How to Use Irish Spring Soap to Repel Snakes?

How Use Irish Spring Soap to Repel SnakesWhen you have so many solutions to fight a problem, it becomes easier to deal with. And for a problem like a snake, you cannot go wrong to use the most effective and ideal solution to keep it away from you.

The good thing about reptiles is they don’t like fragrance, aroma, or pungent smell. Since there are many homemade solutions to repel snakes be it from our kitchen cabinet or anywhere else the use of Irish soap has always been the most highlighted one.

So today we shall talk about the much-talkative topic of how to use Irish Spring soap to repel snakes.

How to Use Irish Spring Soap to Repel Snakes

Before you get to know about how to use Irish Spring soap, let’s just know what it is in the first place? Basically, this is an American daily soap that many people used to use for bathing purposes.

However, with its and due to its strong smell it was started to be used for repelling snakes and the results are positive. Irish spring soap uses the NACL as major content followed by other chemicals that repel bacteria instantly.

Irish Spring soap is the ideal solution for bacterial and germs removal plus the aromatic feel works well for refreshing the body. Moreover, it also works great for repelling and preventing snakes from your place. But the question is still the same, how to use an Irish Spring soap for repelling snakes?

For its usage, you simply have to cut it into small pieces and scatter them or place them in the corner from where the snakes come out. You can use it indoors and outdoors equally well and its smell does not harm you as it is just a daily soap.

However, for snakes, it would create the pungent aroma that they hate and they would soon leave the place. Also, you can put ammonia into the soap to make a strong mixture.

Does Irish spring soap only repel snakes?

The good part of this soap is that it is efficient to repel many reptiles and insects as well. Mainly gardeners use this soap and it works well for keeping not only snakes but also reptiles of many species


Apart from that, his soap will keep off regular home mice and that brings you safety if you have flowerbeds and careful stuff that usually gets destroyed by mice. The fact is rodents do not like pungent smells and that is why they would leave a place that smells pungent and strong. For mice, they cannot breathe due to the soap smell.


You might not know, but Irish Sprinkle soap is also best to keep away deer. In fact, animals that feed on leaves hate the pungent and strong smell. Since Irish soap is notorious for its aroma, it is great to keep anything off that hate strong and prevailing smell.

So if you live somewhere stage and deer are in abundance, you can place Irish soap and that will work great for your homemade garden as being an anti-deer


Irish sprinkled soap also works the best to prevent rabbits. If you have a vegetable garden at home, you need to sprinkle a few pieces of soap and they will leave the place. Its strong and pungent smell will keep them at bay.

So as far as the rabbits are concerned they also hate pungent smells and therefore they would search for a place where you have not used the Irish Sprinkle soap! If you have a lot of annoying and active rabbits who are attracting snakes, you can consider using this Irish soap reedy to keep both off and away from your lawn.


Many people are using Irish spring sap to repel snakes due to its strong and pungent smell. However, it may not repel all kinds of snakes so you need to be watchful.

Preferably,  you should find out why snakes are following and making their way into your house, and after that, you need to use the repellent accordingly. But majorly, this soap solution is effective and it is best for use outdoors, in garages, and places where snakes can be in abundance.



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