How to Prevent Snakes from Getting In Your Car?

How Prevent Snakes from Getting In Your CarIf you see a snake on the road or in the forest side, you won’t be scared, because you are in your car, all secured and protected. But is it really that true? Can a snake come in the car and if yes, how to prevent snakes from getting in your car.

To be honest, you cannot be as safe in a car as you might have thought it to be. Sometimes a snake or spider can make their way to come in your race and if you want to keep them off as anybody does, there are certain ways that you need to act upon.

If you are someone who fears snakes, a rope is enough to scare you away. Therefore, if you panic you can lose the situation and the snake will make you end up in the hospital emergency room! To prevent snakes from coming into your car, this article will be an insightful read.

How to prevent snakes from getting in your car?

Believe it or not, there is the most common thing that we all are doing knowing or unknowingly that can invite snakes into your car. If you are wondering how to prevent them from ending in your car stop doing the following habits.

Stop parking your car doors open

Opening the doors of the car is good when you want to refresh the environment. However, it is not a good idea when there is a lot of bush nearby and the tall grass surrounding the car. Moreover, if you have to open the door of the car, do not open all the doors at once and keep an eye on when the car’s door or trunk/bonnet is open.

Keep the engine check

Since the engine of the car is shady and dark, the snake can come and stay there. Make sure to thoroughly check your car before you drive it. Keeping the card inside out is the best way to prevent the snake from coming into the car. In fact, a snake would preferably hide in the engine rather than in the seat or under the mat.

Do not keep your pet in the car

Snakes are excellent predators and for that, they will follow your pets. The best thing you can do to prevent the snake from getting in your car, you need to remove your pet and keep them in a dedicated cage, especially when you are not around.

Eating food in the car

If you eat food in the car as a habit, it will invite rodents and reptiles including mice, and many more insects. And to hunt those reptiles a snake may end up in your car. So keep your car clean from food partially and prefer to eat out. Moreover, you should also not keep the food in the garage where you park your car. On the other hand, using snake repellent and the pungent smell prevent snakes from getting near the premises. Installing snake repelling mesh or solar devices would be a great idea in that regard.

Why do snakes hide in cars?

For a reptile such as a snake, a car is not the one obvious place to hide. However, if it has no other place to hide it we certainly prefer you can because it has plenty of narrow places to keep the snake hidden. But, there are two main reasons to hide.

  • Car offer coolness and darkness
  • It is warm and it goes best for a snake to rest
  • Car is enclosed and that provides the snake with enough safety to stay within

Since your car meets all the possible parameters that a snake will prefer and hence it will be in there.


Even if the doors of the car are closed, there are few chances of the snake to cone the car through the engine. Therefore, the best practice is always to check your car and then sit/drive it. Moreover, you can use snake repellents to keep replies and snakes that are inviting the snake in your car. Moreover, if you have to park your car somewhere other than the garage, make sure the doors are closed and the car is not touching walls and drain pipes.



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