How to Use Cinnamon Oil for Snake Repellent?

How Use Cinnamon Oil for Snake RepellentIf you are the one who mostly leans on natural snake repellent remedies, then cinnamon oil is the one the name that comes first. As you know, most natural plants have powerful properties and the most definitive smell is that smell which is being used by experts for curing a number of ailments.

However, due to the pungent smell, some herbs including cinnamon are widely used to repel snakes. For those who don’t know anything about cinnamon for snake prevention, this article is going to be an insightful read.

So let’s not wait here and find out more info on how to use cinnamon oil for snake repellent effectively.

Is cinnamon effective for repelling snakes?

Mainly cinnamon and its oil have the powerful property that irritates the snake sling sensors. Since the snake is exceptional and a very good reptile when it comes to sense and smell, therefore the pungent smells of cinnamon instantly disturb the snake, and hence they prefer to leave the place.

That is the reason why many professional brands use the cinnamon base ingredients in the snake repellent spray of granules formulation for human-friendly formulation. It does not damage your plants for outdoor usage. In short, cinnamon is an excellent snake repellent due to its strong smell!

How to Use Cinnamon Oil for Snake Repellent

If you are using the snake repellent formulation, most preferably, you need to follow the directions that the user’s manual comes with. It will tell you everything about how much quantity you need to use. However, if you are using cinnamon oil then you can sprinkle it on the woods, pebbles, and the door entrance from where the snake can enter your house.

However, if you have to walk in the hall you can drop a few drops of cinnamon oil on the cotton or on the cloth and rub it onto the floor. Its smell will remain here for hours and it will prevent snakes from coming there.

For dry cinnamon sticks

The dry cinnamon sticks are also useful when it comes to repelling and fin against snake presence. For that, you only need to put the dry sticks of cinnamon on the doorway of our home, garage, or any other place that you are sin snakes and that is all. Its strong smell will keep off snakes and many other rodents as well.

Make the spray bottle

If you want to get rid of the snake that has just crawled into the hole in the tight spot you need to grab a spray bottle and make the mixture of clove and cinnamon oil and put some essential oil within as well. The oil


The smell of cinnamon oil makes it hard for snakes to breathe and hence they will go out in search of fresh air. If you lean on the cinnamon remedy for keeping off snakes, we recommend you find the reason why the snake is there at your place. If you have plenty of rodents, you need to cut back their presence. Using cinnamon oil for avoiding snakes is not a hard thing to do, and we hope this article has cleared many of your concerns on how to use it!


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