How to Use Essential Oils to Repel Snakes?

How Use Essential Oils to Repel SnakesNot many people know the exact and precise of essential oils. While they are best for care and beauty, essential oils have been in use in many household works for ages. That said, if you are annoyed by snakes, you can consider using the essential oil remedy for sure. However, if you don’t know how to use essential oils to repel snakes, it’s important to find out before you misuse the expensive oils!

As you already know, snakes and reptiles do not like pungent smells, especially ones that stay for long. Therefore, essential oil makes their powerful and result-oriented entry to repel and fight against snake presence.

But you cannot just throw oil all over the replacement because you have seen a snake. That would probably repel both snakes and humans due to the slippery floor! So if you are eager to know its right application and usage stay till the end of the article.

How do you use essential oils to repel snakes?

Essential oil features the fine qualities of penetration into the skin plus its aromatic approach makes the snake’s skin irritate. It’s very uncomfortable for snakes to crawl where you have used this oil. The molecule gets into the snake or replies to skin and hence they would preferably leave the place.

If you think snakes damage gardens, you are wrong. Snakes do not like to eat or ruin the garden flowers and therefore you can stay satisfied for that matter. However, it is rodents and reptiles that cause harm to your flowerbed and also invite snakes to the garden because snakes are hunters. So when it comes to repelling snakes using essential oils is a great left option.

  •         For its usage, you simply have to pour a few drops of the oil on the cotton and rub it onto the floors, and the area from where snakes are coming into your house.
  •         For the outdoor area, you can sprinkle the essential oil and make sure it stays there and mud does not cover it to curb the smell. Since essential oils are natural hence you should not have any concern about damaging your pets, plants, or anything that comes in contact with it.
  •         For its usage in tight spots, you can also make a spray bottle and you can combine 08 oz. of any essential oil such as be cinnamon, clove, or eugenol, .08 oz. of the sodium lauryl sulfate, and 7.84 oz. of water to make one cup. That will make it an ideal solution that strongly keeps away snakes and reptiles that invite snakes. The spray is best for reaching new places such as in cracks, holes, and fissures.
  •         Moreover, you can dampen a cloth on essential oil and place it in your room to create a fumigate effect and it will work best as well.

Common essential oils that repel snakes

Essentials can be used for plants due to their natural approach. That is the reason why it is the best remedy for house owners. The effect of essential oil surely keeps away snakes and there are many types of oils that work wonderfully well. Here are the most common oils that work amazingly to repel snakes.

  •         Clove essential oil
  •         Cinnamon essential oil
  •         Cedarwood essential oil
  •         Lemongrass essential oil
  •         Garlic essential oil
  •         Peppermint essential oil
  •         Palmarosa essential oil
  •         Rosemary essential oil
  •         Sage essential oil
  •         Juniper berry essential oil
  •         Lavender essential oil

There can be more oils and you can also make the combination of multiple oils with the exact ratio to be known. However, if you have a super venomous snake at home, it is better to call a snake catcher service and not repel the snake in an unknown direction.


There are multiple ways to drive away snakes. The essential oil remedy is one of the most budget solutions of all. While essential as a regular home item you also have the assurance of its natural and harm-free performance.

Additionally, its smell won’t cause the pets and kids any harm. In a nutshell, using essential oils is ideal for keeping snakes away when you have found out the reason why snakes are in your house or around it.

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