How to Get Rid of a Snake in My Room

How Get Rid of a Snake in My RoomIf you are spending time in your farmhouse or in a remote area, chances are there can be reptiles of various kinds. And if we talk about odds, you can see a snake crawling in your room. Snakes like to hide in cool and shady places and your room can be in the places where a snake can be. No matter if it’s venomous or non-venomous, you won’t like it in your room.

The very first thing that you may think of would most probably be how to get rid of the snake in my room? Certainly, you will try to drive it off using random hacks, sticks, or anything. But it can be dangerous.

If you spot a snake in your room and don’t even know if it is venomous or not you shouldn’t get closer to it in the first place. What more can you do? Well, in his article, we shall learn the wise and safe way to get rid of the snake if you see it in your room.

Let’s not wait anymore and get to the business.

How to Get Rid Of Snakes in My Room?

There are plenty of ways by which you can keep off snakes at home and especially in our room. So if you are continuously seeing snakes, here are a few of the proven methods that will help you in keeping off snakes.

One of the first things you should do while removing snakes from your room is to make the way clear. Remove bags, cushions, rags, pets, toys, and any other thing that can prevent the snake from crawling out easily. Also, if you keep the room spacious you can easily spot the snake if it tries to hide somewhere. In more ways, the following are the tips that will help you in getting rid of the snake.

Sprinkle snake repellents

The best and the most obvious method to keep a snake is to use the snake repellent. It could be in any form from spray to the ultrasonic device. However, make sure to use them as per the guidelines so that the result becomes effective.

Use remedies

You can use clove oil, cinnamon oil, and other strong odors that a snake usually hates to smell. As a matter of fact, snakes don’t like to inhale pungent small and therefore, they will leave the place if you use house essential oils in your room.

For natural remedies and snake repellents, you can use the smell of onion, garlic, vinegar, and other strong smells if you can’t find the snake in your room. The fumes from garlic and onion will certainly make sure to keep the snake out of the room and if it’s hidden in some crack, the snake will leave it soon.

Open up doors and window

Without panicking or making noise, clear the way so that the snake can leave the room easily. Open the windows and doors and remove any hurdles if any. Make sure to keep yourself proceeding and do not get too close to the snake.

Know the reason why the snake is in your room

Snakes usually follow replies and rodents such as frogs, lizards, rats, fish, moles, snails, and many more wild reptiles. Therefore, you should make sure the backyard is free from all those reptiles and rodents that can become a reason for snake presence. Keep the grass shorter so that you can spot snakes right away.


Seeing a snake in or is not unusual, especially when you are staying near bush areas or the countryside. However, tackling the situation wisely is something that matters the most. Preferably, if you see a lot of snakes near your premises you should use the effective snake repellent spray or granules for the best protection.

And if none of the above-mentioned ways is turning out to be helpful, it’s time to call the professional snake catcher service to inspect the snake and get rid of it. However, when they take time to arrive at your place don’t forget to keep an eye on the snake. You should not miss out on its presence!

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