Lacrosse Snake Boots Review in 2023 – Unbiasedly Reviewed

Lacrosse Snake Boots ReviewFor a hardcore hunter, climber or adventurer it is a tough call to choose between rugged snakeproof boots for ironclad safety and comfy footwear to keep feet calm and comfortable on a day-long hunt.

Lucky for you, Lacrosse has crafted these men’s hunting boots by combining all the ingredients you seek in a single pair.

Tough material for protection against piercing objects; special inner texture to keep your feet dry, dry and comfortable regardless of blazing sun or the humid environment; and of course, affordable price.

These snakeproof boots have a camouflaged appearance to help you blend in perfectly with the surroundings while the longer shaft forms a shield throughout the lower portion of your leg till the knee.

The internal linings with padded sole cushion feet in so much comfort that you could walk for miles on any terrain yet barely feel any blister, abrasion on the skin, stickiness, or odour.

With that being said, buy these snakeproof boots if you want to 100% shield your feet from laser-sharp objects without compromising on style and comfort.

What Makes Lacrosse Snake Boots  Stand Out?

Lacrosse Snakeroof boots stand out from the rest of the clan because every inch of their composition speaks of premium quality and comfort yet the price is very economical to not upset the budget.

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Our Lacrosse Snake Boots Review

These pair of snake boots are the reason why Lacrosse is in the limelight for making best quality premium hunting boots without a significant splurge of money.

Every inch of the camouflaged patterned grained-leather texture screams of durability and reliability.

You will come across professional hunters telling tales of wading through snake-infested territories or densely-populated humid forests and marshes all day in these boots without feeling an ounce of discomfort.

The reason behind such ironclad protection and a high level of comfort lies in its manufacturing.

First, tough leather material containing an abrasion-resistant toe cap and a special Snake Guard prevents needle-sharp fangs or thorns from piercing through the apparel to come in contact with skin.

Meanwhile, the waterproof inner membrane together with special Scent Dry lining and Eva midsole cushions your feet in comfort while keeping them moist and odour-free throughout the day.

No matter how big and burly a hunter you’re, you can easily merge with the surroundings to not just catch your prey off-guard but also keep your enemies, snakes and wild animals, unaware of your presence because of the camouflaged print.

You will once again feel compelled to appreciate Lacrosse’s dedication to providing ultimate convenience and comfort to the wearer once you reach the lacing and zipper mechanism.

The front is fully covered with lace strings paired with a zipper on one side of each boot, giving you a hassle-free putting on/off but also enabling you to acquire a snug fit.

Lastly, having a total of 18” shaft means you get foolproof protection from toe till knee.

So, if you are a serious hunter who doesn’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money on top-quality snakeproof boots, then buy these Lacrosse Venom 18” Hunting Boots.

  • Material

Lacrosse has used 100% grained leather and nylon material in the composition of these snake boots.

This tough texture with a special Snake Guard feature goes all the way up to your knees an 18-inch long shaft – to form an ironclad armour around your lower leg to keep you protected from all kinds of skin-piercing sharp objects, be them snake fangs or thorns on bushes and shrubs.

Moreover, the camouflaged-printed appearance of these boots is to the liking of hardcore hunters and climbers.

Simply put, you could stealthily follow evasive and edgy preys through jungles, forests, marshes etc. without giving away your position. A perfect way to catch the prey off guard.

  • Waterproof Lining

Lacrosse has gone all out with the composition of these boots because their inner material and texture is more appealing than the outer one.

The cushioned Eva midsole along with waterproof internal membrane and special Scent-Dry lining merge to transform this apparel into extraordinary comfortable footwear.

In other words, even if you wear them all day and wade through damp forests and lands, your feet will neither blister nor sweat profusely or stink. This calm and cool feeling will compel you to carry on with your adventure for as long as you want.

  • Fitting

These snake boots are better than many others because, like protection, their fitting is also up to the mark.

The combination of frontal-lace mechanism and side zipper not only helps you slip them on/off in a snap but also ensure a snug fit around the lower leg to not leave room for any slithering creature to crawl into the boot.


  • Ultra-durable leather material.
  • Length is 18-inch to protect leg up to the knee.
  • Waterproof and odour-proof inner lining keeps feet dry and cool.
  • Cushioned sole adds more to comfort.
  • Rugged structure is suitable for trekking through any terrain.
  • Putting them on/off is hassle-free.


  • Laces become cumbersome because they get stuck in bushes and shrubs.
  • Waterproof membrane cannot protect against heavy rain.

Why Should You Purchase Lacrosse Snake Boots?

Lacrosse Venom 18” Hunting Snake Boots are a crime to ignore because these premium hunting snakeproof boots are designed to provide maximum protection both from snakes and unpleasant weather conditions.

Secondly, unlike other superior quality waterproof snake boots, these are very reasonably priced.

Bottom Line

We gave you an insight of Lacrosse Men’s Venom Hunting Boots because these are one of the best premium-quality snake-proof boots that you can purchase without putting a strain on your finances. The exterior and interior of these boots are designed to provide optimum safety from snake bites and thorns without causing discomfort to your feet, even when worn all day in harsh outdoors. All in all, if protection, comfort and affordability are also of paramount importance to you, then you should buy these hunting boots.

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