds. The product will relieve you of the problem for up to 4 weeks. It may also repel other nuisances like rodents.

Unlike other chemical repellents, there’s no lingering odour after use. Yet, it targets a snake’s sense of smell, provoking it to move to an untreated environment where it can smell prey.

Although it is EPA registered with no critical hazards, wear gloves before applying and keep it out of reach of little ones. The label doesn’t state it, but we would advise you not to spread it near waterways.


  • Extremely budget-friendly.
  • Odourless and rain-resistant formula lasts longer.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Environment-friendly formula has no hazardous effects on children, pets, plants and snakes.


  • Not appropriate for indoors.
  • Might not work on poisonous snakes.

Does Snake B Gon Works?

Yes, it does repel snakes. Evidence shows that it does more than just deter serpents. It makes sure the snakes don’t become permanent residents on your property. The use of aromatic essential oils in the formula doesn’t allow snakes to enter and stay in the treated garden or yard. However, it might not have the same effect on venomous serpents.

Evidence also shows that it works best on small snakes, lizards and rodents.

There’s a catch, though. The label says it’s rain-resistant, but the rain weakens its intensity. The smell diminishes in a couple of days, allowing the snakes to return. You should apply it once a month to keep snakes out of the vicinity. We suggest you dispense it in the area where a snake was detected, even if it’s before the 1-month window.

You should pour the granules into snake holes and other possible hiding spots to force snakes out. If a snake is inside, it will abandon that spot. If it’s already vacant, the snake will not dare inhabit it.

A Tip: Whenever you target potential shelters of snakes, make sure you’re wearing protective gloves and boots.

What offers consolation is the fact that Ortho stands behind its production. So, if the product fails to deliver results, you can always claim a full refund. You will need to mail the proof of purchase, probably buying receipt, to the manufacturer to get a refund.

Why Snakes Visit or Return to Your House

“Despite treating my yard or garden with trustworthy repellents regularly, the snakes keep visiting”. This is a common complaint of hundreds of users. As a result, those searching for reliable repellents lose faith in snake repellents altogether.

If snakes keep showing up on your territory, then it could mean one of the two things: either you are using the wrong product or forgetting to carry out the necessary precautions. Dollars upon dollars spent on the best snake repellents will fail you if your property has snake-appealing features. In short, a place that can keep their tummy full and provide the roof over their heads, snakes will return to that place. So, if you do not eliminate food supplies and sheltering spots of snakes from your house, no amount of snake repellents will keep them away for good. The second the effect of the repellent diminishes, snakes will come back. Hence, you must target pest issues and possible snake hideouts first. Afterwards, when you treat the property with a reliable snake repellent, you’ll definitely find snakes gone from the area for good.

Specialists also stress using a snake-proof fence to secure the perimeters against snakes, be they venomous or non-venomous.


Ortho Snake B Gon not just deters snakes but keep them away from your yard or garden for weeks. They only return to the premises when it contains shelter and nourishment for them. Thus, the best way to permanently get rid of startling serpents is to create an anti-snake environment in your house alongside the use of snake repellents.

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