How to Get Rid of Snakes in Swimming Pool

How Get Rid of Snakes in Swimming PoolIf you are a die-hard swimmer and like to spend those scorching hot days in a swimming pool, you need to know how to get rid of snakes in the swimming pool. While chances of encountering a snake in a swimming area are less but never zero. And if there is a bush near the pool area with not so cleanliness observed, the chances come with logical reasons.

Sometimes, when you are swimming, there can also be a snake accompanying you. How can a snake get in the pool might have many reasons but your concern should be how would you get rid of it in the first place?

However, the good part is there are many ways that can help you to keep yourself safe and get rid of a snake. So if you are planning to take a cool swimming session in the pool, this article is going to be a worthy read. Let’s get started!

How to Get Rid of Snakes in Swimming Pool

When you see a snake in the pool, the first thing that you should not do is panic. It may sound ridiculous to see a snake and not yell but for precautionary measures, you should not alert the snake to get frightened. Afterward, you should try to move as far away as possible. Below are some of the common things that you can do to get rid of the snake.

Seek Professional Assistance

Nothing can beat the professionalism of a pro snake catcher. They know things that probably you don’t know about catching a snake. Moreover, there are many snakes that are non-venomous and only a professional can deal with all types of snake aces. Talk to the pool service and ask for help immediately when you spot a snake nearby or within the pool!

Get rid of the snake using DIY

Sometimes you cannot call the professional snake catcher service for various reasons. Or maybe they are taking time to reach the exact place where you are encountering a snake. Therefore, tips and do-it-yourself always come as a rescuer approach. If the pool is in your house you can surely grab white vinegar or ammonia and sprinkle it around the pool area, the best time is during the nighttime. The snakes will absorb the liquid in her skin and will leave the place immediately.

Use a net

To get rid of the snake using a net is another wise way that comes with the best and most immediate results. If you don’t have a net you can use a long stick so that the snake can cling to it. Make sure to be careful and vigilant while doing so and the stick should be long enough for safety.

Plant snake repellent bush and plants

If you are seeing a snake in the pool or near its surroundings, it should not always mean that the snake is following rodents and reptiles. Snakes also like shady and cool spots and that is why you can spot a snake there. To get rid of it, you can plant those bushes and plants that work to keep out both venomous and nonvenomous snakes.

The cinnamon smell is the worst enemy of snakes and you can consider planting it in your yard. Moreover, keep the grass short and well-trim while you are working on many other factors.

Keep a pet dog near

Snakes usually hate dogs due to their energetic, loud and active nature. Since dogs spot the enemy or new entry on the premises right away, you can surely consider keeping your pet dog near the pool. However, make sure they are not tied and can run if it sees the venomous snake too close.


If you are continuously seeing snakes near the pool there can be reasons. Usually, snakes follow reptiles and rodents to hunt as they pray. Therefore, in search of food, they end up in places where they shouldn’t be. For getting rid of them, keep the area well-cleaned, and free from clutter where a snake can hide, and the best way is to use the best snake repellents as per the guidelines.

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