Turtleskin Snake Gaiter Review 2023 – An Ultimate Expert Opinion

turtleskin snake gaiters review

Going for hunting or hiking, especially off-trails, means you might bump into snakes, and one of those could be a poisonous rattlesnake or a copperhead.

Your best defence strategy against such frightening and painful meet-and-greet would be a reliable pair of snake gaiters alongside other protective apparel.

It is this “reliable and tested” part of the demand that brought us to TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Snake Gaiters. 

They’re composed of a super-tight, patented material that is too tough for the fangs of these serpents.

Yet, it is surprisingly not stiff and bulky to hinder your movement. The pair is costlier than many other alternatives, but you get more than what you pay for.

So, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for guaranteed protection against snake venom, we would recommend these gaiters by TurtleSkin.

What Makes Turtleskin Snake Gaiters Special?

Despite woven from durable and hard-to-breach material, these gaiters are neither stiff nor heavy. It is this super-lightweight, flexible and collapsable design that helps them stand apart from the rest.

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Turtleskin Snake Gaiters In-Depth Review

You cannot expect anything shoddy and substandard from Turtleskin – famous for its protective clothing company – and these snake gaiters tell the same story. The construction and incredible features that the pair entails make them worth the raised price. 

These gaiters come in high-quality, tightly woven, patented texture to not just barricade needle-sharp fangs from reaching your tender skin, but they can also survive the harshness of the wildlife. Before you jump to the wrong conclusion, let me clear the confusion. No, their toughness doesn’t make them bulky and rigid to hinder your stride. 

Most snakebites usually occur between the shin and upper calf, and you will have peace of mind to see that their 16” length can reach below your knee to protect you from even large and vicious rattlers and copperheads. 

These gaiters are not gendered. Their regular measurements for calf and ankle – 20 inches and 17 inches in diameter, respectively – ensure a comfortable fit for both men and women. They will become your new favourite because of the ease with which they can be put on and plastered around your lower leg.

The use of zipper and webbing straps offer a snug fit to leave no room for a snake to slither. Add the breathability and water-resistant qualities of the pair to the mix, and their comfort level and attraction go off the charts. 

The pair will earn brownie points from you for their reversible design. You can flip them to use the camouflage pattern whenever you want to spend a furtive day in a snake-infested area. 

The last admirable fact is their easy storage and transportability. The gaiters can be folded and stashed in the nylon bag – included in the package – to keep them clean and within reach for instant use. 

If you frequently travel to territories densely populated with poisonous snakes, I would strongly advise you to buy TurtleSkin SnakeArmor gaiters. 

Sturdy Material

TurtleSkin has used sturdy material with their famous tightly-weaved patented fibre technology that acts as a proverbial “Stop” sign for snake fangs and other needle-sharp objects, such as thorns, spiky bushes and branches. The company tested them on live rattlesnakes, and the results showed 100% protection and reliability. Meaning, you can walk on foot through snake-concentrated lands without a speck of fear because not even those vicious rattlers and pit vipers will be able to pierce their fangs through them. This shielding ends a couple of inches below your knees, thanks to 16” length. So, you are protected from larger copperheads too. 

Lightweight & Breathable

The most distinguishing fact, not to mention the biggest selling point of these gaiters, is that they’re extremely lightweight. Weighing barely 6-ounces apiece, you’ll hardly notice their presence. In addition to that, manufacturers have supplemented them with breathable and water-resistant qualities. So, whether you’re trudging through grasslands in sweltering summer or crossing through wetlands, neither you’ll be miserably hot nor uncomfortably wet. Nothing and absolutely nothing will impede your regular pace. 

Other Features

These gaiters come in one size with regular measurements for ankle and upper calf to make them gender-neutral. Besides, they feature a rust-free zipper and elastic bands to help you acquire a snug fit to eliminate crawling space for snakes. 

What’s more impressive and definitely worth bonus points is their reversible and foldable design. In other words, you can flip it to either khaki or camouflage-patterned side, depending on your style requirement and need for being sneaky. Also, travelling with them will not be a challenge as you can easily collapse them to stuff in the storage pouch that comes with them. 


  • Durable.
  • Ultra-lightweight and breathable.
  • Water-resistant. 
  • Reversible and foldable.
  • Snug and comfortable fit for both men and women.
  • Tested on real rattlers for extra reliability. 


  • Comparatively expensive.
  • Only come in one size. 

Why Should You Buy Turtleskin Snake Gaiters?

These gaiters are manufactured from a material woven so tightly that fangs and other pointy objects can’t breach through it. Another distinguishing and commendable factor is its lightweight feel and flexibility, allowing you to maintain your natural pace. 

Furthermore, the material is breathable and impermeable at the same time to make sure you can wear it both in sizzling heat and rain without feeling miserable and uncomfortable. Lastly, the texture is foldable to save space while stuffing it in a backpack. 

Final Thought

TurtleSkin Snake Gaiters have impressive quality and durability, which justifies the rise in the price range. There’s no doubt in its shielding against fangs and other piercing objects because they come tested with real rattlers. Their biggest appeal is the flexibility and lightweight construction, regardless of the toughness of the texture. Its expensiveness might be a putoff, but it is money well spent when you consider its protection and comfortability. The bottom line is, buy them if you’re an enthusiast hiker/hunter who frequently visits snake-infested terrains. 

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