How to Get Rid of Snakes in Basement

How to Get Rid of Snakes in BasementOf all the places on the premises, basements are the most common spots for snake dens. Their unhealthy appeal for basements is due to the livable environment. Creatures like rats and mice also love to stay in basements and dark corners. Well, I can tolerate rats and other such critters around. Snakes? Not a Chance in Hell!

Many of you must also be of the same no-snake-in-my-house group, just like me. The easiest way to get rid of snakes in basement is to take away the incentives that compel them to intrude. Here’s what I have learned from qualified personnels that surely helps to get rid of snakes in the basement for good.

Why Do Snakes Love to Hide in Basements?

Snakes don’t need spacious castles to live. They just need tiny cracks or holes in a building to hole up. Since basements are usually made of concrete, they confuse them with rocks and seek shelter. Also, the environment down there is to their liking – shady, damp, often desolate and bustling with critters and pests.

Old constructions with cracked foundations or houses with ground-level windows are easier to invade.

How Can You Confirm Snakes’ Presence in Your Basement or House?

Snakes prefer to stay hidden from human eyes as much as possible, but some signs announce their presence. Here are some of the common ones:

  • You might witness one slithering along the edges of a wall.
  • Coming across shed snakeskins now and then is another sign of snake infestation on the premises.
  • Whenever a snake perceives a threat, it emits a foul smell. If you smell a foreign and unpleasant odour in nooks and crannies, investigate further. There might be a snake living nearby.
  • Snakes excrete a chalky and watery substance resembling birds’ faeces. Sometimes the dropping also has hair or bone fragments from its recent prey. If you notice such waste matter around the house, you might have snake infestation to deal with.
  • Small holes or burrows are indicators of snakes in the building. Remember, rodents also like to dig holes in the ground.
  • Snakes leave slithering prints behind when moving through crawl spaces or dirt piles. Look for such track lines around the premises to confirm their presence.
  • Keep your ears open to notice unusual noise, like a hissing or sweeping sound.

Means Through Which Snakes Reach Basements or House

Snakes trespass on your property only when they find an opening. The common factors that make your property susceptible to them are as follows.

  • Snakes find their way in through cracks, crevices and holes. A snake can slither in even through the puniest hole.
  • Crawls spaces, broken windows, gaps near windows and vents, pipe entry points and open drains allow snakes smooth entry and exit.
  • Thick plantation and long grass near the foundations, sidewalks and patios camouflage snakes and allow them to wait for prey or an opening to sneak indoors, whichever comes first.

How to Get Rid of Snakes in Basement

Internet is brimming with methods to get rid of snakes. How many of them bear fruit is the tricky part. The following techniques are the ones that I have seen wildlife professionals use to remove snakes from basements or property in general.

  1. Manually Remove It

If a snake is in the yard/garden, you can drive it away by aiming a steady stream of water at it through a hose.

A set of snake tongs is the most humane method for removing snakes from the basement. They allow you to capture the creature in a firm grasp without breaking its spine.

Another instrument for manually removing snakes is a snake hook. However, handling a snake with it is tricky and requires experience. So, it is better to stick to a good pair of snake tongs.

Once you’ve caught the snake, dump it in a big bucket or large trashcan with a secure lid. Release the prisoner at a safer distance from your place, but somewhere suitable where it can survive.

  1. Snake Traps

Search the term snake traps. The results will show different types of traps, like glue traps, minnow traps and iron cages. Since we’re focusing on snakes that find their way into our basements, glue traps are more effective than the rest. Set these traps in all the possible spots that snakes use to get inside.

The sticky material on the trap holds the snake prisoner. You can then call your local animal control handler to handle the serpent or release it somewhere safe yourself.

  1. Natural Snake Repellents

Use natural snake repellents made of essential oils, such as clove, cinnamon and peppermint. Snakes have little to no tolerance for their aromas. Spread the repellent generously all over the property to create a snake-deterrent zone. Snakes will flee the premises as soon as they find an opening.

  1. Hire a Qualified Professional

Handling a snake isn’t a child’s play. The tables could be easily turned if the snake is venomous or large. Therefore hiring a qualified professional is always the safest choice. He will handle the trouble-maker without any casualty.

How to Keep Snakes Away for Good

Snakes will keep wandering to your property if you don’t take measures to create an unfriendly environment for them. Here are a couple of tricks that I have found handy in preventing snakes from returning.

  1. Seal every crack, crevice, gap, broken window, pipe, drain, vent and loose board that allows them access to your property.
  2. Unkept lawns and shrubbery give snakes a feeling of deja vu – like they’re living in the wilderness. Regularly prune and trim the greenery to make it unattractive for these reptiles.
  3. Dump mulch and woodpile away from your property.
  4. Don’t provide snakes with edibles, such as rodents, frogs, moles, slugs etc. If you’ve got pest issues, address them immediately.
  5. Remove water sources from the premises because they invite pests, insects, birds and small animals. Snakes find them delectable. End their food supply to take away their incentive for trespassing.


Snakes often opt for basements because the environment is appealing. Your answer to the problem lies within the same sentence. If you want to get rid of snakes lounging in your basement or any other part of the house, make the place unappealing for them. We have shared some tips which can help you remove the snakes and barricade them from revisiting. Take preventative measures to create a snake-repelling zone around the premises to put a full stop to future snake invasions.


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