How to Make Snake Repellent?

How Make Snake RepellentThe fear of snakes is obvious. There are by no means human friends and that’s why you need to take every precautionary measure to keep out venomous and non-venomous snakes. If you live somewhere in a remote area where calling a professional snake catcher isn’t possible, making your own custom snake reptile does a wonderful job.

And for that, you need to know about ingredients that keep off snakes and reptiles efficiently. So if you are wondering about how to make snake repellent on your own this post is all that you need to go through.

Let’s not wait here any further and find out how you can make your own snake repellent at home without spending thousands of dollars on expensive formulations.

How to Make Snake Repellent

If you are someone who likes to make our own DIY custom remedies, this article would be an interesting read. Snakes are like any reptile in many respects. For instance, they are excellent at hiding, like to stay in cool and dark spots such as damp water, standing water spots, under pebbles and rocks and they are pretty vigilant in hiding in cracks.

However, unlike many other reptiles, snakes can be fatal and they are usually sneakier than any other reptiles. That is why you need to only deal with the snake if you know they are not venomous. Talking about making snake repellents there are certain smells that do not go well with snakes and they instantly leave the place due to their sharp and pungent nature.

Below we are presenting you with an array of both natural and non-natural snake repellents that you can make for avoiding snakes at home! The natural snake repellents are:


Vinegar is easily found in almost every home and that is why it becomes the best snake repellent that you can make. Simple sprinkling on the doorways and where the snake can end will bring the best result and the snake will leave the area for sure. You can also use it near water bodies, standing water sports and swimming pools. Preferably use white vinegar.


This is one of the most easily found and common ingredients that are best for keeping snakes. It works best for preventing you from snakes plus it’s natural. It is commonly found in mothballs and its smell readily irritates snakes’ smelling sensors and they will leave the place.


Sulfur is one of the top names for snake repellent. The sulfur in its powder form works efficiently for snake repellent and you can make your own snake repellent formula by using its powder around your home and the premises.

The sulfur instantly irritates the snake’s skin and preferably it will not return to your place if you keep using it and remove it in the sauce that is enticing snakes. Make sure to wear a mask when you are applying a sulfur coat since it gives off a pretty pungent smell/odor and you should cover your nose.

Clove and cinnamon

If you don’t have vinegar or sulfur powder at home, you can still make the snake repellent by using clove and cinnamon oil. The smell of these oils will shoo away snakes and various other reptiles as well. The mixture of cinnamon and clove will repel the snake if you keep using it. You can make this spray in a bottle and it can be used indoors as a fumigant without any adverse effects on humans.

Garlic and Onions

Similar to many other herbs and plants, onion and garlic smell also keep out snakes and you can use it for sure to make your own snake repellent. The sulfonic acid in onion and garlic works well for preventing snake entry into your house and its effectiveness is proven.

Salt and garlic

Similar to the above-mentioned remedy, this one is also great. The mixture of salt and garlic is a natural snake repellent and it works great as well. Moreover, salt is the best home ingredient that is ideal for keeping things hygienic to the most. For making this home repellent, you need to mix a 50-50 portion of both salt and garlic that is finely crushed.

This remedy is great because salt irritates the snake’s skin and garlic works to repel it, hence the snake instantly leaves the place instead of hiding somewhere else.


The mixture of lime and hot pepper/peppermint works ideal when I come to snake repelling and her less incoming. You just have to pour the mixture around your house, doorways, entrance, and any palace where you feel the snake can come. It works best and its smell and fumes would irritate snakeskin and its smelling sensor. The result would be that the snake would prefer to leave your place.

Plant wormwood

The beauty of nature is that it never disappoints us. If you cannot use garlic or onion for its pungent smell. It’s similar to lemongrass and it instantly helps you to repel snakes. Although it has its pungent smell, you would not hate it, preferably.

Sharp mulch

Another way to keep the snake away and make the natural snake repellent at home is to prepare sharp mulch. For that, you can use items such as eggshells and coral. However, eggshells are subjected to multiple views on their efficiency.


When you are making your own snake repellent, keep an eye on everything that has a pungent smell. And if you have run out of essential oils, and home spices, you can use smoke to avoid snakes. Simply light up a smoke in a small quantity as you do a barbecue grill and let it burn for a few houses so that the smell works the best. You can keep the smoke burning for a day if you can bear it.


Home-made and making your own custom snake repellent works wonderfully well if you know the exact ratio and its intensity. However, it may not repel even species of snake and they may come into your house or territory for some reasons.

Therefore, we recommend you opt for a professional and powerful snake repellent formulation and install solar snake repellent devices. However, if you don’t have anything at home, then herbs and the pungent smell of cinnamon and garlic will certainly repel snakes and many more roads that are attracting snakes.

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