How to Use Snake Repellent Powder? Without Messing Around

How to Use Snake Repellent Powder?People show dissatisfaction with snake-repellent powders, complaining that these things are a total failure. On the other hand, many users won’t stop raving about the effectiveness of the same snake repellents. If that same substance works for them and not for you, you must have applied it wrong. You can avoid the whole complaining and disappointment episode if you know how to use snake repellent powder accurately.

I learned the entire application process through videos and tutorials. And believe me, it is super, super easy. Just a few steps and precautions; that’s all you need to learn. Afterwards, you will successfully ban the entry of snakes into your territory.

I have shared the guidelines in the article below. So, let’s begin and put a full stop to the era of annoyance and dissatisfaction.

How to Use Snake Repellent Powder

The right way to apply snake repellent powder on a property involves just a few steps. So, remembering them for future reference won’t be a challenge. Following are the steps that you need to follow.

  1.  Pick Desired Areas

First, you need to locate areas where there is frequent snake activity. Usually, snakes take refuge in gardens, basements, attics, vents, under porches and dense shrubbery or piles of debris or scrap.

You should target these common snake harborage locations for snake repellent powder application.

  1. Draw Barriers

You should spread the powder in the form of bands/strips, approximately 10-30cm wide, around the areas where you have observed frequent snake activity. Remember that the wider the band is, the more challenging it will be for the snake to cross it.

You are forming an invisible odour barrier in this way to ban snakes’ entry into treated spots.

I go an extra mile and scatter the substance around the entire perimeter of my property to completely ban snake entry. You can do the same to keep these slithering organisms and other pests out of your territory.

  1. Scatter it Randomly

A large and bulky snake might slither across the powder strip. To prevent that from happening, scatter the repellent haphazardly away from the band. You can sprinkle the substance on the sides to fully shield that area. This random scattering of powder makes it harder for daring and wandering snakes to slither beyond your drawn boundary.

  1. Reapplication

Snake repellent in powder or granular form can be easily washed or flooded away with water. For instance, heavy rain will wash the substance away. Similarly, if you rinse the place with a heavy stream of water, the powder or granules will go down the drain again.

Therefore, you should re-apply the repellent whenever it rains or you wash the area. This way the effect of the repellent will continue to linger in the area, making snakes reluctant to enter the premises.

Regular re-application is also necessary because these repellents are effective only for a short time, probably for a couple of days or weeks.

  1. Necessary Precautions

Although many powder repellents are eco-friendly and non-toxic, protective measures are mandatory. Such as:

  • You should protect your eyes, nose and hands while applying the substance. Wear protective goggles, a mask and gloves for that.
  • Keep it beyond your children’s and pets’ access.
  • Keep the product away from your food articles.
  • Store the repellent in a sealed container and place it in a humid-free and cool place.
  • Don’t pour the repellent directly into the water.
  • Discard the pouch or jar when it gets empty. Don’t reuse it.
  • Take a bath and change your clothing after handling the repellent.
  • These repellents have intense aromas that humans find unpleasant. So, choose products having essential oils as ingredients because their odour is tolerable.


Snake repellent powder or any other repellent will work only when applied accurately. You no more have to wonder about how to use snake repellent powder correctly because I have shared the step-by-step guide above. If you apply the substance the right way, neither the product will go to waste nor fail to give the desired results. Whenever you deal with such chemicals and commercial products, don’t forget to follow precautions. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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