How to Snake Proof A Bird Cage? To Keep Them Safe?

How to Snake Proof A Bird CageIf you have pet birds at home, you have to take care of them. More or less, everybody would agree with this. But if you have to keep your bird cage outside you cannot overlook making it snake-proof in every respect.

Since birds like parrots, Lorries, and more like to spend time out, if you put the cage indoors it won’t help. Birds like to screech and chirp while seeing the sky! Therefore, the only way out for you is to know how to snake-proof a bird cage so that it never causes harm to your pet birds.

Snakes are pretty vigilant to smell their prey. Therefore you need to opt for the fine mesh fences that capture the cage and work ideally to repel reptiles as well. If it is your first time making the cage snake-proof, scroll a bit more to get the answer straight-forward.

How to Snake Proof A Bird Cage

The first thing about snake-proofing the cage is to make sure it is not broken. The door, bolts, latch, and everything should be properly repaired and in place. Luckily, making your bird cage snake repellent or snake-proof is not a difficult task.

Although you can ask the carpenters to make a robust and strong cage that is not only pleasing to the sight, and comfortable for the birds but also efficient for keeping away snakes, DIY is always there for your assistance.

If you talk about the reptile expert’s suggestions, they have said that a fitting cage that features small gauge mouse wire or mesh finish is ideal. Also, tight-fitting around the door is recommended so that the snake remains at bay. Moreover, you can install the mesh fence around the cage and keep the gap and distance of the wire in your mind so that snakes do not crawl in there.

Choose Stainless steel mesh

For snake proofing, the stainless steel mesh is a lightweight solution that works efficiently. Its robust strength is ideal and as a bonus, it never gets rusted hence you never have to replace it from a rusting point of view. Stainless steel mesh for snake proofing works easily for more than 30 years and that is a privilege for durability.

A lesser-known solution

Not many people know but Slinkys work great when it comes to snake-proofing the bird box. If you are not talking about the cage, specifically, you can use the old toy slinky and attach it to the bottom of the birdhouse. Make sure to let it dangle freely.

The best part about the Slinkys is that it will also keep away squirrels and form claims and therefore, the snake won’t get attracted to the cage/birdhouse/bird box anymore. It is easy to install and does not take a whole day of your effort.


If you are continuously seeing snakes around your bird cage, find out if you have too many reptiles or animals such as moles and rats or not. Snakes have an amazing sense of smell and they smell the animals for hunting. Therefore, you should consider using the best snake and mole repellent formula for the best bid’s safety. After that, keep the grass trim and short so that snakes do not hide under the heap.

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