What Attract Snakes to Your Home

What Attract Snakes to Your HomeIf you have killed one snake, but still see another one on its way, it clearly means there is something in your house that is attracting them. And in case you do not like the presence of snakes in your home, like me, this article is going to be a dedicated read for you.

Usually, snakes and rodents do not like human houses to live and spend time preferably. So that is a big bonus! However, there can be certain “things” that might entice snakes and other reptiles toward your home. So what attracts snakes to your home?

Well, there can be several things including the house built and the kind of stuff you have put in your home. So if you do not like to share your house with some snake, let’s find out what those snake-friendly things you should instantly get rid of!

What Attract Snakes to Your Home

What is attracting the snakes in your house is more important than killing or getting rid of the incoming snakes. So if we put the fact aside that “the snake was just passing by”, here are the common reasons that attract snakes to your home.

Rodents and mice

If you have mice at home, it would not only attract snakes and rodents but also some cats too. While you might not have a problem with cats, snakes are dangerous. Mostly a snake who would like to eat mice or for hunting purposes is attracted to your house. So get rid of mice first if you want to shoo away snakes!

Rocks that look elegant

Many people are fond of rocks and big pebbles that add value to the home exterior. However, that can also be an attractive sport for many snake species. Due to the gaps and space between the empty sports snacks can easily slide in and keep living there. Also if there are plants behind that add a cool effect for rodents, reptiles, and snakes therefore they stay there. If you like stones at home, you should be careful enough not to pile them.

Heaps of leaves

Soon as the autumn season starts you see leaves everywhere. Sometimes it becomes a challenge to keep the lawn or backyard cleaned due to excessive leaves and uncontrolled wind that blows. However, if we talk about what attracts snakes to our home, then it is the heap of leaves and the pile that you haven’t touched for weeks!

The pile of leaves and the excess hedge trimming becomes the favorite spot for snakes to hide and make a hunting place. You need to get rid of these piles before you find too many snakes in there.

Bush and tall grass

Snakes are sneaky beings. Therefore they would preferably like to stay in tall grass and the bush that is dense. If you don’t trim your backyard or lawn every now and then, you should. Otherwise, these shrubs and tall grassy areas can attract snakes and you don’t know which snake is venomous or not

Cracks and gaps

Walls that have gaps and cracks on it can invite mosquitos, snakes, and many more such creatures. You should always keep the wall, especially the lower areas well-filled and smooth so that snakes do not live within it.


Snakes can be found in houses and that is not an unusual incident. However, if you are seeing snakes too much or maybe one after another it means you have not cleaned the house in view of rodents. The more clear area you have the better you can spot snakes or anything that is alien to your home. We hope this article has helped in bringing those vulnerable places to light that attract snakes.



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