How Do Snakes Get In Car Vents?

How Do Snakes Get In Car VentsSeeing those legless snakes crawling and slithering on the ground can make anyone wonder about how they move forward. However, nature is wonderful in its way, and snakes; are exceptional in crawling in places.

If you own a car and have to drive miles away on a regular basis, keeping a proper check of your car about its tuning and maintenance also means keeping it away from venomous snakes. Here are multiple cases of seeing snakes inside the car and the reason could be any. However, how snakes get in the car vent is still something that many people are talking about recently.

So in this article, we will find out how a snake can end up in a car through its vent and why would they follow a vehicle like a car in the first place. Let’s find out.

How Do Snakes Get In Car Vents

Snakes are pretty adaptive. And for them to fix it in narrow places like cracked flooring, walls and tight spots does not come as a major challenge. Therefore, there is no surprise when you talk about how snakes get in the car vent.

Since snakes are very flexible the snake can fit into narrow places, the car vent tends to be a major inviting spot somehow, and however, it is usually sealed. They can make their way through the car vent by using the air ducts. Using the evaporator unit of the car air conditioning duct area, the snake can make its way into your car.

But the good part here is that the snake would rarely make its way through the car vent to get into your car. Cars are not the best place for snakes to hide as a rule, but certain things can attract snakes in your car.

Why attract snake in the car

The warmth of the car can attract the snake if its engine. However, if it’s hot outside, the cool and shady place of the car can become the ideal spot for snake hiding.

Food and its smell

If you eat food in the car, it can attract snakes. And if no snakes preferably, then rodents and reptiles would surely come in your car, and to follow the snake would end up in your car. Therefore, earning out is recommended.

Leaving pets in your car

If you have left your pet in the car while keeping its doors open, the snake can come in and hunt your pet for sure. Therefore, you should keep the door closed and make sure the pet is not in the car alone. So, if you want to prevent snakes from getting into your car, you better not leave pets inside the car.


If you see a snake near you, such as in the car’s vent, getting frightened is normal. But if you have read this article, acting sanely and not losing your sense is something that we expect from you.

In addition to that, if you don’t know whether the snake is venomous or non-venomous, you need to move and make a safe distance from it. Moreover, call an expert snake catcher to remove it from your car.

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