Rocky Snake Boots Review 2023 – Pros, Cons, Specs & Features

Rocky Snake Boots ReviewsUser’s comfort is the main aim of all of Rocky’s hunting boots, and you can clearly see this aspect in the crafting of these Waterproof Lynx Snake Boots.

Their pricing, appearance, design as well as protection and comfort level all indicate the manufacturer’s dedication towards the user’s convenience.

Whether you’re walking in a wet environment or wading through dry and rocky territories, nothing will stop you from seeing your adventure/hunt through the end.

The emphasis is on the word nothing so painful and venomous snakebites are also out of the picture.

The rugged outer fabric combined with inner cushioning nestles feet in maximum comfort and protection.

Moreover, all-terrain robust soles enable you to cover miles on end without losing traction and tearing.

One would think that such ruggedness and layering will turn the boots into bricks, but they’re pretty lightweight – enough to not wear you down after walking in them for a few hours.

That was just a sneak peek, a preview of these snakeproof boots. The elaborate review with their strengths and weaknesses is waiting for your below.

So, if protection, durability and affordability are your top priorities, the wise decision will be to buy Rocky Waterproof Lynx Snake Boots.

What Makes Rocky Snake Boots Stand Apart?

Rocky Waterproof Lynx Hunting Boots stand apart from typical low-to-mid price footwear because of their sturdy yet lightweight construction and a decent level of protection from venomous snakebites.

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Our Unbiased Rocky Snake Boots Review

When you want to rock your outdoor adventure, Rocky Snake Boots are the best choice for this challenge. The price range is within the affordability window, but the amount of comfort and protection they can offer will blow your mind away.

Firstly, the camouflaged appearance works like an invisibility cloak, helping you hide in plain sight from the prey or merge in the surroundings to avoid unwanted attention.

Snakes have a mind of their own, and if it is one of the venomous ones…? Lord help you. Don’t worry because tough Cordura fabric is here to rescue you from such unexpected deadly encounters

. The material is lightweight – to not feel like bricks tied around feet – yet rugged enough to not allow sharp fangs and thorns to penetrate through.

Rocky has gone all out with protection which is illustrated through abrasion-resistant reinforcement on toes and heels.

It gives you peace of mind because even if you accidentally bump toe to a rock or some other hard surface, the impact will be barely felt, let alone cause you immense pain.

Do you know what else brings you peace of mind? The knowledge that the boots are waterproof and breathable.

It gives you the liberty to explore wetlands or continue with your expedition/hunt even when the sky starts pouring because the moisture will not seep through the boots.

More attractive is that the footbed and midsole have shock-absorbing and impact-resistant qualities. Add ruggedly build ridged soles to the mix and you realize that even if you tramp on gravely and rougher grounds, your feet will not feel the harshness of the terrain.

In short, if you want comfy all-terrain waterproof snake boots at an affordable price, go for Rocky Men’s Lynx Hunting Boots.


To make sure you can walk without fear in areas where snakes live and hide, Rocky has used Cordura textile for the crafting of these hunting boots.

The material is both lightweight yet rugged enough to not let fangs and other such pointy objects to pierce through the fabric and reach the skin.

The shaft is a total of 16-inch in length, which means this impenetrable shield covers lower leg approximately to the knee.

The camouflage design is an extra layer of shielding that protects you from unwanted attention by allowing you to blend with the surrounding trees and bushes and grants you an edge over your prey.

Putting them on is a breeze because of lacing and side zipper. Both tend to get stuck and hinder your movement, but the silver lining is that, along with easy slip-on, they enable you to snugly tie the boot, leaving no room for crawling creatures.

Inner Construction

Aside from protection, another primary aim of Rocky Snake Boots is to engulf feet in maximum comfort.

They have achieved this goal by making the footwear waterproof and by adding impact-resistant and shock-absorbing footbed and midsole.

Terra Suspension shock-absorbing footbed and impact-resistant Eva midsole form such a cushion that you hardly feel the roughness of the surface even when you stomp feet on rocky and gravely grounds.

In other words, neither will your feet get wet nor will they ache.

Rugged Sole

The bulkiness of soles highlights the durability of the boots. Soles are made rugged and ridged to endure the harshness of all kinds of terrains without losing traction.

Besides, the toe and heel beds are reinforced to provide an extra layer of protection to soften the impact of accidental bumping.


  • Tough and waterproof construction.
  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • Shock-absorbing footbed and midsole nestle feet in comfort.
  • Rugged outsole with reinforced toes and heels are designed to withstand all kinds of terrains.
  • Shaft measures 16-inch to reach below knee.
  • Easy pull-on.
  • Economical price.


  • Lacing and zipper systems get stuck.
  • Chafe skin at ankles.

Why Should You Buy Rocky Snake Boots?

These snake boots are worthy-buying because not only the camouflaged-printed fabric is aesthetically pleasing, but it is also tough enough to provide 100% protection from venomous snakes like copperhead and common rattler. Furthermore, the economical price suits the budget range of almost all hunters.

Final Thought

Rocky Men’s Lynx Snake Boots are widely admired for their attractive appearance and excellent value. The boots have a fairly affordable price range, yet their texture is extremely durable and rugged to not let snake fangs and environmental factors cause you any harm. In conclusion, if you want to buy economically-priced rugged yet comfortable snakeproof boots for your next hunt, go for Rocky Lynx Waterproof Hunting Boots.

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