How to Snake Proof Your Garage? Simple Step to Follow

How to Snake Proof Your GarageCatching a snake in the garage is one of the terrifying experiences. But if you are a vigilante, you would already know how to snake-proof your garage from both venomous and non-venomous snakes.

No doubt, snakes and reptiles possess a high level of handling capabilities. Therefore, you cannot easily judge where the snake has crawled in and how you get rid of it without getting bitten. It is always best to keep them off in the first place rather than finding and removing them once they are inside your garage.

If you have a garage where snake entry is nothing strange, this article is letting you know the solution to that. So let’s find out ways that help you to make your garage snake-proof.

How to Snake Proof Your Garage

A garage is a risky place no because you have a lot of work here, but it has many hidden places. The heap of boxes, tools, equipment, and a lot of things offer a cool and shady place for reptiles to make their place. That said, if you have rodents and mice in your garage you are most likely to be in a snake company. So here is how you can make the garage snake-proof.

Install the fence

The first or maybe the second thing to do for making your garage snake-proof is to install the door fence or mesh that leaves no space behind. The garage entrance should be secured so that the rodents and snakes stay away.

Fill up holes and crack

If you are wondering about the very first step for making a garage snake-proof, it should be to remove holes. While you cannot carry ground holes, you can remove them by filling them up with mud or cement. Also, repair the flooring if it features fissures and lots of cracks. Make sure the shelves are fully repaired and there is no place for snakes to hide within, underneath, or anywhere else.

Remove heaps and junk

They say cleanliness is half faith. And when considering making the garage snake-proof it works rightfully. Snakes and reptiles are always in a search of something cool and shady to hide them. Therefore you should not keep heaps of empty boxes and other stuff that invites snakes.

As you know, a garage is a place for DIY work. You need to be careful to keep things well-organized. Simply keep the floor clean and spacious to spot any reptiles or insects.

Keep the plants and bushes trim

If your garage is surrounded by a lot of bushes and plants you need to keep it well-trimmed. Therefore you need to keep it trimmed and well-managed. The leaves should be short so that rodents do not hide within.

This is a crucial step to making your garage snake-proof and it will certainly decrease the chances of snakes and more. When it comes to trimming the plants, you should also keep an eye to remove all the hiding spots such as heaps of pebbles and other such as vulnerable places.

Use snake repellent

If you haven’t used the best snake repellent or pesticide, it’s about time. Choose the most quality formula that is safe for plants and pets and use it as per the direction. You can also choose the solar snake repellent and spray formula that especially works best in narrow spaces. Keep away unwanted pests, insects, moles, and reptiles and that is a way to keep your garage free from snakes.

When it comes to using snake repellent you need to opt for smells that are pungent for snakes. Choose cinnamon oil, lavender, garlic, onion, and other such herbs that naturally remove snakes. Whichever smell you pick, make sure nobody is allergic to it. After all, you want to repel snakes and no humans!


That’s how simple it was! All of the snake-proofing ways mentioned in this article are paved and would bring you a positive result when you want to clear the snake’s unwanted presence. However, which tips suit you the best all depend upon you. We hope now you have a narrow down direction in keeping your garage a safer place than it was before.

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