How to Get Rid of Snakes Under Porch

How to Get Rid of Snakes Under PorchSnakes seek warmth but also like to nest in dark and shady areas. I know that because they have nested under my porch and in the basement a couple of times. First, I thought my house was cursed that’s why they kept showing unannounced when my neighbours were living in peace.

I had to search, search and search some more to find out how to get rid of snakes under the porch. I also had to interview critter control and wildlife experts for further assistance. These time-consuming efforts brought to light the root causes of the snake appearance on my property: 1). They found room to live. 2). Rodents for feasts.

How to Get Rid of Snakes Under Porch

You can apply the following procedures to expel these legless troublemakers from your house, yard and shed.

  • Physically Remove Them

If you’re someone like me who only trusts what he sees, then you should remove the invader snake by capturing it. Instead of bare hands, use snake tongs and hook to access their den under the porch, shed or deck.

My next-door neighbour once tried to handle a snake with his bare hands and almost got bitten by it. So, I advise you to wear snake-proof gloves first, then deal with the trouble-maker.

Put the snake in a box or sack, then take it somewhere safe to release it.

  • Snake Traps

Snakes steal our peace of mind. What better way to deal with a thief than imprison it? A snake trap is an effective way to seize the serpent’s freedom. I used glue traps to capture small garter snakes twice.

You can use glue traps, minnow traps or iron cages to imprison snakes. Snakes don’t like dead meat. So, either use living, breathing rodents or fresh eggs as baits to lure the snake to the traps.

Buy multiple traps to set them on all their entry and exit points. When the mischief-monger gets trapped, dislodge it 10 miles away from your residence.

  • Unfavourable Environment

We live in NYC, where the garter and water snakes are commonly found. Yet, only homeowners living five houses down the lane and us had faced snake problems now and then. It took a visit from a pest control employee to make us realize that snakes were attracted to our territories because of favourable living conditions.

For instance, snakes are attracted to the following either for meals or rest.

  • Bushes and tall grass around the yard, shed or patio.
  • Cracks, holes and gaps in foundations, porches, ceilings, vents, walls, doors and windows.
  • Piles of debris, lumber, rocks, stones, firewood, boxes etc.
  • Birdfeeders, chicken coops, birdbaths, standing water sources – rodents and insects lurk around them. Like a chain reaction, snakes pop up.

Snakes will not stick around if you take measures to not provide them with the above-listed favourite habitats.

  • Snake Repellents

Snake repellents aren’t as effective as the above three options, but they do reduce snake visits. Snakes have a hate-hate relationship with sharp scents. You can use either commercial repellents or snake repellent plants to get rid of snakes from your house.

I have planted marigolds and onions in my yard and haven’t seen any snakes since then. Other popular snake deterring plants are

  • mother-in-law’s tongue
  • Garlic plant
  •  West Indian lemongrass
  •  Yucca
  •  mugwort
  • Indian snakeroot

Besides, snakes also hesitate to enter areas treated with essential oils. Make sure you sprinkle them in spots that snakes use to slither under the shed, porch or foundation. I have also seen people using smoke or fox urine to make these reptiles flee their territory.

  • Predators

Some animals and birds are naturally fond of hunting snakes. It might seem ridiculous, but snakes, especially smaller and non-venomous ones, are afraid of cats, dogs, guinea hens, turkeys, foxes, raccoons, hawks and owls.

Furthermore, Mongoose and Honey Badgers are natural snake killers/catchers.

  • Install Anti-Snake Fence

Although expensive, introducing a snake-proof fence around the building 100% works to keep snakes away. You will thank the people who came up with this how to get rid of snakes technique because it rarely proves ineffective.

According to professional exterminators and people utilizing this technique, the best snake-proof barriers are steel mesh, vinyl and wood fencing. People also use fabric mesh or catch-net fencing to prevent snake encounters.

  • Contact an Expert

Contacting a pest control service or professional exterminator is the most certain way to get rid of snakes under the porch or deck. They are trained to handle such situations and the limited space under your porch, deck or shed will not prove a hindrance for them.

Whether venomous or non-venomous, the expert will easily grab the snake without harming it. I am biased towards pest control specialists because they can assist you in how to avoid snake infestation in future for good.


Snakes get under your deck, shed or porch because they can both rest and dine there, whatever they need. It takes time and effort but observing the conditions paving the way for them to nest under your porch will let you create an unfriendly environment to get rid of them. These 7 techniques that I just shared have helped me and a lot of other affectees get rid of these serpents from our abodes. If you’re also facing a snake infestation, go for any of these methods to banish these unpleasant tenants for good.


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