How to Get Rid of a Gopher Snake? Here’s What You Need

how to get rid of gopher snakeImagine you step out in the yard one day and suddenly notice a long rope-like – yellowish and in earthy tones –  thing swiftly wriggling across the ground. If you are living near agricultural lands, meadows or fields, then it’s a strong possibility that the serpent might be a gopher snake. It thrives in drier habitats and rocky bluffs. A gopher snake can grow from 3-7 feet in size and looks like a brother of a rattlesnake from another mother. Holy guacamole!

Thus, it is imperative for people living near the Western Coast in the U.S.A. or close to semi-arid areas to know how to get rid of a gopher snake. My brother-in-law says that gopher snakes are a common occurrence in their neighbourhood. The poor guy lives adjacent to a brushy area near the West Coast.

In today’s post, I want to share the information I gathered from documentary evidence and interviews. A few pieces of advice are from my brother-in-law and snake expert in his neighbourhood. So, you can trust that these techniques will successfully rescue you from snake occurrences and ban them from stepping into your territory. So, let’s get to the business.

Effective Ways to Get Rid of a Gopher Snake from your House

The following ways can help you drive a gopher snake away from your place without endangering anyone.

  1. Drench it with Hose

Snakes are not fond of us humans and prefer to flee when they sense our presence. So, you can drench it with a hose spray to make it go away. Hold the hose to it from a safe distance to avoid a snake attack.

  1. Consult a Pest Control Professional

An agitated gopher snake wriggles its tail vigorously, producing a rattling sound to deceive you. Therefore, instead of risking your safety to confirm its type, you should directly consult a pest control professional. The expert will remove it from your place. You can also ask him to tell you how to shield the property from snakes.

  1. Trap/Catch it

That relative I mentioned above has now become an expert in removing snakes. He sets traps near their visiting spots to catch them. Glue traps are ideal for hatchlings, while you can use minnow traps for adults. You can also trap it in a garbage can. Release it far, far away from your residence.

However, use this approach if you have experience with snakes or are sure it’s harmless.

  1. Deplete the Food Supply

Gopher snakes’ primary menu is gophers and insects. They also love to eat rodents, small mammals, birds and their eggs, lizards, bats, foxes and coyotes. Keep the rodents and pests issue in check to reduce snake disturbance.

Feed your pets indoors and immediately clean food spills afterwards. Rats and insects come after spilt food, which in turn, brings snakes into the picture.

  1. Eradicate Shelters

Snakes enjoy hiding in broken drains and gutters, unsealed basements, holes in roofs, sidings and foundations. They also like to take cover in tall grass, dense bushes, coiled hoses, under woodpiles and mounds of debris, litter or junk on the ground. Eradicate all these shelters of snakes from your territory to prevent them from residing there.

Put dirt or gravel in holes and animal burrows to not give a snake a chance to build a home there.

  1. Modify Your Land

You should regularly mow your lawn and trim plants, trees and shrubbery. This practice discourages the snakes from hiding there. Also, avoid using ornamental stones or rocks outdoors because snakes take cover in their gaps.

You should also:

  • Mend broken drains and gutters.
  • Install screens on windows.
  • Close entryways, cellar doors and crawl spaces.
  • Repair cracks and crevices.
  • Clean and neatly arrange shed and storage.
  • Seal your birdhouses and hen coops.
  1. Eradicate Water Elements

Remove pools of water from your land. For instance, birdbaths, puddles by your hose, in the garden or near the storage area. Pests and rodents gather on standing water, which then attracts snakes.

  1. Snake Repellents

Commercial products like Snake-Away and Ortho Snake B Gon are popular snake repellents that prevent the serpents from nesting on your property. A sizeable population also uses the extracts of essential oils and snake-repellent plants to deter snakes.

If you opt for factory-made repellents, check the label to ensure it doesn’t contain toxic elements.

  1. Install Fence

Add snake-proof fencing to your land. It keeps snakes and other nuisances like mice and rats from entering your home.

  1. Keep Predators

Creatures like hawks, owls, badgers, cats, weasels and some dogs are arch-enemies of gopher snakes. You just need to keep one of these predators around to get rid of a gopher snake.

However, remember that a hawk, owl, badger or weasel will not let the snake live.


Many of us mind having around a beneficial non-venomous gopher snake because of its resemblance to a rattler and the possibility of pain-inflicting bites. In the article above, I have stated practical ways to get rid of a gopher snake for those who have zero patience for snakes. It is our responsibility as humans to be humane and gentle, and that’s why none of these methods is harsh. Hence, you will not have a dead snake to bury.

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Clinton Newman

Clinton Newman is a herpetologist and part-time blogger who loves to study snakes and their behavior. He is always called by neighbors to help them catch or get rid of snakes in their houses. . He's a passionate traveler and does a lot of Hiking and Hunting Adventures. His favorite places are Forests, Deserts, and Mountains. Now, he's guiding other Hikers to hike safely through this blog by reviewing the top best picks gears for safety and also guiding on Snakes and ways to deal with them.