How to Get Rid of a Snake Den

How to Get Rid of a Snake DenPeople living in forests, deserts, swamps and grasslands are facing multiple problems and one of them is how to get rid of snake den. I had faced the same situation when I bought a house in North Florida, the only American State surrounded by seawater from three sides. The house is 3000 square yard in area, but was a home of reptiles and snakes. It seemed that the numbers of snakes were more than that of the house area.

Consequently, we stranded ourselves in this gigantic situation and left no stone unturned to fade away snake dens. For all those people who are facing the same scenario, I have jotted down some important points on how we combated the quagmire of snakes and got rid ourselves of a snake den.

How to Get Rid of a Snake Den

First of all you have to keep in mind following four fundamental principles to fight with snake den;

  1. Remain Calm Yourself

You have to keep yourself calm, not only to deal with the dilemma of snake den but in other matters also; so, the more you control yourself, the more the snake feels comfortable.

  1. Open All doors and Windows

The second important step is to open all doors and windows of your house. It will pave the way to take an escape route for a snake present in your house.

  1. Create a Robust Barrier Around the Snake

In case the snake does not see the door then you have to construct a robust barrier around the snake. This step will diminish the chance of vulnerability in an excellent manner and limit the snake into a corner.

  1. Call a wildlife Control Authority

When you have taken all aforementioned steps then give a call to wildlife control authority. If you are a resident of America, you can call the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (website: The staff of this service manages the snake den in an excellent manner.

Personally, I consider the above mentioned steps as a panacea to deal with a snake den. However, I have listed down 10 important points to tackle the problem of snake den in a house, after having innumerable interviews with my neighbors and consultations with the experts of wildlife service.


Top 10 Ways to Get Rid of a Snake Den

This list has been generated after having long-lasting conversations with affectees and officers of wildlife controlling authorities. Unfortunately, you cannot imagine the energy and time I have invested to list top 10 ways to get rid of a snake den. But, hopefully, this list would be helpful to solve your issue to deal with snake dens.

  1. Use Repellants

One of the most effective ways to get rid of a snake den is to use a repellant. The repellents are used to produce a pungent smell against snakes. Interestingly, the snakes have a fugitive attitude towards these repellants and run away. These are available in granular, liquid and spray form in the market.

Here is a list of some famous repellents that are used against snake den and equally helpful against mosquitoes;

  •  Lemongrass
  •  Garlic and
  •  Garigold

are some of the natural plants that produce smells that snakes don’t like and;

are some of the important oils that produce the same result as natural plants.

  1. Eliminate Food Sources

It is very important to eliminate all food sources that provide continuous food supply to the snakes. Snakes like every inhabitant on this earth like to live in a place where there is an abundance of food. Here is list of snakes’ favorite foods;

  •   Rats
  •   Mice
  •   Moles
  •   Fish
  •   Frogs
  •   Small farm animals
  •   Slugs
  •   Snails
  •   Grasshoppers

Therefore, you have to eliminate the food sources mentioned in the above-mentioned list to resolve the problems of a snake den.

  1. Throw Stranded Water

Snakes are very fond of living in stranded water. Most favorite places of snakes are given below;

  •  Rain barrels
  •  Birdbaths and
  •  Ponds

are the places where snakes love to live there. Wiping out these stranded water sources would be helpful to get rid of a snake den.

  1. Use smoke

Using smoke also proves to be a pinnacle to vanish the dens of snake. Actually, snakes show a very sensitive behavior towards the smell of smoke. It has been observed that smoking through a fire pit for days is helpful to run the snakes from homes.

  1. Usage of Predators

Predators are also helpful to keep snakes out of your house. Usually, snakes show a natural negative behavior towards usage of predators. I have listed down some useful predators for keeping away snakes;

  •    Cats
  •    Foxes
  •    Raccoons
  •    Turkeys
  •    Pigs
  •    Guinea hens

are the effective predators that are being used against a den of snake.

  1. Clean the CourtYard

Dirtiness is the mother of all evils; so, we should take some remedial measures to curb this evil. Our court yards usually have following components;

  •   Overgrown shrubs
  •   Rock piles
  •   Wood piles
  •   Overgrown weeds or grass
  •   Compost piles
  •   Leaves
  •   Scrap piles

These greenery items are homes of;

  •   Insects
  •   Rats
  •   Mice

And these species are the most favorite foods of snakes and snakes strive hard to get these ones; so, we have to clean our courtyards that would be helpful to eliminate snakes favorite foods and snakes would be another place to hunt foods.

  1. Build a Strong Fence

Building a strong fence around our project area is one of the most effective methods to curb snake den but expensive. All of you have to keep in mind that life is the most important blessing of the world; so, we have to take all measures to protect our lives. After having interviews with several persons, I have found following fences the best ones to avoid snakes;

  •    Fabric Mesh
  •   Steel mesh
  •   Vinyl
  •   Catch net fencing
  •   Wood fencing

8. Use a Snake Trap

Trap is mostly used for taking immediate results. The prime purpose of using a snake is to kill the snake at the spot. There are two types of traps that are used for avoiding snakes dens as below;

  •     Glue trap
  •     Kill trap

However, keep in mind that killing and harming snakes is an unlawful and illegal act. The Government has the supreme right to penalize this act.

  1. Removal of Wet Areas

Wet areas including cool and damp areas are good places where snakes love to live. Therefore, try every inch to diminish the wet area by;

  •  Trimming shrubs
  •  Removing slow-draining flower pots
  •  Removing birdbaths

And give a chance to sunshine to thrive so that the snakes may take off.

  1. Removal of Shelter

Snakes also love to live in following shelters;

  • Coiled hoses
  • Firewood piles tall grass
  • Dense brush
  • Open areas under sheds and outbuildings

So, we should utilize all our options to remove these shelters that prove to be a heaven for snakes.

To conclude it, I would like to add that I have tried my best to write 4 steps as well as 10 ways to get rid of a snake den. These steps and ways have been listed according to my personal struggle and interaction with other stakeholders.

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