How to Tell If a Snake Is Poisonous By Color

How to Tell If a Snake Is Poisonous By ColorJust imagine, you are screaming and just on the verge of having a panic attack at the sight of a snake that isn’t even venomous. Sounds like you have been taken in by the snake! That is the reason why you should know how to tell if a snake is poisonous by its color.

If you could just tell about its danger level just by the sight of it, it can not only save you from any possible trauma but also tell you that you are a genius person. Snakes are of several kinds, and all of them are not dangerous to humans or you can say that they are not fatal.

Mostly when you go in the woods or on a trail, coming across snakes is something that happens in most cases. So, in this article, we shall inspect how you can readily tell if the snake is poisonous or not by just looking at its skin color. Here we go!

How to Tell If a Snake Is Poisonous By Color

If you are somewhere where there is a likelihood of snakes, knowing which snake is poisonous can save your life. There are many species of snakes that are non-venomous however due to their striking seminaries with the dangerous ones, humans often get fooled. Mostly, if you are in Australia and encounter a snake, you need to run and get out of its sight as soon as possible because they are dangerous.

In common, if the snake’s color is yellow and yellow touches the white part, then it is a poisonous snake. Furthermore, the typical poisonous snakes are brighter in their skin colors. The bright colors of reptiles, insects, and frogs indicate their venomous and dangerous being.

Colors that indicate the venomous nature of a snake

Snakes are dangerous, but they cannot be, at times. Below we shall take a look at those prominent colors in snakes that are dangerous for humans if they get bitten by them.

If you have seen the Blue Malaysian coral snake, it is a dark blue hue or black scale with white-colored stripes on it. This snake has a red-tip tail which is vibrant in red color, and that is venomous. The poisonous level of Blue Malaysian coral is so high that a human can die in five seconds after being bitten by it. Be very watchful!

Green bush viper is the next venomous snake that is commonly found in the central part of Africa. For its color, it has a vibrant green to a yellow color scale and its fully poisonous nature is so intense that it can kill any human on the spot.

The snake with green to a yellow scale known as boomslang is another venomous snake that is sound in Africa. Its green and yellow color combo may look pleasing to sight but it is dangerous for sure. Mostly, the bite of the boomslang snake causes excessive internal bleeding and tissue/organ damage. However, these snakes are relatively passive.

Are all brightly-colored snakes venomous?

Nature is astonishing and sometimes you see wonderful and kind of thrilling aspects every now and then. Talking about snakes and their poisonous nature, there is uncertainty. The rule is not all brightly-colored snakes are venomous. In the world of the wild, especially snakes, there is a thing called mimicry.

Mimicry is the state in which a non-venomous snake can pretend and transform its color pattern that is pretty much similar to a venomous snake. For example, the scarlet Kingsnale with a red, black and yellow scale pattern looks similar to the eastern coral snake that is poisonous but the scarlet snake isn’t.


Although snakes are unpredictable due to their venomous nature, most of them are pretty fatal to humans. However, if you know someone with their common behaviors it becomes somewhat easier to save your life. Moreover, if you are out in the woods, having Snake Bite Proof Gloves, or a protected outfit that is dedicated such as Snake Bite Proof Boots can save your life for sure.


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