Most Effective Snake Repellent

Most Effective Snake RepellentSnakes are a crucial component of our ecosystem. So, despite how much the thought of one makes you shudder, you cannot order their mass murder. Otherwise, you will have another curse to deal with, pests and rodents onslaught.

Fortunately, a thing called snake repellent can keep these serpents at bay from your building. Well, not all repellents work successfully on these creepy, crawling monsters. Yikes! However, thanks to the research of zoologists and other wildlife experts, we have a list of the most effective snake repellents. They do the task so well and do it without posing a threat to humans, pets and the environment. A win-win!

Let’s head further to find out what snake repellent options you can consider to prevent these slithering reptiles from entering your abode.

What is a Snake Repellent?

As you can guess from the term, a snake repellent is a substance that repels snakes. It stops these monsters from entering and taking refuge on your property. Snake repellents could be natural or chemically made.

Natural snake repellents usually consist of essential oils and strong-smelling plants. Chemical repellents sometimes contain ingredients that are toxic to snakes. Therefore, snakes don’t dare come near areas where these solutions are sprinkled.

There is another kind of repellent as well, sound repellent. Sound repellents produce specific noise frequencies that snakes find unsettling.

Do Snake Repellents Actually Work?

Honestly, there isn’t any repellent—natural or chemically-made—that will 100% deter snakes. The slithering beasts will crawl right over these substances, much to your chagrin. Even worse, most of these chemical substances are harmful to humans, pets and the environment.

The only effective way to discourage snakes is to eliminate their shelter and food supply. Trust me, fellas, this works 100%. After all, no snake would infringe on your property only to starve to death. Simply put, keep your property clean—no debris, trash, littered pet food and bird feed for rodents— and lawn mowed, and snakes will avoid your place at all cost. 90% of the time!

Most Effective Snake Repellents

Studies show that there are certain repellents that are actually effective. They have been found to get rid of these pesky animals. Yay!

Continue reading to find out.

  1. Snake-A-Way

Well, the name most certainly says it all. But, we need more than that, don’t we? It has promising reviews, not to mention an over 90% repellency rate both for venomous and non-venomous snakes. So, it definitely does what the name claims.

An added benefit is that the product is environment-friendly. It doesn’t harm anyone, neither pets nor snakes. The product just disorients a snake’s olfactory sense organs and forces it to slither away.

One application works for up to 5 weeks. But, you’ll need to reapply sooner if there’s a heavy rainfall because the granules wash away with water.


  1. Ortho Snake B Gon

This one also works. Users prefer this more because it doesn’t smell like many others. If it doesn’t smell, then how does it repulses snakes? It has essential oils that deter the snakes, prevent them from entering and nesting on your property. The no-stink and the rain-resistant formula is safe for humans and pets. So, you can use it liberally around your property. It will keep you worry-free for approximately a month.

  1. Exterminators Choice

This snake repellent comes in the form of a spray. Thus, its application is easy. It’s a blend of essential oils. In other words, there’s no toxic pesticide in it — no danger to humans, pets or plants.

Well, we can’t say the same for snakes, though. The essential oils in it work successfully on both poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. So, it will keep the unwanted serpents at bay for approximately two weeks. We would recommend you to apply it frequently if you live in a wet area.

Effective Sonic Snake Repellents

Here are a couple of sonic snake repellents that are regarded as the best at their job.

  1. Brison Pestrunner Pest Repeller

Looking at the stellar reviews, we can safely assume that the repeller works best on all kinds of pesky pests, including snakes, bugs, roaches and spiders. It uses a blend of sonic, optical and electromagnetic waves that are safe for humans, pets and birds. Not so much for snakes, though.

The use is extremely simple, just plug-and-play. After that, it will not let vermin and other pesky creatures come within an 1100 square feet area. The waves can even penetrate through walls.

Yes, definitely a smart choice. I would totally go for it.

  1. Brison Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

This one is also from Brison and is as good as it can get. It emits sound and electromagnetic waves that mess with the nervous system of all kinds of pests, including snakes, rodents and mosquitoes.

An added benefit is that they are completely harmless to humans. You will not even feel it playing in the background. Besides, it’s also safe for your pets and plants. Just plug it in any room and let it drive the unwanted guests away for good.

Just make sure to keep it away from moisture because it isn’t waterproof.

Some Effective Tricks & Tips

  • Forget everything; GET A CAT! Some zoologists say that even the deadly Black Mamba cannot stand against a cat. Cats aren’t afraid of snakes. They attack to kill snakes.
  • Powdered sulfur and lime solution are also effective home remedies for discouraging snakes. Sulfur has a strong odour that might even burn your nose. So, don’t forget to wear a mask before applying it. Sulfur makes snakes’ skin itchy, forcing them to run away. The same is the case with lime solution, containing hot pepper and peppermint. It emits a pungent smell and strong fumes that irritate the serpent’s skin.



That’s all for now. I have listed some of the best and most effective snake repellents above. They aren’t some alien or extraordinary products. All of them are readily available and don’t cost much. But, they are great at controlling the snake population. You can use any of the discussed repellents to get rid of snakes for good. Even some of the most fearsome snakes stand no chance against these.


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