Irish Setter Vaprtrek Snake Boots Review 2023 – Explained

Irish Setter Vaprtrek Snake Boots ReviewsIrish Setter introduced these Varptrek Snakeproof Boots to help hunters, explorers and climbers fight a majority of the factors.

Factors like snakebites, scrapes, blisters or soaked and sweaty feet – that could turn an enjoyable expedition/hunt into a nightmare.

These boots with their badass look and tough construction promise to protect you from the underlined unpleasant circumstances to make sure your adventure goes as planned.

The boots are rugged and robust yet extremely lightweight to help you maintain a steady walking pace despite the roughness of the terrain.

You can know further details in the review below along with their pros and cons.

But, considering the long list of pros, it is safe to say that these are one of the best waterproof hunting boots that money could buy.

So, if you want absolute protection from unpleasant snakebites and weather conditions, purchase Irish Setter Varptrek Snake Boots.

What Makes Irish Setter Vaprtrek Snake Boots Stand Out?

The most distinguishing aspect of these snakeproof boots is that they are extremely rugged and durable, but the bulky appearance is only an illusion. In reality, they are ultra-lightweight to ensure you don’t feel like dragging cement blocks instead of feet after walking in them for a few minutes.

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Our Irish Setter Vaprtrek Snake Boots Review

These boots have a badass look and feel, which is exactly what you need to fight off the threats wilderness contains in the form of snake fangs and other piercing elements.

The blend of leather and synthetic texture combined with SnakeGuard construction makes it one hell of tough footwear, making it impossible for lethal fangs, needle-sharp thorns or another such pointy element to cut through it to reach the skin.

With these boots on, you can be sure of the safety of your lower leg.

An unexpected snake encounter is one of the many unpleasant occurrences. What about soaking, sweaty or stinky feet? Yuck! Lucky you, you will not have to bear this discomfort because these boots have a special UltraDry waterproofing system and ScentBan technology.

This means not only can you wade through muddy lands and streams, but do that without worrying about wetting your feet could produce a bacteria-causing stench.

If read between the lines, this also implies that you can spend a considerable portion of your day or night on foot without having sweaty feet even when the temperature is uncomfortably hot.

Another highlighting feature is their rubberized sole to offer remarkable traction on any tough and uneven surface.

The rubberized texture is extended to the toes area and a greater part of the side foot to make sure no part of your foot is vulnerable.

Perhaps it is the aim of achieving this ironclad protection that the manufacturers have employed a front-lace mechanism for tying these boots.

Although the laces get caught in bushes, the silver lining is that they allow a snug fit to ensure neither snakes and insects can slither in nor the feet can wiggle to hinder the movement of feet.

These boots look bulky, but that’s just an illusion. Thanks to the use of RPM technology, they are pleasingly lightweight.

With that being said, these hunting boots are worth buying, especially if you’re looking for ruggedly constructed lightweight boots with extra protection.


These hunting boots are composed of a combination of grained leather and synthetic materials to make them unbreachable.

The addition of abrasion-resistant protective coating and SnakeGuard technology does make them look like a fortified castle where vicious enemies like snake fangs and other sharp objects are unable to breach through, let alone pierce your skin.

The shaft is made 17 inches tall, which means this ironclad shielding is extended to your knee.

Moreover, the camouflaged print helps you move surreptitiously through the territory to neither spook your prey nor attract the unwanted attention of creatures in the surrounding.

Waterproof & Scent-Resistant

Now, that’s where these boots strike all the right notes. These aren’t just waterproof, but also scent-proof.

Meaning, the outer layering with UltraDry waterproofing mechanism prevents the water to seep into the boot to keep the feet dry while the internal linings have special ScentBan technology to kill the bacteria-causing stench.

Decoding into layman’s term says that you would be able to spend all day in these; stride through wetlands, marshes, rainforests, streams etc. and still have dry and clean feet.

Rubberized Sole

These are some of the best hunting boots because the sole is rubberized and extremely rugged to neither tear apart nor slip while tramping through rocky and rough terrains. The rubberized texture expands to the toes and side of the foot too. By doing so, not only the manufacturers have ensured the ironclad safety of the feet but also increased traction and comfort.


  • Rugged and lightweight construction.
  • Waterproof and stench-resistant.
  • Rubberized sole and toes promote traction.
  • Leather and synthetic texture with SnakeGuard technology form an impenetrable barrier for piercing elements.
  • A laced front enables the wearer to get a snug fit.
  • 17-inch shaft protects leg up to the knee.


  • Lacing system is a snag.
  • Waterproofing needs improvement.
  • A bit expensive.

Why Should One Buy Irish Setter Vaprtrek Snake Boots?

Hardcore hunters and outdoor adventurers are advised to buy Irish Setter Vaprtrek Snake Boots because they are a guaranteed way to protect feet from painful snakebites and uncomfortable sweaty and stinky feeling. Also, the lightweight design and camouflaged appearance enable hunters to move stealthily and surreptitiously to not alert the prey.

Final Verdict

Irish Setter Varptrek hunting boots are hands-down one of the best waterproof snake boots for warm weather because, alongside protection from piercing fangs and thorns, they also protect feet from the annoyance of sweat and stinking when worn for hours. For rugged-looking boots, these are surprisingly very lightweight to promote mobility. In conclusion, if you want high-quality snakeproof boots with 100% safety from snakebites and unpleasant odour, buy Irish Setter Varptrek snake boots. They’re slightly expensive, but the safety and comfort will not make you regret the cash spent.

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