How to Snake Proof Your Yard? – 8 Steps to Follow for Safety

How to Snake Proof Your Yard

Snakes are like those unwelcoming guests that can show up on your doorstep unannounced at any time of the day.

Poisonous or non-poisonous, their presence alone in your yard/lawn is enough to freeze you from terror and force you to go under house arrest.

A snake will decide to dwell as a permanent resident on your property if the place meets all or some of its requirements.

I am sure no one wants these terror-causing, crawling creatures to form a liking for their territory. There are several steps that you can follow to make your abode as unwelcoming and unattractive for them as humanly possible.

Here’s How to Snake Proof Your Yard The Right Way

These simple remedies will not only prevent the unwelcoming reptile from stumbling upon your property but also force the existing ones to migrate to more favorable locations.

  • Maintain a Neat Yard

Yards and gardens looking like uninhabited wildlands, covered with tall and unruly grass, shrubs and bushes, are like dreamlands for snakes. The first and foremost thing is to mow your yard and keep the grass short. Also, remove unwanted growths and vegetation, piles of wood, leaves and clippings to take away possible sheltering spots from these slithering creatures.

  • Remove Snake-Friendly Hiding Spots

Snakes are like spies/covert ops agents. They love to lurk in such cracks and corners where you can’t see them. For instance, they prefer to sneak under rocks to hide from the heat and prying eyes. These sneaky places hold more attraction for them because they’re also hideouts for vermin, rodents and frogs upon which snakes happily feed on.

Other snake-friendly accommodations are rock walls and other such structures littered with cracks and holes. Fill in these cavities and other such holes in your yard to eliminate these snake attraction places.

  • Discard the Bait

As mentioned above, insects, toads, pests and rodents are gourmet meals for snakes. Regularly treat your property, naturally or through a chemical process, to rid the territory of vermin and rodents that attract snakes and other reptiles towards your yard. The fewer the baits in your land, the lesser will be the likelihood of snakes getting attracted to your property.

Also, make sure that you place mice and rat baits beyond the reach of your pets and children, such as in furrows and off-the-ground places. Moreover, closely monitor the rat traps to destroy the catch as soon as humanly possible.

  • Eliminate Indirect Food Sources

Food scraps tempt rodents and snakes to regularly visit your property, thereby encouraging snakes to dwell there. You can eliminate this indirect siren call for snakes by properly disposing of food scraps in trashcans and waste bins. Tightly seal the lids on your garbage cans, whether they’re inside or outside the house, to discourage rodents. Besides, regularly remove the leftover seeds under your bird feeders to avoid luring mice and rats.

Either feed your pets indoors or clean up the place and dishes the second they finish eating. Keep pet food and bird seeds in plastic and metal containers with tight lids to reduce the temptation for rats and insects.

  • Protecting Birds & Poultry

If you have domestic fowls and birds around the house, make sure you cover chook pens and residents of your aviaries to prevent them from becoming preys. Unprotected birds and poultry are easy preys for snakes. Also, maintaining a clean and tidy pen will deter rodents from visiting your property.

  • Eliminate Excessive Moisture

Avoid overwatering your yard/ garden as excessive moisture attracts amphibians, rodents, birds and insects – a menu that snakes love to eat. Prevent water from pooling and fix leaky taps and water sources for the same reasons.

  • Snake Repellents

Snake repellents are a 100% guarantee against snakes and other unwanted visitors. Use snake repellent electronic device or chemical substance around your yard to ward off visits from snakes, other reptiles, rodents and insects. It is a misconception that these techniques are harmful to the environment and pets. Nowadays, companies prefer to manufacture environment and eco-friendly snake-repellers.

  •  Snake-Proof Fencing

Seal off your property on snakes by installing a snake-proof fence all around your yard and home. This fencing, usually made of plastic sheets, steel mesh or catch net, forms a Fort Knox around the land to make it impossible for the slithering creature to enter your property.


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