What are Snake Gaiters Made Out Of?

Snake gaiters are not like casual hiking or trekking gaiters. The latter can only withstand briars, pines, bushes and moisture to some degree. Protection against powerful fangs is out of their league. Many customers confuse the two types of gear because they don’t know what snake gaiters are made out of. They find it the hard way.

These are put together from materials durable enough to withstand the force and sharpness of snakebites, particularly the venom-injecting ones. Those fabrics aren’t alien; many of you may have heard of them, such as leather, nylon, and canvas.

Let’s find out in detail about the commonly used materials in snake gaiters. The article will also shed light on factors critical to safety and user comfort to ensure you don’t get one at the expense of another.

What are Snake Gaiters Made of?

Since the fangs of a snake can rip through just about any garment, manufacturers use an array of hard-wearing materials to withstand their attacks. They choose some of the most durable and high-strength fabrics to keep your legs safe from bites.

The common materials for snake gaiters include canvas, Cordura, Denier-nylon, leather and plastic. However, the plastic feels hard on the skin and is less flexible; therefore, many brands avoid it and prefer using other stronger variants such as nylon and synthetics.

These gaiters are resistant to a range of discomforting factors you may face outdoors, including snakebites, moisture, bushes, cacti and stinging nettles.

How Much Coverage Gaiters Offer?

Snake gaiters are constructed to armour your entire lower leg – starting from the top of the foot and extending to your calf or knee. They may be 15 – 18 inches long to offer maximum coverage and protection. You should know that high gaiters made of premium-quality materials will protect you from venom and bad weather, but they will be comparatively expensive.

You should burden your pocket some and invest in high-coverage premium quality gaiters when visiting places that abound in vicious snakes.

Note: It is a wrong approach to believe snake gaiters make you invincible; they don’t. Unless you reinforce them with sturdy pants and snake boots, you will remain vulnerable to puncturing snake fangs.

What Should You Look for in Snake Gaiters?

All the significant elements of snake gaiters are related to protection and comfort. If you don’t want the gear to become a liability rather than a safety practice, look for the following factors before making a purchase.


Nobody expects the gaiters to be hard like those medieval metal armours, but they should possess enough strength to block the bite of some of the deadliest, fastest and most offensive serpents. The gaiters that feature layers of tight-knit weaving materials and hard-to-cut fabrics, e.g. nylon or leather, can effectively beat the intensity of sharp and long fangs, preventing them from reaching your skin.

Remember, no gaiters, no matter how durable the material is, are 100% effective, so you should follow basic safety rules when around snakes. One of the fundamental rules is to avoid agitating the serpents.


As I said, the gaiters should offer safety without becoming cumbersome, i.e. you should be able to move your leg freely in them. That will happen only when the clothing feels lightweight and loose around your leg. So, you should look for gaiters made of lightweight, flexible and easy-to-wear material without compromising safety.

Weather Protection

You cannot control the weather and environmental factors, but you have complete control over the choice of gaiters. You need gaiters that you can wear anywhere all year round – hot summers, chilling winters, rainy days and muddy trails. Pick snake gaiters that have waterproof and windproof coatings yet feel light and breathable, such as Gore-Tex. Such gear will provide maximum protection without sacrificing comfort and quality.

Tip: I know of two snake gaiters that fulfil these crucial demands. 1). Snake Guardz by Crackshot Corporation. 2). TurtleSkin Snake Gaiters. Rest, the market is brimming with competitive products of the same top quality. You can pick the one that fits the bill for you.


Snake gaiters offer protection from deadly snakebites if they are built from high-strength, durable materials, such as Cordura, leather, nylon, canvas and synthetic. The sturdiness may make your limbs cramped and toasty, so choose breathable and easy-to-wear clothing pieces with weatherproof coatings and maximum coverage. Lastly, gaiters and other snakeproof clothing can protect you only so much. Therefore, always practice basic precautions at all times around serpents.

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