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Justin Snake Boots ReviewsJustin Stampede Snake Boots have a casual look, but they carry all the features of reliable snakeproof boots to be conveniently worn both for daily work in outdoor places and specialised occasions like hunting, hiking, climbing etc.

The quality and craftsmanship are so great that one might mistake them for top-of-the-line, expensive boots.

The manufacturers have used rugged nylon and leather material with snake guard function to provide absolute protection to feet and lower leg, the area that is more exposed to snakebites when working outdoors or wading through the wilderness.

Weather can change unexpectedly in an outdoor environment which is why these have a waterproofing layer to keep feet dry.

The structure of the toe and sole are designed in a manner that provides maximum support and traction to the feet to enable users to carry on with their journey in as natural a gait as possible on any terrain.

There’s a lot that you still need to know about these shoes. The in-depth review below sheds light on every nitty-gritty detail of these work boots to highlight those facts that make them special.

With all said and done, if you need a durable and tough pair of snakeproof boots that can be worn for any outdoor activity without compromising safety and comfort, don’t ponder and order Justin Original Work Stampede Work Boots.

What Makes Justin Snake Boots Stand Apart?

These hunting boots have a rough and tough exterior yet there interior is extremely comfortable and soft to allow hunters/workers to have them on for an entire day. Also, the quality and craftsmanship resonate with more expensive boots, yet the pricing is kept affordable.

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Our Justin Snake Boots Review

Protection and comfort should go hand in hand. This is the rule that is followed to the line by Justin Original work Stampede Snake Boots. Giving off a cowboy vibe, these boots have a rough and tough outlook, but in reality, they’re a total softie when it comes to comfort. Fabricated from synthetic and high-quality leather materials along with a snake guard feature results in effective blocking of fangs, venomous or non-venomous, and puncturing thorns.

The shaft measures 17-inch in length, which means this 360-degree shielding is extended to your knees. It would suck to survive deadly snakebites only to lose to the weather or terrain conditions, wouldn’t it? Well, not exactly because Justin has made this footwear waterproof. If I state it in a simpler term, this suggests that you can choose swamplands, wetlands, jungles or any other remote territory without hesitation because these hunting boots will not bail out on you.

Alluding to the aforementioned softie part, they’re like armour around your lower leg, but without the stiffness part. You realise how soft and comfortable they are the second your feet are cushioned in its internal J-flex construction.

Moreover, a special Stampede rubber combined with Eva outsole and a squared-toe makes them hard and rebellious in the sense that they do not wear down, chip or slip regardless of the harshness of the terrain. Further promoting the point of user’s comfort and convenience, the boots employ a side zipper for a hassle-free slip-on.

All in all, if you desire to have an all-rounder kind of hunting boots designed to protect and comfort your feet without burning a hole through your pocket, Justin Orginal Work Snake Boots are the footwear to buy.


These cowboy-style boots are crafted from good quality leather and synthetic materials to make them durable and rugged enough to barricade puncturing objects like fangs and thorns to tear through the fabric. Addition of snake guard further ensures that with these on, you’re 100% immune to snakebites. Having a 17-inch shaft means this impenetrable armour goes as far as the knee; 360-degree protection for the lower leg to let you walk through swamplands, taller grass and thick forests with peace of mind. Not only this but your lower leg will also remain dry because the fabric is waterproof.

A side zipper is embedded in the composition to help users slip them on/off in a snap.

Inner Membrane

These are not stiff and tough from inside like actual armour because manufacturers have used J-flex. The use of Tri-density removable insole further accentuates the cushioning to pamper feet in extra comfort, preventing foot aches and at the same time highlighting the fact that they’re comfortable for prolonged use.


Another distinguishing characteristic of these shoes is their square-shaped toe and Stampede rubber Eva outsole. This combination outer structure not only makes it immune to obstructions like abrasion, chipping and tearing but also offer feet anti-slip stable support on all kinds of rough and slippery grounds. Meaning, you will be able to walk like a gazelle no matter how bumpy or rocky the terrain is.


  • Fabricated from rugged leather and synthetic fabric.
  • J-flex cushioning shelters feet in comfort.
  • Waterproofing and snake guard features protect from unwelcoming elements.
  • Rubberised Eva outsole prevents chipping, abrasion and slipping.
  • Square-shaped toe keeps the foot balanced on uneven grounds.
  • Slipping them on/off is easy because of the side zipper.
  • Affordable


  • Fitting is suitable for larger calves.
  • Waterproofing function needs improvement.

Why Should You Buy Justin Snake Boots?

These are more than just snakeproof hunting boots. The all-rounder construction and design can be worn for work too. Besides, for ruggedly-build boots for 100% shielding from snakebites, these are surprisingly very comfortable to not cause even an ounce of discomfort when worn for an extended period.

Final Verdict

Justin Original Work Stampede Snake Boots are loved for their durability, safety and affordability. Their outer construction and insole are a combination of toughness and cushioning to protect the leg without causing pain and discomfort. Besides, they don’t cost a fortune yet last longer than some costlier boots. We recommend this all-rounder pair of boots to those hunters, climbers and workers who want a pair of hunting boots having greater resilience and comfort at a relatively economical price.

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