What State Has the Most Snakes in the Us

What State Has the Most Snakes in the UsEvery part of the world has snakes. There is everywhere. But you don’t need to be afraid since all snakes aren’t venomous and they are definitely planning to get you! Although Ilha da Queimada Grande in Brazil is known to be the hub of snakes, there are other states in the US, especially where there can be snakes.

So if you are a traveler or wondering about what state has the most snakes in the US, this is the right place where you have just landed. While there are certain species of snake that are only found in a specific place due to weather and environmental parameters, there can be exceptions. However other types are common for the most part. But the US is typically known for having most snakes.

Let’s find out which part of the United States has the most snakes. Also, we will find out which part of the world snakes are commonly found. Read on.

What state has the most snakes in the US?

Mainly California is the state that is known to have most of the snakes within. It is the largest state with so many ecosystems therefore; the likelihood of having so many snakes becomes even more dense and authentic. If you talk about the number count, it has more than 33 snake species which is the largest number to be found in a single state.

What are the most venomous snakes in the US?

The venomous and non-venomous snake is an important aspect to know n about before you get a panic attack at the sight of a snake. There are approximately 3,000 species in the world. However, if we particularly talk about the venomous snake in the US, they have been classified into four major groups i.e.

  • Rattlesnakes (16 species)
  • Copperheads (one species)
  • Cottonmouths (one species)
  • Coral snakes (2 species)

However, the species of these snakes are diverse due to regional parameters and more. Mainly these species come from the Viperidae family group, however, the coral snake species belong to the Elapidae snake family and that is exceptional.

Cottonmouth snakes are usually found in the southeastern region of the nation and you can readily find them in places like Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, Texas, Virginia, Louisiana, Florida, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

Usually, snakes, reptiles, rodents, and other animals get the impact of the external environments. So if they find the weather conditions according to their mood and body type they will certainly survive there. However exceptional there is and you should always be careful regarding snake encounters.


Snakes can be venomous and nonvenomous. However in either case you need to understand their behavior for better safety. And if you are a traveler or tourist guide in the United States, it becomes pivotal for you to know where snakes are in abundance.

We hope this article has helped you in finding your query. Contrary to California, Ireland is the one country that is snake-free and if you are searching for a place where there is a risk of a snake encounter, it’s your place!



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