How Good is Liquid Fence Snake Repellent? Does It Worth?

How Good is Liquid Fence Snake RepellentMany of us feel an uncontrollable urge to punch those pesky pests and animals on the nose who destroy our maintained lawn and blooming plants. They are also an invitation to snakes, which makes them more unbearable. What if I tell you that you can hit them in the nose, just not with a real fist? Liquid fence snake repellent hits their nose pretty hard, ensuring they never return.

It is critical to know how good is Liquid Fence snake repellent when all competing products claim to be the best. Oh, it is good, really, really good. These words are coming from someone who has tried dozens of such commercial repellents. Of course, I am talking about myself.

We will discuss in detail how good and effective is this Liquid Fence repellent in the article below. That’s enough of a preamble; let’s start reading.

How Good is Liquid Fence Snake Repellent

People have given mixed reviews about this repellent – it worked for some and didn’t for others. Well, my experience with it was pretty satisfying. So, I’ll say it’s good at driving snakes away. I’ll break it down into sections to help you quickly grasp why I would give higher ratings to this product.

  1. Active Ingredients

The biggest bane of commercial repellents is that they usually contain naphthalene. Yeah, that thing which you use for making mothballs. Any scientific study will tell you that they are toxic. Thus, they can harm your beloved family’s and pet’s health.

Fortunately, the liquid fence has a naphthalene-free organic formula. It mainly relies on corn mint oil and cedarwood extract to mess with a snake’s sense of smell and taste. Therefore, it neither threatens your loved ones’ and pets’ health nor harms the snake and environment.

Besides, its biodegradable properties will also not harm your plantation and vegetation.

  1. Effective

Another factor which compels me to favour this repellent is its effectiveness. The active ingredients give off a strong, sharp aroma that attacks a snake’s scent receptors. It cannot bear to stay in the treated place. Therefore, its claim that it curbs down the snake activity is authentic.

We had a lot of garter and racer snakes activity in the yard last year. Our local store owner told me about this product when I was looking for an effective snake repellent. I bought a 5-pounds bottle and sprinkled it across the entire landscape. It can cover up to 2500 sq. ft. Man, its fast-acting formula starts working immediately.

We haven’t seen a single snake since then. Oh, it feels so satisfying to roam in the garden or yard without worrying about an intrusive snake.

A Warning: It is pricier than some competing products, but the result-rich formula makes it worth the bucks.

  1.  Easy & Year-Round Application

I am not a huge fan of lengthy and time-consuming preparatory processes, which is why I give this repellent higher ratings. Its application is straightforward. Just shake the bottle and remove its inner seal. It is ready for use.

Now, just pour the granules generously around the areas you want to make inhabitable for snakes. The strong scent will make the reptile and other pests migrate to a friendlier location.

Moreover, there is no seasonal restriction. You can apply it all year round. The granules work for weeks to keep the snakes away. However, store-owners advise to re-apply right after heavy rainfall.

The product is strictly for outdoor use, such as backyard, garden, patio, porches etc. If you use it inside the house, the stink will linger for weeks, making it hard to breathe.

A Tip: Experts recommend consistent application if you experience intense snake infestation or want to reduce the chances of snake harborage to zero.


Liquid Fence snake repellent is a perfect illustration of money well spent. The biodegradable repellent can significantly curb snake activity in your yard or garden without harming wildlife, pets or your dear ones. One application can protect your household from pesky serpents and pests for weeks. You can use it all year round to make your property uninhabitable for these disturbing creatures. It might upset your budget a little, but the promise of snake-free premises makes it worth the money and inconvenience.


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