Serpent Guard Snake Repellent Reviews 2023 – Is it Good for Money?

Serpent Guard Snake Repellent ReviewsSnakes are persona non grata in the vicinity where humans live.

Unfortunately, they don’t know the meaning of respecting human privacy and can infringe upon any property where they find suitable conditions for dwelling.

In that case, you can never predict the next face-off with a snake.

Some people have a daredevil trait that helps them handle a sudden confrontation with a snake well, while others will break out in a cold sweat at the mere mention of the reptile. 

Brave or not, products like Serpent Guard are lifesavers as they diminish snake existence from your vicinity without even forcing you to turn an eye in their direction.

In this review, we have delved into its composition and functioning to help you decide whether it is adequate for your needs or not.

If you want to remove snakes from your property without harming them or your children and pets, try Serpent Guard. 

How Serpent Guard Outshines Other Snake Repellants?

Serpent Guard stands apart from others because it contains a highly potent aroma of clove oil that affects a large species of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes alike. Also, the thick solution can withstand rain, thereby saving you extra bucks and keeping its effect for a longer time. 

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Serpent Guard Snake Repellent Review!

You will love Serpent Guard because snakes hate it… like really hate it with a passion. The product comes in a condensed liquid solution that needs to be mixed with water before use. After that, just find a spray bottle to start your “let’s chase away these exotic yet terrifying serpents from our property” drive. 

At this price, you get a quantity that can cover acres of land. Meaning, your budget will not be upset. 

The main driving force, quite literally, is the clove oil. It has such an acrid smell and taste that compels snakes to put as much distance between them and the treated land as possible.

The high-concentration repellant means its effect will remain for at least a month. Plus, it will not be easily dissipated because of rain. Just pray that there’s no heavy rainfall right after you spray it across your territory because that will vanish its effect prematurely.  

Unlike chemical reptile repellants, this one poses no threat to anyone; the environment-friendly mixture is harmless for both your babies (pets and kids) and greenery. In other words, you can also use it in garden sprayers to make your outdoors – garden, yard or farm – unappealing for these slithery critters and safe for your family and pets. 

Oh, don’t worry, you will not have dead snakes lying around. The product only promises to irritate their sniffing sense, not kill them. 

In the end, we would recommend Serpent Guard to all those yards- and -homeowners who want a non-toxic and long-lasting solution to cleanse their vicinity of snakes. 


True to its name, Serpent Guard guards your territory against snakes, not sniff their life out. After all, a killer isn’t a term you want to associate with yourself, even if it is the killing of a poisonous serpent. You can spray this snake repellant anywhere on your property without any fear. 

The product is highly concentrated, which means you will have to dilute it with water first. As for the non-toxic part, clove oil is the primary ingredient. The odour-based oil gives it a distinct scent and taste that is repulsive to serpents. It aggravates them to the point that not only they prefer to migrate from your territory, but remember to never return to that area. There’s no danger to any living being involved, be it children, pets or flora scattered around your property. 

By adding it to your garden sprayer, you can disperse it in your yard and around your house to form a non-visible barrier around the location to prohibit the reptiles from trespassing on your land. 

Easy Application

Applying it on acres of land is a cinch, thanks to spray based solution. You just have to mix the condensed solution with water to dilute it. After that, it is ready to be dispersed anywhere, may it be indoors or large outdoors. Thanks to the potent mixture, its effect will last up to a month. Also, as long as there’s no heavy rainfall, the liquid repellant will continue working till the mentioned time limit. You just have to be careful while applying it for the first time in the vicinity of snake-friendly spots because it might agitate the creature, which in return increases the chances of its attack. 


  • Non-toxic formula doesn’t endanger the environment and snakes.
  • Quickly sprayed anywhere. 
  • Keeps the snakes away for up to a month.
  • Odour-based repellant doesn’t irritate humans.
  • Highly concentrated solution works quickly and effectively. 
  • Reasonably-priced. 


  • Requires reapplication after a couple of weeks.
  • Dissipates with heavy rainfall. 
  • Some might find it a bit expensive. 

Why Should You Choose Serpent Guard Snake Repellent?

There are several reasons that compel you to buy it. First, it has a high concentration of scent-based essential oil as an active ingredient to successfully repulse a broad range of snakes from a treated location. Secondly, it is non-toxic, which implies that it is harmless for pets, children and plants. It not only drives snakes away from your territory but also prevents them from returning to the same location even after years. The thick liquid is resistant to rain, saving you money and the effort of reapplying prematurely. Lastly, its application process is pretty straightforward and effortless.

Final Thought

Serpent Guard is ideal for domestic and farm use because not only is it environment-friendly but also affordable. One purchase is sufficient for a few acres. Thus, it will be enough for indoors and yard. Its effect lingers for about a month. It will both repel the snakes and stop them from entering your property. In conclusion, we would recommend this to those who want an economical and non-lethal option for a wide range of snakes, including both venomous and non-venomous species. 

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