How to Get Rid of Snakes?

How to Get Rid of SnakesIf you see a snake other than in a zoo, the first thing you would think of would certainly be how to get rid of it. There is no doubt that there can be venomous snakes and non-venomous ones, and for a person who does not have any likeness toward snakes, driving them away is something that comes naturally.

For a creature like a snake that is associated with plenty of myths and tales, many people have their own tricks to get rid of it. For a proper way, you should always use the best snake repellent and also find out her case of being a place.

However, other than that, there are many other ways to keep off snakes without getting bitten. Let’s start by reading each way one by one to know what suits you the best.

How to Get Rid of Snakes

Remove snake food source

If you are continuously seeing snakes in your home, there could be a reason. And the reason is nothing but a food source. Snakes usually follow your house if you have pets or birds. Also, the chicken coop would attract snakes for her eggshell and chicks. Therefore, you should install high-quality b and the best snake-proof meshes that keep off all types of snakes and other reptiles.

 Keep the place real clean

If you have tall grass in your backyards, cracks in floors, and lots of bush and pebbles scattered everywhere, it would not only attack the snake but also provide the best place for many other reptiles to find cool shade. Keep the grass trimmed and short on a regular basis and make sure the cracks are sealed. In addition to that, never keep things in a pile as a snake can make her nest there and that would be alarming.

Open windows and doors

Open up windows and doors if you spot a snake in your room. Make sure to provide enough space for the snake so that it can leave. Do not forget to maintain a safe distance so that it won’t bite you.

Keep the place dry

From your backyard to the home entrance make sure there are no ditches where water can stand. Even after rain the water should immediately go into the drain and should not stand. The standing water and damp places can invite snakes because it provides enough cooling for them to stay there. Also, make sure to fill up the burrows so that the snake cannot hide anymore. Fill in the holes and other openings with dirt or gravel tightly and securely.

Use liquid snake-repellent for tight spots

Using the spray snake repent is an effective way to get rid of snakes even from holes and tight spots. So if you fear that there are some snakes hidden in the hole and cracks, the spray is the best approach that you should consider.

Use a spay house or a garbage can

If you are pretty much sure that the snake is not venomous, you can move it along using the spray hose. Also using the garbage can or container to trap the snake would also help when you do not want to drive it in a random direction. Trap it in the garbage bin until the professional snake catcher comes and collects it.

What attracts snakes?

Snakes eat rodents and if you have rodents and reptiles in your backyard, you cannot get rid of the snake for long unless you get rid of the source that is attracting the snakes. Commonly, snakes like to hunt the following animals and reptiles;

  •         Fish
  •         Rats
  •         Mice
  •         Frogs
  •         Slugs
  •         Snails
  •         Rabbits
  •         Moles
  •         Grasshoppers
  •         Small farm animals etch


If you are living in a remote area seeing snakes is not unusual. However, you have to get rid of it for sure. Getting rid of the snake is not a challenging task if you know how to do it properly. But if you do not know if the snake is venomous or not, or if there is only one snake you are encountering or if there are many more snakes, we recommend you to call a professional snake catcher so that the team can inspect the area thoroughly.

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