ScentBlocker Snake Gaiters Review (2023) – An Honest Review

scentblocker snake gaiters reviews

A tight budget is a tricky thing as it limits the choice arena in most circumstances.

In snake protective apparel, compromising on quality to appease one’s restricted budget is a HELL No because it increases the chances of snakebites.

Then? Disrupt your budget? Nope, again not feasible.

Fortunately, ScentBlocker Snake Gaiters offers you everything without forcing you to make concessions in the level of protection, comfort and cost. 

We meticulously inspected the manufacturing of these snake gaiters in this review in order to give you a clear and detailed picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the product.

Their longevity, effectiveness and comfort are some of the noteworthy traits that help them attain top slots. Read further to find out what other qualities they’re housing. 

To cut to the chase, we would recommend these snake gaiters to those passionate outdoor adventurers who want optimum protection from venomous snakebites with maximum comfort, and that also without breaking a bank.  

How Does ScentBlocker Snake Gaiter Outshine Others?

ScentBlocker Snake Gaiters by Whitewater surpass the rivaling products in comfort and ease of use. Despite being constructed from an extra-durable material for effective shielding against snake venom, they’re neither bulky nor noisy to cause discomfort when worn for an extended period of time. 

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Our ScentBlocker Snake Gaiter Review

These snake gaiters blow away the good old chestnut, “best things come with a price”. The pair embodies effectiveness and comfort without allowing them to burn a hole in your pocket to highlight Whitewater’s superior craftsmanship. 

They are fabricated from quality poly-cotton texture supplemented with laminating process to make them ultra-durable and tough, so much so that not even the sharpest of fangs and spiky plants can puncture them to injure your leg. Their protection extends from the ankle to a couple of inches below your knee due to 16” length. Thus, you can confidently wade through bushy and grassy terrains without fearing for your safety.

They’re mostly available in brown or tan colour. Yeah, such a disappointment as there’s no camouflage design. However, they promise not to disclose your cover. I hear a “how” popping in your head. Unlike some other designs, these do not make swishing sounds, thereby allowing you to navigate through an enemy’s territory or chase after the desired prey with ghost-like silence. 

What further made me acknowledge the manufacturer’s mastery is their liberalness on comfort and ease, regardless of the rock-solid and sturdy construction. Their contoured design moulds around your shin and calf, while dual adjustable buckle straps help you close them in place in a snap. They might start fraying after a couple of uses due to friction, but it is nothing that a little DIY creativity cannot resolve. 

With that being said, if you want optimum protection against puncturing wounds without compromising your comfort and budget, as luck would have it, you’ve found the right product to buy.


Don’t let their economical pricing deceive you into brushing them as ineffective. Whitewater doesn’t compromise on its untarnished reputation. It has made them durable enough to stand the good ole test of time. They’re crafted from sturdy poly-cotton material that is also subjected to a lamination process to make them so durable and tough that it becomes impossible for venomous North American serpents to penetrate their fangs through them. Speaking of protection, they are 16” tall, which means they form a shield from below the knee to ankle. 

More importantly, the toughness has no impact on their weight. Despite what you expect, they’re pretty lightweight. Meaning, they will not slow you down even if kept on for hours.


As mentioned earlier, they knock rivals out of the race mainly with the help of their comfort level. Regardless of being treated, they do not make those annoying swishing sounds while walking. So, you can creep on your prey or walk around snake-infested territory without being noticed. 

Besides, their contoured shape allows them to mould around your lower leg properly to close off space for these slithery reptiles to crawl through. Furthermore, they employ adjustable buckle clips and an under-boot strap to help you quickly fasten them and keep them in place throughout the day. 

There are complaints that the buckle straps start wearing thin due to friction when walking for long hours after a couple of uses. However, your DIY tricks can easily overcome this nuisance. 


  • Ultra-durable and long-lasting.
  • Contoured design with adjustable buckle closures helps one snap them in place easily and quickly.
  • Comfortable and noiseless.
  • Guard against fangs and thorns from ankle to just below the knee.
  • Do not hinder your brisk stride due to lighter weight.
  • Inexpensive. 


  • They do not reach the knee.
  • Available only in two regular sizes.

Why Should You Pick ScentBlocker Snake Gaiter?

First, their budget-friendly price draws you in; their effectiveness then makes up your mind. They are fabricated from a treated polyester fabric that is durable and lightweight at once to offer maximum shielding against venomous fangs without weighing you down. Furthermore, they are very comfortable and can be easily put on or taken off in seconds. On top of that, they are quiet – no unwanted whooshing sounds while walking. Thus, you can stealthily wade through the wilderness or follow your prey without attracting unwanted attention. 

Final Verdict

Now that you’ve inspected every atom of these gaiters, you must have realised that they aren’t your typical low-priced gaiters. The craftsmen have used a durable material with chemical processing to add extra strength to effectively block the onslaught of venomous fangs without making them uncomfortable and noisy. Their contoured design and adjustable clips help you securely wrap them around your lower leg for extended use. In short, if you want the highly-in-demand trio of durability, affordability and comfortability, buy ScentBlocker Snake Gaiters. 

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